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Полное имя

Guillermo I "El Libertador" Principe de Provence, Conde de Avignon (c.955 - d.)

Gundulf de Provence (485 - c.591)

Hugues I d'Arles, King of Italy, Regent of Lower Burgundy MP (c.880 - 947)

Hugh of Italy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hugh of Arles or Hugh of Provence (before 887 – 10 April 948[1]) was King of Italy from 924 until his death. He was a Bosonid. During his reign, he...

Hugues (deceased)

Kunigunde (deceased)

Kunigunde De Verdun (De Provence) (873 - d.)

Leibulf de Provence (780 - 835)

Leibulfe de Provence (deceased)

Louis III Beronides, Holy Roman Emperor MP (c.883 - 928)

son of Boson and Ermengarde: LOUIS (late 882 or after-Arles 5 Jun 928). Herimannus names "puer Ludowicus" son of Boson "ex filia Ludowici Italiæ imperatoris" when recording that he was adopted by...

Marguerite de Provence, reine consort de France MP (1221 - 1295)

Marguerite of Provence Marguerite of Provence (Forcalquier, c. 1221 – December 21, 1295, Paris) was the eldest daughter of Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Provence and Beatrice of Savoy. Her materna...

Mattias Treves de Provence (1325 - 1387)

N. d'Arles (de Provence) (deceased)

Odile de Provence (c.987 - 1012)

Odile de Provence (976 - 1032)

Princess Ermengarde Adelaide De Provence (Carolingien of France) (863 - 896)

Rotbald de Provence (c.907 - c.950)

Rotbald III, Comte de Provence (deceased)

Rotbold I Rotbold of Arles (DE PROVENCE) (b. - 923)

Stephanie (Douce) de Provence (c.1045 - d.)

Theobaldus canonicus Milanensis (deceased)

Bastard son of king Hugh of Italy and his lover, Stefania "Semele". In 936 he joined the chapter of the cathedral of Milan, and set to succeed old archbishop Arderic. In 944, since Arderic was still ...

Tiburge de Provence (deceased)

Toda de Bigorre (De Provence) (deceased)

Varnier De Provence (870 - d.)

Warin (c.790 - c.853)

Warin aka Guerin de Provence, d' Auvergne, de Chalon, de Macon (c.798 - c.845)

Guerin, Garin, Warin, or Werner (Latin: Werinus or Guarnarius; died 845 or 856) was the Count of Auvergne, Chalon, Mâcon, Autun, Arles and Duke of Provence, Burgundy, and Toulouse. Guerin stabilised th...

Willa de Provence (c.873 - c.924)

Guillaume II le Liberateur, comte de Provence MP (c.955 - c.993)

Guillaume II 'le Liberateur' Comte d'Arles Parents: Boson Comte d'Arles & Constantia Spouses: 1. Arsinde (no children) 2. Adélaïs d'Anjou Children: Guillaume III Comte de Provence ([986/87]-1018 ...

William De Provence (958 - 994)

William De Provence (958 - 994)

William Bertrand, Comte de Provence (1002 - 1054)

William I, Count of Provence (c.958 - c.994)

William De Provence (958 - 994)

y de Provence (deceased)