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Leonardo DiCaprio MP

Leonardo DiCaprio is an American actor, producer and environmentalist who rose to stardom from his role as Jack Dawson in the James Cameron blockbuster Titanic. He is one of Hollywood's leading perform...

Alfred DiCaprio (deceased)

Alfred DiCaprio (deceased)

Angel Antonia Dicaprio (deceased)

Audrey Jean Occhibone Dicaprio (Altman) (1928 - 2008)

Barbara DiCaprio-Poulin (deceased)

Bartolomeo DiCaprio (1883 - 1933)

Carmelina Zuccarillo DiCaprio (deceased)

Cecilia DiCaprio (Rose) (deceased)

clement dicaprio (deceased)

Concetta DiCaprio (LaPosta) (deceased)

Dominic DiCaprio (deceased)

Elisabetta DiCaprio (Foniciello) (1883 - 1940)

Elizabeth M. DiCaprio (Cofano) (1929 - 2000)

1940 US Census Utica, NY

emerina dicaprio (deceased)

Felix DiCaprio (b. - 2012)

Frank DiCaprio (b. - 1934)

George DiCaprio (deceased)

George DiCaprio (deceased)

George DiCaprio (deceased)

Leon DiCaprio (c.1902 - c.1965)

Gloria R DiCaprio-Metallo (1923 - 1986)

grace dicaprio (deceased)

Gregory Dicaprio (deceased)

Josephine Dicaprio (deceased)

Julian DiCaprio (Jones) (deceased)

Maria DiCaprio (Marciano) (1666 - 1691)

Mathilda DiCaprio (Therrien) (b. - 2013)

Michael DiCaprio (1891 - 1949)

Pasquale DiCaprio (deceased)

Pasquale DiCaprio (deceased)

Pauline DiCaprio (deceased)

Pauline DiCaprio (deceased)

Philomena DiCaprio (Incanola) (deceased)

Philomena DiCaprio (Aita) (1897 - 1988)

Raffaela DiCaprio (deceased)

Ray DiCaprio-Gardner (deceased)

Wendy Furyk (Dicaprio) (deceased)