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Adam Dinsmore (Dinsmoor) (1675 - d.)

Annis Dinsmoor (c.1772 - d.)

Dea Robert Dinsmoor (1757 - 1836)

Elizabeth Dinsmoor (deceased)

Elizabeth McKeen (Dinsmoor) (1725 - 1752)

Elizabeth Dinsmoor (Cochran) (deceased)

Elizabeth Dinsmoor (c.1725 - d.)

Elizabeth Thom (Dinsmoor) (deceased)

Elizabeth Dinsmoor (Barnet) (deceased)

Elizabeth Hopkins (Dinsmoor) (c.1701 - d.)

Frank M Dinsmoor (1850 - 1895)

Hannah Dinsmoor (Unknown) (1673 - d.)

Hannah Dinsmoor (Little) (1778 - 1838)

Hannah Little Dinsmoor was born in New Boston, New Hampshire. She was the daughter of Taylor Little and Elizabeth Moses. Hannah was the first wife of Isaac Dinsmoor whom she married on February 24, 180...

Isaac Dinsmoor (1774 - 1857)

Isaac Dinsmoor was the son of William Dinsmoor and Elizabeth Cockran. He was born in Windham, New Hampshire.Isaac was a Captain in the War of 1812. He came to Athens, Ohio in 1836 with his first wife H...

Isaac Dinsmoor (deceased)

Isabel Dinsmoor (Hemphill) (deceased)

James Dinsmoor (deceased)

Janet Armour (Dinsmoor) (c.1774 - 1851)

Jean Were Davidson (Dinsmoor) (deceased)

Jennet Morison (Dinsmoor) (1756 - 1807)

John Dinsmoor (deceased)

John Dinsmoor (deceased)

John Taylor Gilman Dinsmore (Dinsmoor) (1794 - 1866)

John Dinsmore (Dinsmoor), 1671 (1671 - 1736)

Sources Some Dinsmore Genealogy - Being some of the Descendants of Capt. Abel Dinsmore - One of the Earliest Settlers of Conway, Mass., Compiled by Charles C. Whitney, Printed Privately, New York, ...

John Dinsmore (Dinsmoor), 1650 (c.1650 - 1749)

John Dinsmore (Dinsmoor) (1721 - 1793)

Laird Dinsmoor, Jr. (c.1648 - c.1667)

Laird Robert or John Of Archenmead Dinsmore (Dinsmoor), 1622-Laird of Achenmead (1622 - d.)

Lived at Achenmead on the River Tweed

Margaret Morison (Armor nee Dinsmoor) (deceased)

Margaret Dinsmoor (Orr) (b. - 1752)

Martha Dinsmoor (Morison) (1787 - d.)

Martha Dinsmoor (McKeen) (1723 - 1803)

Mary Park (Dinsmoor) (deceased)

Mary Nesmith (Dinsmoor) (1723 - 1805)

Mary Crook Johnston (Dinsmoor) (deceased)

Mary Dinsmoor (Reid) (c.1770 - c.1834)

Milo Guthrie Dinsmoor (1848 - 1937)

"Funeral services will be held for Milo Dinsmoor, age 89,who died Thursday at the home of his son and daughter-in-law, Mr.& Mrs. F.P. Dinsmoor, will be held Sunday afternoon at one o'clock at the Jones...

Mrs. John Dinsmoor (Unknown) (c.1650 - d.)

Mrs. Samuel Dinsmoor (Unknown) (c.1680 - d.)

Robert Dinsmore (Dinsmoor) (c.1727 - 1794)

Robert Dinsmoor (DINSMOORE) (1757 - 1836)

Robert Dinsmore (Dinsmoor) (c.1692 - 1751)

Robert Dinsmore (Dinsmoor) (c.1673 - d.)

Robert Boyd Dinsmoor (deceased)

Samuel Dinsmore (Dinsmoor) (1677 - 1713)

The Donahue DeWitt Denehie Tree on Ancestry.Com says: SAMUEL DINSMOOR Birth 1677 Ballywattick, Ballymoney, County Antrim, Ireland Death 1715 Ballywarttick, Ballymoney, Antrim, Ireland F...

Samuel Dinsmoor (c.1733 - d.)

Samuel Dinsmoor, Governor (1766 - 1835)

Samuel Dinsmoor (July 1, 1766 – March 15, 1835) was an American teacher, lawyer and politician from Keene, New Hampshire. Born in 1766 in Windham, New Hampshire. Dinsmoor represented New Hampshire in...

Silas Dinsmore (Dinsmoor) (1766 - 1847)

Silas Dinsmoor (1766–1847) was appointed U. S. Agent to the Cherokee (1794–1798) and to the Choctaw (1801–1813). He later served as a surveyor in Alabama before eventually retiring to Boone County, Ken...

Theophilus Dinsmoor (c.1770 - d.)

William Dinsmoor (Dinsmore) (1731 - 1801)

DAR Ancestor #: A032336

William Dinsmoor (deceased)

William Dinsmoor (deceased)