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Aénor de Saint-Valéry MP (1192 - 1251)

Robert III of Dreux From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In 1210 he married Aénor of Saint-Valéry (1192-1250) and they had several children, including Yolande of Dreux (1212-1248), who married Hug...

Bernard V de Saint- Valéry MP (b. - 1190)

Bernard was also called Bernard de Sancto Walerico. Bernard IV de St. Valéry married Eleanor de Domnart (not our ancestor) circa 1146 at Iseworth, Middlesex, England. Bernard was one of the signato...

Maud (Matilda) de Saint-Valéry MP (1155 - 1210)

Maud de St. Valéry de Braose (1155-1210) was the wife of William de Braose, 7th Baron Abergavenny, 4th Lord Bramber, a powerful Marcher baron and court favourite of King John of England. She would late...

Gauthier de St Valéry I MP (c.1031 - 1097)

Seigneur de Dommart-en-Ponthieu Guthier de St. Valéry was advocate of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme. He was a Picard. He was also called Walter of St. Valéry, and also called Walter de Sancto Walerico. He...

Annora de Saint-Valéry (deceased)

Annora Elenor de Saint-Valéry (c.1161 - d.)

Bernard (deceased)

Bernard (deceased)

Bernard (deceased)

Bernard de Saint-Valéry, V (c.1140 - 1190)

Bernard (deceased)

Bernard III de Saint Valéry (de Saint Valerie), Count (1065 - 1115)

Bernard III de St. Valéry was on the First Crusade with Robert, Duke of Normandy, and his father between August 1096 and July 1099. See "My Lines" ( ) from Compiler: R. B. Stewart, Evans, GA ( )

Bernard IV de Saint-Valéry (c.1113 - 1170)

Eleanor de Saint Valery (Dommart) (c.1008 - d.)

Guy de Saint-Valéry, IItwin] (c.1150 - 1202)

Guy de Saint Valéry (c.1096 - 1141)

Henri de Saint-Valéry (c.1166 - d.)

Jeanne de Saint-Valéry (998 - 1044)

Laura (Laurette) de Saint-Valéry (1163 - 1190)

Laurette de Saint-Valéry (c.1146 - 1179)

Matilda De Saint Valery (1128 - 1157)

Matilda De Brampton (De Saint Valery) (deceased)

Mrs Bernard de Saint Valery (1068 - 1090)

Mrs Reginald de Saint Valery (1096 - d.)

Mrs-Reginald (Renault) De Saint Valery (c.925 - d.)

Ne de Saint-Valéry (deceased)

Reginald De Saint Valery (1094 - 1166)

Reginald de Saint-Valéry (c.1162 - d.)

Reginald de Saint Valery, III (1120 - 1192)

Reginald de Saint Valéry, II (1094 - 1166)

Reginald de St. VALERY [Parents] 1, 2 was born 1100 in Saint-Valery-en-Caux, Normandie, France. He died 1163 in Beckley, Oxfordshire, England. He had the following children: M i Bernard de St. ...

Renaud III de Saint-Valery (deceased)

Renault de Saint Valéry (919 - 949)

Renault de Saint Valéry (919 - 949)

Thomas de Saint-Valéry, I. comte de Saint-Valéry (c.1157 - 1218)

Thomas de Saint-Valéry (b. - 1219)

Thomas de Saint-Valéry (c.1167 - 1218)