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Katherine Swynford, Duchess of Lancaster MP (1350 - 1403)

"Katherine Swynford, Duchess of Lancaster (also spelled Synford), née (de) Roet (also spelled (de) Rouet, (de) Roët, or (de) Roelt) (probably 25 November 1350 – 10 May 1403), was t...

Paon de Roët MP (c.1310 - 1380)

NOTE: Paon de Roet's parentage of Katherine Swynford (de Roet) is inferred from Paon's epitaph (in the crypt of St Paul's Cathedral, London): Hic jacet Paganus Roet, Miles, Guyenne Rex Armorum, Pater C...

Sir Paon de Roët MP (1305 - 1380)

Payne de Roët, of Guignies MP (c.1275 - c.1322)

Gilles De Roet (deceased)

Huon de Roet (deceased)

Isabel (Elizabeth) de Roet (1336 - 1366)

Isabel became Canoness of the Convent of St. Waudru, Mons, by nomination of the Empress Margaret of Bavaria, sister to Queen consort Philippa of Hainault, wife of Edward III of England.

Maud de Roët (Smyth) (deceased)

Mrs-Payn De Roet (c.1315 - d.)

Paon (Payne) DE ROET (deceased)

Payen de Roet (Swynford) (c.1310 - 1380)

payn De Roet (1310 - d.)

Payn Of Hainault DE ROET (c.1310 - d.)

Payne Rouet; deRoelt (de Roet) (1310 - 1413)

Philippa Chaucer (de Roet) (c.1348 - 1387)

Richard de Roët (1382 - d.)

Richard de Roet (deceased)

Sir Gilles de Roet (deceased)

Walter de Roet (c.1338 - d.)