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Bridget Donohue (Donohoe) MP (1891 - 1912)

Titanica Name: Miss Bridget Donohoe Born: Sunday 11th January 1891 Age: 21 years Last Residence: in Cum Ireland 3rd Class passenger First Embarked: Queenstown on Thursday 11th April 1912 ...

? O'Donohue (deceased)

Abigail O'Donohue (deceased)

Abigail Donohue (Clark) (1844 - 1929)

Abina Delaney (Donohue) (b. - 1952)

Ada May (Ceda) Mulligan (Donohue) (1882 - 1964)

Ada Florence King-Short (O'Donohue) (1876 - c.1941)

Adelaide Margaret Donohue (1912 - 1978)

Adelaide Margaret O'Donohue (Mohr) (1877 - 1949)

Aedh na-Midhe O'Donohue (c.1320 - d.)

Agnes Bridget O'Donohue (1872 - 1945)

Agnes Donohue (deceased)

Agnes Donohue (deceased)

Agnes Burke (Donohue) (deceased)

Agnes Donohue (deceased)

Agnes O'Donohue (?) (deceased)

Agnes Ann murrey (Donohue) (1921 - d.)

Albert Donohue (deceased)

Alfred Donohue (deceased)

Alfred [Tab] Donohue (deceased)

Alice Donohue (Shalloe) (1898 - 1976)

Married in St. Alphonsus Church on West Broadway and Canal Street.

Alice Donohue (deceased)

alice donohue (deceased)

Alice McElory (Donohue) (deceased)

Alice Wallace (Donohue) (M) (1790 - 1844)

Alice Joan Ahearn (Donohue) (1922 - 2008)

Allan o'donohue (deceased)

Allen Donohue (deceased)

Alyce Donohue (deceased)

Ambrose Donohue (c.1905 - d.)

Amelia Donohue (Schell) (c.1901 - d.)

Amhailgadh Mór O'Donohue (c.1250 - d.)

Amy Donohue (Jewell) (1887 - 1981)

Ana McClellan O'Donohue (deceased)

Andrew Benedict Donohue (1898 - 1977)

Andrew Donohue (c.1916 - 1982)

Andrew Donohue (1879 - d.)

Andrew C Donohue (deceased)

Ann Gibson (Donohue) (deceased)

Ann Donohue (1918 - 1971)

Ann Donohue (deceased)

Ann Donohue (c.1861 - d.)

Ann Smith (Donohue) (deceased)

Ann Donohue (deceased)

Ann L Donohue (Kivel) (1890 - 1946)

Ann Donohue (deceased)

Ann (Metz) Donohue (deceased)

Anna Bolton (Donohue) (deceased)

Anna Josephine Donohue (Wilcox) (1916 - 1995)

Anna May Dolan (Donohue) (c.1925 - d.)

Anna Agnes Donohue (McBride) (c.1862 - 1908)

Anna Donohue (deceased)

Anna M Donohue (McGlynn ) (1897 - 1968)

Had TB of the hip. Hospitalized many times as a young child and cared for by Catholic Nuns-became very religious and prayed for religious vocation in family.Surgeries left her shorter on left side-need...

Anna R. Baer (Donohue) (deceased)

Anna Donohue (Sullivan) (deceased)

Anna Cecelia Donohue (1895 - 1959)

Anna Maria Donohue (Flynn) (deceased)

Anna Donohue (deceased)

Anna Hynes Donohue (1870 - 1937)

Anna Mae Fox (Donohue) (deceased)

Anna McGowan Donohue (deceased)

Anne Donohue (deceased)

Anne Lloyd (Donohue) (1834 - d.)

Anne O'Donohue (Byrne) (1846 - 1938)

Anne Donohue (Conlon) (deceased)

Anne Evelyn Kate Stewart - Donohue (deceased)

Annie Donohue (McBride) (deceased)

Annie Carroll (Donohue) (b. - 1874)

Annie Mary Donohue (Richardson) (deceased)

Annie Donohue (McBride) (deceased)

Annie Donohue (1861 - 1941)

Araminta M. (1848 - 1928)

Archibald Donohue (deceased)

Arletta Donohue (deceased)

Arthur Donohue (deceased)

Arthur Donohue (1880 - d.)

Ashley Marie Donohue (1994 - 1994)

Augustin Donohue (Becker dit Blondin) (deceased)

Barbara Donohue (deceased)

Bartholomew Donohue (1863 - 1911)

Beatrice Donohue (deceased)

Beatrice Donohue (Paget) (1899 - d.)

Beatrice Bligh Donohue (deceased)

Bella Hall (Donohue) (deceased)

Bernadette Donohue (deceased)

Bernard Donohue (deceased)

Bernard Donohue (deceased)

Bernice Ann Hall Marker Donohue (deceased)

Bernice Hale Donohue (deceased)

Bertha Donohue (deceased)

Betty Joyce Donohue (deceased)

Beuhla Donohue (deceased)

bill donohue (deceased)

Bill Donohue (deceased)

Bill Donohue (deceased)

Bill O'Donohue (deceased)

Blanche Donohue (deceased)

Blanche Donohue (Finnegan) (1883 - 1933)

Blanche Wing Donohue (deceased)

Blanche Lauretta Donohue (Paget) (1909 - 1993)