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Stephen Donald MP

William Hodgson Donald MP (1815 - 1885)

Emigrated to New Zealand on the George Fyfe in 1842

Donald (deceased)

Mc Donald (deceased)

Donald (deceased)


(unknown) Mac Donald (deceased)

? Donald (deceased)

? mac donald (deceased)

? Donald (deceased)

Mr Donald is described as being "of Leith d s p". I am unsure what d s p means.

? Donald (deceased)

? Donald (deceased)

? Donald (deceased)

? Donald (deceased)

? Mc Donald Forbes (deceased)

? Donald (deceased)

? Donald (Train) (deceased)

?? Hosie (Donald??) (deceased)

?? Mc Donald (deceased)

?? Mc Donald (deceased)

?? Donald (deceased)

?? Donald (deceased)

?? Mc Donald (deceased)

??? Mac Donald (1828 - 1863)

??? Mac Donald (1828 - 1863)

??? Christie (Donald) (deceased)

??? Donald (deceased)

??? Donald (deceased)

??Sally Mc Donald (deceased)

?ROBERT DONALD (1824 - d.)

[--?--] Donald (deceased)

4 children (m. Ford, Bosch, Donald) (deceased)

Isabella (deceased)

A Mc Donald (deceased)

Aaron Mc Donald (deceased)

Abel Donald (deceased)

Abet (2012 - d.)

ada daisy pearson (mac donald) (1896 - 1932)

Ada Donald (deceased)

Ada Donald (Butler) (b. - 1961)

Adam Donald (1849 - d.)

Adelaide Mc Donald (fuller) (1870 - 1951)

Adelaide Donald (deceased)

Adelaide Mary Gray Donald (Redford) (c.1865 - c.1944)

Adelle Jacobs Donald (Harbaugh) (1889 - d.)

Adlie Donald (deceased)

AGNES DONALD (b. - 1952)

Agnes Donald (Clerihew) (b. - 2013)

Agnes Smith (Donald) (deceased)

Agnes Bain Donald (Smart) (1821 - 1893)

Agnes Mac Donald (deceased)

Agnes Mac Donald (1415 - d.)

Agnes Donald (deceased)

Agnes Lawrie Donald (Scott) (1854 - d.)

Agnes Gillon (c.1858 - d.)

Agnes Coughlin (Donald) (deceased)

Agnes True (Mc Donald) (deceased)

Agnes Donald (deceased)

Agnes Donald (deceased)

Agnes MacMillan MacMurchie (Donald) (deceased)

Agnes McQueen (Donald) (1798 - 1858)

Agnes Donald (1848 - d.)

Agnes Filshe (Donald) (1734 - d.)

Agnes Donald (deceased)

Agnes van der Berg (Donald) (1904 - d.)

Agnes Donald (deceased)

AGNES DONALD (1818 - d.)

Agnes Bonnar (Donald) (b. - c.1863)

Agnes Helen Gordon (Donald) (1852 - 1940)

Agnes was the daughter of William Cooper and Agnes Donald, both of whom were emigres from Scotland. They settled in Andover, MA where William was employed in a plant that manufactured printing ink. Agn...

Agnes Murning Mc Donald (1855 - 1936)

Agnes Hughes (Nee Mc Donnell/Mc Donald) (1881 - d.)

Agnes donald (deceased)

Agnes Ellen Donald (Benvenieu) (deceased)

Agnes Donald (Wilson) (deceased)

Agnes Donald (Duncan) (deceased)

Agnes Filshie (Donald) (1734 - d.)

Agnes Mc Donald (deceased)

Agnes (Jean) Donald (deceased)


Agustus Mc. Donald Mc. Donald (deceased)

Ailsa Marjorie Goslett (Donald) (b. - 1977)

Alan Donald (deceased)

Alan Donald (deceased)

Alan Mc Donald (b. - 1002)

Alan Donald (deceased)

Alan Gordon Donald (deceased)

alan lennox mc donald (deceased)

Alanson Donald (deceased)

Albert Donald (deceased)

Albert Donald (1884 - d.)

Albert John Mc DONALD (1900 - 1965)

Albertina Hortence Mac Donald (Elburg) (1907 - d.)

Alec Thomas Mc Donald (deceased)

Alec Angus Mac Donald (deceased)

aletta donald (deceased)

Aletta Sophia Mc Donald (1869 - 1903)

Alex Robert Mac Donald (deceased)

Alex Mc Donald (deceased)

Alex Donald (deceased)

Alex Mac Donald (deceased)