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Agnes Johnson (Donnely) (1914 - d.)

Agnes Donnelly (Donnely (Donnelly)) (c.1876 - d.)

Alice Donnely (deceased)

Alice Lennon (Donnely) (c.1891 - d.)

The 1901 census shows Alice Donnelly (age 10) living at house 26 the town of Lusk with her father James Donnelly , a master Tailor ( age 42); her mother Alice ( age 43) her brothers Richard ( age 17) a...

Angella Roberts-Donnely (deceased)

Ann Mooney (nee Donnely) (deceased)

Ann Leary s/a (Donnely) (1836 - d.)

Ann(ie) Wilson (Donnely) (1864 - 1915)

Anna Donnely (Mudrak) (1908 - d.)

Babara Donnely (deceased)

Barbara Donnely (1846 - d.)

Billy Donnely (deceased)

bridget donnely (1870 - d.)

cant remember Donnely (deceased)

Catherine Connaughton (Donnely) (1846 - 1916)

Catherine Donnely (deceased)

Catherine Healy (Donnely) (deceased)

Catherine Donnely (deceased)

Catherine Griffen (Donnely) (deceased)

Charles Donnely (deceased)

Charles Donnely (deceased)

Christina Meade (Donnely) (deceased)

Daniel Donnely (1848 - d.)

Daniel (Dan ) Donnely (deceased)

Dorothy donnely (deceased)

Dot Knutson (1918 - d.)

Edward donnely (deceased)

Edward Donnely (deceased)

Edward Donnely (deceased)

Eliza Donnely (1843 - d.)

Eliza Donnely (Benner) (1814 - d.)

Elizabeth Henry (Donnely) (b. - 1844)

Elizabeth Warnock (Donnely) (deceased)

Elizabeth Shetler (Donnely) (b. - 1927)

Elizabeth Flynn (Donnely) (deceased)

Ellen Malone (Donnely) (deceased)

evelyn donnely (deceased)

evelyn donnely (deceased)

florence donnely (deceased)

Gertrude Hilbert (Donnely) (1898 - 1932)

Getrude Brown/Donnely (deceased)

Harriet Ann Donnely (1846 - 1925)

Helen Donnely (deceased)

Helen (Ellen) O'Connor (Donnely) (1867 - d.)

Henry Donnely (deceased)

Hug Donnely (deceased)

Isabel Lillyman (Donnely) (deceased)

James Donnelly (Donnely) (c.1871 - d.)

Jane Donnely (1843 - d.)

Janie Donnely (deceased)

Jennie E. Cady (Donnely) (c.1856 - d.)

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Jessie Donnely (deceased)

Joe Donnely (deceased)

John Donnely (deceased)

John Toohey Donnely (deceased)

John S. O. Donnely (1815 - d.)

John Brown/Donnely (deceased)

Kathleen donnely (deceased)

Katie McMullen (Donnely) (deceased)

Laurence Donnely (deceased)

Leo Donnely (1916 - 1986)

Lettice Love Bourke (Donnely) (1680 - d.)

Maggie Donnely (b. - c.1987)

Margaret Boyle (Donnely) (deceased)

Margaret Donnely (1850 - d.)

Margaret Kilbride (Donnely) (deceased)

Maria Louisa Donnely (deceased)

Martha Reeves (Donnely) (c.1785 - 1835)

Martha Kenney (Donnely) (deceased)

Mary Agnes Streeter (Donnely) (c.1875 - d.)

Mary Reynolds (Donnely) (b. - 1988)

Mary (Donnely) McGuire (deceased)

Mary Donnely (1839 - d.)

Mary Donnely (b. - 1848)

Mary's Ancestral No. is "41."

Mary Ann Prichett/Prichard (Donnely) (deceased)

Mary Brown/Donnely (deceased)

Mary Donnely (Adams) (deceased)

Mary ( Mollie ) Donnely (deceased)


Mildred Grace Donnely (Hoffman) (1916 - 2003)

Mildred May Kambarian (Donnely) (1922 - 1994)

Mollie Maupin (Donnely) (deceased)

Nicky Donnely (deceased)

patrick Donnely (deceased)

Pearl Hunt (Donnely) (deceased)

Pearl Brown/Donnely (deceased)

Peter Donnely (deceased)

PETER DONNELY (deceased)

Rhoda Donnely (deceased)

Rose Watters (Donnely) (1873 - 1948)

Rosella snyder (Donnely) (deceased)

Rosemary Hudon (Donnely) (deceased)

Ruth Donnely (deceased)

Sarah A Nolan (Donnely) (1865 - d.)

Sarah Donnely (deceased)

Sarah Donnely (Stipe) (1816 - d.)

Sarah Lambert (Donnely) (1839 - 1911)

Thersat Donnely (deceased)

Thomas Donnely (c.1820 - d.)

Thomas donnely (deceased)