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Ansa of the Lombards MP (c.720 - 760)

Sharon's Temporary Note Jan 2011: Sources please. The only source I can find in a quick Net search is [ ] It's not a good original source, so if you have better ones , please put them on so we can get ...

Bernard, King of Lombardy MP (c.797 - 818)

Alternative data from merges: Born Vermandois Austrasia; Born Vermandois Neustria ------------- Louis the Pious sentenced him to "blinding" - the process of blinding carried out by means of pressin...

Didier, King of the Lombards MP (c.712 - 786)

Desiderius (also known as Daufer or Dauferius; Didier in French and Desiderio in Italian) was the last king of the Lombard Kingdom of northern Italy (died c. 786). He is chiefly known for his connectio...

Hildegonde / Ildegond MP (c.375 - 425)

Princesse Lombarde -------------------- Mrs-Marcomir, Duke Of Franks b 0351, , , , Germany Children 1 < Pharamond King Of Franks 2 Marcomir, Duke Of Franks Forrás / Source:

IIdégonde di Lombardia (Fictional) MP (c.224 - 296)

Ildegonde - Duchess of the East Franks (235-280) MP (c.235 - 280)

Raginpert, King of the Lombards MP (c.660 - 702)

Raginpert (also Raghinpert or Reginbert) was the Duke of Turin and then King of the Lombards briefly in 701. He was the son of Godepert and grandson of Aripert I. He usurped the throne in 701 and rem...

Sigiprand, King of the Lombards MP (c.690 - 744)

Sharon's Temporary Note Jan 2010: Please provide sources for this being Ansa's parent. The only source I can find in a quick Net search contradicts this in favour of the other profile option for her pa...

Sévère di Lombardia MP (c.680 - 737)

Sharon's note: Sources required to verify parentage of Desiderius/Didier as opposed to Merge Alternative: Otthon Von Nassau This is all I can find: [ ]

Boson DI LOMBARDIA 1ST (deceased)