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Adelais de Troyes MP (c.950 - c.991)

Adelais de Troyes , probable daughter of Robert de Vermandois, Comte de Troyes, and Adelaide-Werra. Sometimes her name is given as Agnes. wife of Charles of Lorraine, Duke of Lower Lotharingia ''...

Adélaïde (Aélis) de Soissons (de Troyes), Vicomtesse de Troyes, Comtesse de Soissons MP (c.1040 - 1079)

Bertha de Troyes MP (c.915 - c.935)

Eudes I, comte de Troyes MP (c.829 - c.871)

Eudes II de Troyes, comte d'Aumale MP (c.1040 - c.1111)

Eudes de Troyes, Comte d'Aumâle Parents: Etienne I de Troyes & Adela Spouse: Adelais de Normandie Child: Etienne de Troyes, married Hawise de Mortimer LINKS MEDIEVAL LANDS EUDES de...

Gallus Magnus, Bishop of Troyes MP (c.479 - 562)

Gallus Magnus (?-after 562), was a Gallo-Roman Senator, a Patrician of Narbonne, and Bishop of Troyes (562). His grave is known and has an inscription identifying him.

Hugues de Sens, comte de Vienne MP (900 - 948)

Hugues de Troyes son of Warner [Garnier], Vicomte de Sens & Comte de Troyes and Teutberga d'Arles , daughter of THIBAUT Comte d'Arles & his wife Berta of Lotharingia HUGUES de Troyes ([900/05]-befo...

Judith 'la noble' de Troyes, Mistress MP (c.910 - c.952)

Judith Mistress of Alain II duke of Burgundy From Medlands: JUDITH, daughter of --- (-after 952). The Chronicle of Nantes names "Alani Barbætortæ filios…Hoel et GuerechȂ...

Palatina de Troyes MP (c.547 - d.)

Palatina of Troyes was born in circa 547 in Troyes ... in the Champagne region of France. She was the only known child of Maurilion Gallo, a Gallo-Roman aristocrat with likely ties to the Merovingian c...

Theutberge de Troyes (d'Arles) MP (c.881 - 948)

Théodrate de Troyes MP (c.860 - 903)

Unknown Father of Lietgardis de Troyes MP (deceased)

Unknown Mother of Lietgardis de Troyes MP (deceased)

Adalelme Conde de Troyes (b. - 894)

Adela 'were' De Troyes Cts De Troyes (914 - 967)

Adelramn II de Troyes, II (c.879 - d.)

Aleran comté de Troyes (c.805 - d.)

Aleran ou Adelramn II de Troyes,du Vexin (de Troyes) (deceased)

Assalide de Troyes (1234 - 1296)

Aélis Ctesse de Troyes,Soissons (b. - 1066)

Eudes II, comte de Troyes (deceased)

Flandrine de Troyes (c.1065 - 1114)

Françoise de Troyes (deceased)

Garnier de Troyes (871 - 925)

Geoffroy de Troyes, Seigneur de Saint-Phal (Aube), Seigneur d'Isles (b. - c.1125)

Gwindesmoth de Troyes (c.1025 - 1115)

Hector de Troyes (deceased)

Jacquette de Troyes (deceased)

Jeanne de Troyes (b. - 1545)

Lithuaise De Troyes (Hiesmes) (deceased)

Lithuaise de Troyes (c.1040 - d.)

Lithuaise de Troyes (c.1040 - d.)

Manasses De TROYES (927 - d.)

Marguerite de TROYES (b. - 1832)

Marguerite de Troyes (deceased)

N.N. de Troyes (deceased)

Nicolas de Troyes (Troye) (c.1490 - d.)

Otran de Troyes (de Dreux) (deceased)

Palatina de Troyes (deceased)

Philippote de Fayel senhora de Troyes (deceased)

Philippote de Fayel senhora de Troyes (1370 - 1443)

senhora de Troyes

Richard de Troyes (c.844 - d.)

Robert I, comte de Troyes (b. - 886)

Robert I , count of Vermandois and de Troyes (910 - 968)

Teutberga of Troyes Bosonid (De Troyes) (deceased)

Teutberge de Troyes (900 - c.960)

Teutberge de Troyes (900 - c.960)

Teutberge de Troyes (deceased)

Thiberge de Troyes (deceased)

Wandelgarde de Troyes (c.830 - d.)

Wandelmode de Troyes (deceased)

Wandelmode was the daughter of Eudes de Troyes I (comte de Troyes) and Wandilmode de Worms. The date and place of her birth have not been found. She had two marriages/partners. Her first husband was Ri...

Étienne II de Troyes, comte d'Aumale (c.1061 - 1127)

Étienne d'Aumâle, son of Eudes de Troyes and Adelaide de Normandie, married to Hawise. ETIENNE de Troyes (before 1070-before 1130, maybe [1127]). Albert of Aix names "Stephanus de Alb...