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Godehildis de Toeny (de TOENY) MP (c.1110 - 1143)

'''GODECHILDE de Tosny''' From Medlands: (-17 Oct after 1143). Guillaume de Jumièges names "la sœur de Roger du Ternois, fille de Raoul II, Godechilde" as wife of "Robert de Neubourg" younger bro...

Ida de Tosny, Countess of Norfolk (Royal Mistress of Henry II) MP (c.1154 - 1199)

The correct name of this person is Ida de Toëny, Countess of Norfolk (de Tosny), NOT Ida (Isabel) Plantagenet. She was married to Roger Bigod and was the mistress of King Henry II of England. from Wi...

Margaret de Toëny MP (1118 - 1185)

MARGARET (-1185 or before). Eyton highlights that Margaret, wife of Walter [I] de Clifford, "is said, with probability, to have brought him Clifford Castle in frank-marriage, she being a daughter o...

Adalize de Toeny (Mescines) (1113 - 1148)

Maud de Toeny (de St. Liz) (c.1096 - c.1140)

Raoul III de Toeni / Tosny / Toni, of Conches MP (970 - 1015)

Raoul (Ralph) de Toëny (c.1130 - 1162)

Roger I 'd'Espagne' de Tosny / Toni / Toeni, Standard Bearer of Normandy MP (990 - 1040)

Roger I "d'Espagne" or "Conches" de Tosny/Toeni, Seigneur de Conches son of Raoul II de Tosny married to Adelaide de Barcelona and Godechilde. FMG Medieval Lands: ROGER [I] de Tosny [Conches] ([9...

unknown de TOENY (deceased)