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Abial Deane MP (1742 - 1763)

Abial Deane MP (1720 - 1781)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page on Abial Deane: Abial Deane[1] M, b. circa 1720, d. 31 March 1781 Abial Deane was born circa 1720 at Taunton. He was the son of Israel Deane and Ruth Jon...

Abiather Deane MP (1750 - 1813)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page on Abiather Deane: Abiather Deane[1],[2] M Abiather Deane was born at prob., Raynham. He was the son of Abial Deane and Anna Tisdale. Abiather Deane ma...

Abigail Deane (Burt) MP (c.1686 - 1789)

Abigail Deane (Leonard) MP (1682 - 1726)

Alice King (Deane) MP (1678 - 1746)

Inscription: "In memory of Mrs Alse Ye Widow of Cap John King died May Ye 16th 1746 in Ye 69th year of her age." Find A Grave

Alice Deane (Unknown) MP (c.1606 - 1669)

Alice UNKNOWN died prob aft 1688 in prob Taunton, Ma. (2921) She was married to John Sr DEANE in Taunton, Bristol, MA.(2922) (2923) Children were: John DEANE, Thomas DEANE.

Alice Deane MP (deceased)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page on possible Alice Deane: poss. Alice Deane[1] F Poss. Alice Deane was born at prob., Raynham. She was the daughter of Abial Deane and Anna Tisdale. Cit...

Ann Cleaveland Deane MP (1837 - 1887)

Anna Deane MP (deceased)

Anna Deane (Tisdale) MP (1718 - 1793)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page on Anna Tisdale: Anna Tisdale[1] F, b. circa 1718, d. 29 April 1793 Anna Tisdale was born circa 1718. She was the daughter of John Tisdale and prob. Abig...

Anne Deane (Wentworth) MP (b. - c.1581)

(c) HENRY FitzAlan (23 Apr 1512-Arundel House, Strand, London 24 Feb 1580, bur Arundel). He was summoned to parliament 5 Feb 1533 as Lord Mautravers. He succeeded his father in 1544 as Earl of Arundel....

Benaiah Deane MP (1755 - 1831)

Benjamin Deane MP (1652 - 1728)

History of Bristol County, Massachusetts: with biographical sketches ..., Part 1 edited by Duane Hamilton Hurd Benjamin Deane,1 son of Walter and Eleanor (Strong) Deane, was married to Sarah Will...

Catherine Leonard (Deane) MP (1680 - 1761)

Deborah Tisdale (Deane) MP (c.1675 - 1703)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page on Deborah Tisdale: Deborah Deane[1] F, b. circa 1675, d. circa 1702/3 Deborah Deane was born circa 1675. She was the daughter of Thomas Deane and Kathar...

Edward Dean (Deane) MP (1717 - 1791)

Eleanor Deane (Strong) MP (c.1612 - 1693)

from MARY AND JOHN (reference 1) p.72-73 "There seems to be a great deal of controversy in regard to ELEANOR STRONG, the sister of [Elder] John strong, who is said to have married Walter Deane. It ...

Eleanor Strong (Deane) MP (c.1586 - 1654)

This Eleanor Deane lived and died in England. She was the daughter of Walter Deane of Chard. Walter Deane died c. 1590. Her brother was William Deane. She married John Strong of Chard. John Strong of...

Eleanor Balstone (Deane) MP (1568 - 1628)

Electra Rachel Deane (Chamberlain) MP (deceased)

Eliza Deane MP (1829 - 1875)

Elizabeth Richmond (Deane) MP (1695 - 1750)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page on Elizabeth Deane: Elizabeth Deane[1] F, b. 26 March 1695 Elizabeth Deane was born on 26 March 1695 at Taunton. She was the daughter of Benjamin Deane a...

Elizabeth Deane MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Cooke / Deane (Ring) MP (1602 - 1687)

Taken from: Stephen Deane was a Puritan who emigrated to Plymouth Colony in 1621 on the Fortune. He died in 1634 in Plymouth. He married Elizabeth RING, a daughter of the widow Mary Ring. That mu...

Elizabeth Twining (Deane) MP (c.1628 - 1708)

"Pilgrim Village Families Sketch" gives Elizabeth Deane as a daughter of Stephen Deane and Elizabeth Ring. NOT related to the Walter Dean line, per her father's About.

Elizabeth Deane MP (1616 - 1634)

Living in 1634. Called the youngest daughter in her father's will. Birth dates for the Deane siblings are not known but the brother born before her, Walter of Chard and Taunton, was baptized May 13, ...

