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Albertus Adolphus de Wet MP (1861 - 1928)

Albertus Stephanus de Wet, b1c2d5e2f9g10 MP (1864 - 1889)

Sterf ongetroud as Teologiestudent; grafsteen opgerig deur sy dosente.

Aletta Susanna Margaretha de Wet, b1c2d5e2f9g7 MP (1856 - 1887)

Sterfouderdom 30j 11m 6d. Kinderloos

Andries Jacobus de Wet MP (c.1851 - 1897)

Boedel / Estate No. VAB MHG W680

Anna Elizabeth de Wet, b1c2d8e2f6g5 MP (1857 - 1898)

Boedel / Estate No. VAB MHG W695

Barnie de Wet MP (1928 - 2003)

Christiaan Rudolf de Wet, f9g6 MP (1854 - 1922)

Christiaan R. de Wet was een van die mees befaamde en heroiëse van die Boeregeneraals. Sy ontsnappings en oorwinnings het die wêreld aan sy voete gehad. Volgens navorsing was hy die s...

Christiaan Rudolf de Wet MP (1887 - 1938)

Elizabeth Susanna de Wet, b1c2d8e2f1 MP (1810 - 1890)

Judi Marais-Meyer register - MARAIS/du PLESSIS June Buchanan-Barnes navorsing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Elizabeth Johanna de Wet, f1g1 MP (1827 - 1905)

g1 - Elizabeth Johanna - page 229 “SA Genealogies” vol 16, Genealogical Institute of SA, Stellenbosch, 2008” "Steenbokvlakte" dist. Robertson 19.10.1827 ≈ Worcester 28...

Francois de Wet, b1c1d1 MP (c.1752 - d.)

Hendrik Christoffel de Wet, b1c2d8e3f2 MP (1809 - 1841)

Hendrik Justinus de Wet, b6c10 MP (1748 - c.1803)

b6c10 Hendrik Justinus de Wet * 28.3.1748, x 23.7.1769 Sophia Brink; xx 29.9.1771 Elisabeth Jacoba le Fèbre; wed. v. Jacobus Henricus Beek; xxx 17.11.1793 Margaretha Jacoba Smuts

Hendrina Christina de Wet, b1c2d5e5f10g6 MP (1874 - 1945)

During the Second Boer War (1899–1902) her husband Pieter fought in a commando against the British, and Hendrina was interned in a British concentration camp.

Jacob (The Elder) Willemszoon de Wet, I MP (c.1609 - c.1672)

Jacob Willemszoon de Wet or Jacob Willemsz. de Wet the Elder (c. 1610 – between 1675 and 1691[1]) was a Dutch Golden Age painter, whose works were largely influenced by Rembrandt. Jacob Will...

Jacoba Elizabeth Roets de Wet MP (1894 - d.)

Jacoba Elizabeth de Wet, b1c2d5e5f12g2 MP (1864 - 1901)

Boedel / Estate No. VAB MHG W913

Koos de Wet MP (1921 - 1999)

Jacobus Ignatius de Wet, b1c2d5e2f9 MP (1823 - 1891)

Living in 1846 so far over borders of Cape Colony, the first child could not be baptized until 11 months. In 1847 frontier colony is moved to opposite Crow River and three children on newly formed Burg...

Jacobus de Wet b1c2d2 MP (1751 - 1792)

Jacobus de Wet, SV/PROG MP (1673 - 1710)

Citizen Stellenbosch. James was a prominent member of the society and the Church Farm Road, south of Shimla (also known as Roodezandkerk in the Land of Waveren) farming. The farm is irrigated by a stre...

Jacobus (The Younger) de Jonge de Wet, II MP (c.1640 - 1697)

He was a Dutch artist like his father. He was an artist for King Jacob II from 1685 to 1688 at Holyrood House Palace in Edinburgh, Scotland, and at Glamis Castle. He came to the Cape with the Dutch E...

Jacobus Ignatius de Wet MP (1876 - 1947)

Aknowledgement to Contributed by: Malcolm de Beer Kotie genoem. Boer Dewetsdorp. Volgens Generaal De Wet se boek (bl. 361) is sy seun saam met kommandant Jan Meyer en 400 manskappe gevang...

Jacobus Wilhelmus de Wet, b1 MP (1696 - 1758)

b1 Jacobus » 2.9.1696, adelborst H.O.I.K., x Helena Bekker ~ Paarl 24 12 1701 sterf kaap 1780 Woon Drakenstein, huur plase, "Doornrivier", dist. Worcester en "De Slange Rivier" aan die Carre...

Johanna Sophia de Wet MP (1881 - d.)

Family Trek ( Bester Trek ) Johanna and her husband travelled by Mule Train from Kroonstad, South Africa arriving in Rhodesia in 1906.On May 1, 1908, just 4 days before my eighth birthday, the Bester...

Johanna Sophia de Wet (Bester) MP (1900 - 1976)

Johannes Jacobus de Wet, b1c2d5e2f9g8 MP (1858 - 1930)

Was married twice. See sources- death notice.

Johannes Carolus de Wet, b6c10d3 MP (1774 - 1818)

Johannes Frederik de Wet, b6c10d3e1 MP (1796 - 1872)

Johannes Petrus de Wet, b1c2d2e3f12 MP (1833 - 1912)

Louwrens Jacobus de Wet MP (1894 - 1962)

Name Louwrens Jacobus De Wet Event Type Death Event Date 19 Feb 1962 Event Place Kroonstad Age 67 Birth Year (Estimated) 1895 Birthplace Rouxville Father's Name Albertus Adolphus De Wet ...

