Jean, III. duc Decazes et de Glücksberg (1864 - 1912)

Jean, duc Decazes was a French aristocrat and sportsman. Born Jean-Élie-Octave-Louis-Sévère- Amanien Decazes de Glücksburg, 3rd Duc Decazes and 3rd Hertig af Glücksberg in Paris, on April 28, 1888 he ...

Louis Jean Victor Sévère Decazes de Glücksbierg (Decazes de Glücksburg) (1889 - 1941)

Daisy Fellowes (1890 - 1962)

A celebrated 20th-century society figure, acclaimed beauty Daisy Fellowes was a minor novelist and poet, editor in chief of French Harper's Bazaar, fashion icon, and an heiress to the Singer sewing mac...