Esther Deane MP (1826 - 1901)

Eunice Waterman (Deane) MP (deceased)

Ezra Deane MP (1680 - 1737)

Marriages Abigail Leonard Abigail Brentnell --------------------From the Columbian Reporter, Taunton MA, 1825: "Dr. Ezra Dean's children were : 1, Ezra, died at the age of 89 years; 2, Theo...

Hannah Freeman (Deane) MP (1764 - d.)

Hannah Richmond (Deane) MP (1682 - d.)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page on Hannah Deane: Hannah Deane[1] F, b. 26 December 1682 Hannah Deane was born on 26 December 1682 at Taunton. She was the daughter of Benjamin Deane and Sara...

Hannah Hodges (Deane) MP (1683 - 1768)

Henry Martin Deane MP (1823 - 1856)

Isaac Deane (1657-1700) MP (1657 - 1700)

Isaac Dean MP (c.1608 - d.)

Isaacke Deane, son William Dean of Chard, Somerset Sixth child of William Deane (d. 1634) of Chard, Somerset. No evidence that he emigrated to America like his brothers John and Walter. Married Mar...

Jane Deane (Swift) MP (1560 - 1605)

Jedediah Deane MP (deceased)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page on possible Jedediah Deane: poss. Jedediah Deane[1] M Poss. Jedediah Deane was born at prob., Raynham. He was the son of Abial Deane and Anna Tisdale. ...

Joan Deane MP (1602 - 1621)

Born before 1597. Buried December 14, 1621, Chard, Somerset. Probably first child of William Deane (d. 1634) of Chard, Somerset. Mother uncertain. has good references for this family.

Joan Deane (Selwoode) MP (1522 - 1597)

Johanna SELLWOOD, she being the daughter of Nicholas SELLWOOD of Chard ANCESTRY OF MARGERY DEANE, WIFE OF ELDER JOHN STRONGE A. Pos. JOHN DEAN - M. Johanna [pos. Sellwood], D. abt 1528. [More r...

John Deane, Jr. MP (1480 - 1553)

John Deane MP (c.1639 - 1717)

Of Taunton, Massachusetts. Source for marriage: DEAN, DEANE Susanna and Joseph Rogers, Eastham 4 April 1660 John and Sarah Edson (of Bridgewater) Taunton 7 Nov. 1663 Thomas and Kather...

John Frederic Deane MP (1835 - 1872)

John Dean MP (c.1600 - c.1660)

Vital Statistics His will names his wife as Alice, last name unknown Besides his wife, the other relatives named in his will were: oldest son John second son Thomas third son Israel y...

Jonathan Deane MP (1695 - 1750)

Josiah Whitman Deane MP (1839 - 1859)

Josiah Forbush Deane MP (1828 - c.1828)

Josiah Deane MP (1796 - d.)

Lavina Richmond (Deane) MP (1766 - 1826)

Margaret Deane (Naisshe) MP (c.1500 - d.)

Margery Strong (Deane) MP (1610 - c.1635)

Fifth child of William Deane (d. 1634) of South Chard, Somerset and unknown wife. Died circa 1635 Dorchester, MA. First wife of Elder John Strong. It's also likely that Margerie's brother Walter Deane ...

Mary Norriss (Deane) MP (1802 - 1858)

Mary Fessenden Deane MP (1833 - 1902)

Mary Deane (Wickham) MP (1579 - 1634)

Mary Wilbore (Deane) MP (c.1643 - 1691)

Mary Deane married Shadrach Wilbore. Shadrach WILBUR was born 6 SEP 1631 in COLCHESTER, ESSEX, ENGLAND, and died 28 FEB 1696/97 in TAUNTON, BRISTOL, MA. He married Anna MYRICK. He married Mary DEAN, da...

Mehitabel Wilbore (Deane) MP (1671 - 1757)

JOSEPH3 WILBORE (SHADRACH2, SAMUEL1 WILDBORE/WILBORE) was born 27 Jul 1670, and died 1720. He married MEHITABLE DEANE, daughter of JOHN DEANE and SARAH EDSON. She was born 09 Oct 1671. Children of ...

Mehitable Richmond (Deane) MP (1697 - 1745)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page on Mehitable Deane: Mehitable Deane[1] F, b. 6 or 9 Jun 1697 Mehitable Deane was born 6 or 9 Jun 1697 at Taunton. She was the daughter of Benjamin Deane ...

Mercy Deane (Gibbs) MP (1754 - d.)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page on Mercy Gibbs: Mercy Gibbs[1] F, b. 26 August 1764 Mercy Gibbs was born on 26 August 1764 at Wareham, Massachusetts.[1] She married Abiather Deane, son ...