Magdalena Johanna de Wet, b1c2d3e5 MP (1782 - 1855)

REGISTER VAN VOORTREKKERSTAMMOEDERS (Uit: Visagie, J.C. 2000. Voortrekkerstamouers, 1835-1845. Universiteit van Suid-Afrika, Pretoria) Opgedra aan ons stammoeders De Wet, M J (wed J C Greyling), ...

Margaretha Louisa de Wet, b1c2d2e3f3 MP (1806 - d.)

Maria Magdalena Susanna de Wet (Fourie) MP (1856 - 1901)


Maria Margaretha b6c10d10e1 de Wet, SM MP (1834 - 1906)

Koopmans-De Wet, Maria Margaretha, vroueleidster. 1834: Gebore op 18 Maart in die huis tans bekend as die Koopmans-De Wet-museum in Kaapstad. 1864: Getroud op 15 April met Johan Christoffel Koopmans,...

Petrus de Wet, b1c2 MP (1726 - 1782)

A1b1c2 Petrus de Wet » 20.1.1726, burger Stellenbosch, x 16.3,1748 Magdalena Fenesie Maree Judi Marais-Meyer register DE WET/MARAIS/J V RENSBURG GR - C C de Villiers Burger Stellenbosch,...

Pieter de Wet, b1c2d2e3 MP (1778 - 1840)

Willem de Wet MP (1580 - c.1600)

Swart (De Wet) (deceased)

De Wet (deceased)

(Private) de Wet (Chevallier) (deceased)

(Sir) Jacobus Petrus de Wet, b6c10d5e5f3 (1838 - 1900)

(Unknown) Vermaak (de Wet) (deceased)

<Private> Kruger (de Wet) (deceased)

<Private> De Wet (deceased)

<Private> de Wet (De Jager), B2c9d2e1f12g7h7 (c.1928 - d.)

<Private> Jacobs (De Wet) (deceased)

<Private> de Wet (deceased)

<Private> de Wet (deceased)

<Private> De Wet (Kruger) (deceased)

<Private> De Wet (Viljoen) (deceased)

<Private> de Wet (Brannon) (deceased)

<Private> de Wet (deceased)

<Private> 3 de Wet (Meyer) (deceased)

? de Wet (deceased)

? de Wet (deceased)

? de Wet (deceased)

? de Wet (deceased)

? De Wet (deceased)

A daughter Venter (De Wet) (deceased)

A De Wet De Wet (deceased)

Abel Daniel De Wet (1912 - 1984)

Abraham Librecht de Wet, b1c2d5e2f6g1 (1842 - 1912)

DE WET lyn = a1b1c2d5e2f6g1 PELTZER lyn = a1b2c5d5e6F1 Ook bekend as Abraham Liebrech DE WET. Getuies by doop:- Abraham Liebrech PELTZER Magdalena Geertruida Christina PRETORIUS Christiaan ...

Abraham Liebrecht de Wet (1918 - d.)

Abraham Johannes Roodt de Wet (1957 - 2012)

Abraham Johannes Roodt de Wet (1917 - d.)

Abraham Andries de Wet, b1c2d2e3f12g11 (1874 - d.)

Abraham Barend de Wet (1926 - 1990)

Abraham Barend de Wet (1926 - 2011)

Abraham Barend du Toit de Wet, b1c1d1e7f2g7 (1871 - 1946)

Abraham Johannes de Wet (deceased)

Abraham Johannes Roodt de Wet (deceased)

Abraham Johannes Roodt de Wet (1917 - c.2003)

Abraham Johannes Roodt de Wet (deceased)

Abram Liebreg De Wet (1921 - 1997)

Ada de Villiers de Wet (b. - 1918)

Adria Zweigers (de Wet) (1923 - 1968)

Adria Johanna de Wet (Snyman) (1894 - 1944)

Adriaan Johannes Phillipus de Wet (1889 - d.)

Adriaan Johannes de Wet (1907 - 1961)

Adriaan Samuel de Wet (deceased)

8947 Adriaan Samuel DE WET , ∗ ±__.__.1878 Kinders (6): 8948, 8949, 8950, 8964, 8965, 8966 x Frederika Elizabeth ROSSOUW , ∗ ±__.__.1880 Source : Hendrik Christoffel De We...

Adriaan de Wet (deceased)

Adriaan Francois De Wet (deceased)

Adriaan Johannes Phillipus de Wet (1900 - 1970)

Adriaan Cornelius Botha de Wet (deceased)

Adriaan Johan Phillipus de Wet (1891 - d.)

Adriaan Johannes Philippus de Wet, b1c1d1e7f2 (1816 - d.)

Adriaan Johannes Philippus de Wet, b1c1d1e7f2g9 (1875 - d.)

Adriaan Samuel de Wet (deceased)

Adriaan Samuel DE WET De Wet (deceased)

Adriena Stefiena (Janie) de Wet (1928 - 2009)

Agatha de Wet (Petterson) (1918 - 1984)

Source : Agatha de Wet nee Petterson's Estate Papers; 1984; Estate No.: 6691 ;

Agatha Geertruida Steyn (de Wet) (1850 - 1898)

Agatha Sophia de Wet (deceased)

Agatha Gertrude De Wet (deceased)

Agatha Catarina De Wet (deceased)

Agatha Catherina de Wet (Swart) (deceased)

Agatha Geertruida de Wet, b1c2d8e3f7g3 (c.1850 - d.)

Agatha Geertruida Magdalena de Wet (deceased)

Agatha Geertruida Magdalena de Wet, b1c2d8e3f9 (1823 - d.)