Mercy Deane (Pratt) MP (1719 - 1754)

Miriam Wing (Deane) MP (c.1632 - 1702)

Miriam Deane, F Birth Date 1632 Death Date 1703 Age: 71 Father Stephen Deane , M (1606-1634) Mother Elizabeth Ring , F (~1601-1687) Married 31 Jan 1692/1693 To John Wing (1611-1699) a...

Ruth Deane (Jones) MP (c.1690 - 1769)

From the Find A Grave page for Ruth Jones Dean: Birth: Jul. 22, 1690 - Hingham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, USA Death: Apr. 18, 1769 - Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA Daughter...

Samuel Deane MP (1760 - 1846)

Saphronia Wheeler (Deane, c1789-1844) MP (c.1789 - 1844)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page on Saphronia Wheeler: Sophronia Dean[1] F, b. circa 1789, d. 25 November 1844 Sophronia Dean was born circa 1789.[1] She was the daughter of Abiather Dea...

Sarah Maria Deane MP (1824 - 1851)

Sarah Ann Rice (Deane) MP (1808 - 1875)

Sarah Ann Deane Avery Rice ..... Birth: Jun. 7, 1808 Colrain Franklin County Massachusetts, USA Death: Feb. 24, 1875 Buckland Franklin County Massachusetts, USA Second wife of Abner Avery. ...

Sarah Deane (Williams) MP (1662 - 1707)

Sarah WILLIAMS was born about 1660 in Taunton, Bristol, MA. (3304) Parents: Samuel WILLIAMS and Mary GILBERT. She was married to Benjamine DEANE on 6 Jan 1680 in Taunton, Bristol, MA.(3305) (3306) Ch...

Sarah Deane (Edson) MP (c.1641 - 1717)

Marriage of Sarah Edson (of Bridgewater) and John Dean, Taunton 7 November, 1663

Silas Deane MP (1737 - 1789)

Silas Deane b. December 24, 1737 Groton, Connecticut d. September 23, 1789 Silas Deane was a Revolutionary War patriot. He was a delegate to the Continental Congress, and later the United States' fir...

Silence Richmond (Deane) MP (1729 - 1751)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page on Silence Deane: Silence Deane[1] F, b. 19 October 1729 Silence Deane was born on 19 October 1729 at Taunton.[1] She married Benjamin Richmond, son of...

Stephen Deane MP (c.1606 - 1634)

Stephen Deane Birth: about 1606, England Death: Plymouth "between 10 March 1633/4 (purchase of Godbert Godbertson's house) and 2 October 1634 (date of inventory), and probably closer to the latte...

Susannah Snow (Deane) MP (c.1634 - 1701)

From her Thomas Rogers Society page: Susanna Deane [1] F, b. circa 1634, d. before April 1701 Susanna Deane was born circa 1634 at Plymouth. She was the daughter of Stephen Deane and El...

Thomas Deane MP (1560 - 1613)

Unknown Deane MP (deceased)

Unknown Deane MP (deceased)

Walter Deane MP (c.1540 - 1591)

Vital Statistics Died between 1585 and 1591. Married to Joanna Walsele. His wife outlived him and was apparently his only wife. Children mentioned in will are: Johanna (~ Joan), Eleanor (~ Ellen,...

Walter Deane MP (c.1612 - 1693)

-------------------- Laurel Logan August 19, 2008 from Walter - bap. May 13, 1612, St. Mary, Chard, Somerset; d. 1659, Taunton, MA. To America in 1637 aboard the 'Speedwell' with brother John. Ma...

William Deane MP (1568 - 1634)

"William - d. about 1634, South Chard, Somerset. " Children: Joane - b. before 1597; bur. Dec. 14, 1621, Chard, Somerset. William - d. 1678, South Chard. Named eldest son in his father's will. ...

Zadoc Deane MP (deceased)

Deane (deceased)

Deane (deceased)

(Unknown) Deane (deceased)

(Unknown) Deane (Pike) (deceased)

? deane (deceased)

? Logan (Deane) (b. - 1937)

? deane (deceased)

? deane (deceased)

? Deane (Foley) (deceased)

? Deane (deceased)

? Deane (Flick) (deceased)

? deane (deceased)

?? Raspberry (Deane) (deceased)

a Deane (deceased)

A. Deane (1897 - d.)

A.A. Deane (deceased)

A.F. Deane (deceased)

Aaron Deane-Collins (1629 - 1677)

Aaron Deane-Collins (1602 - d.)

Aaron DEANE (deceased)

Abdul Azeez Deane (1888 - 1954)

Abdul Halim Deane (deceased)