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Aisley Doublehead, of the Paint Clan MP (1720 - d.)

"Princess" Cornblossom Doublehead MP (1770 - 1810)

"Princess" Cornblossom Doublehead & George Jacob "Big Jake" Troxel/l were married 1780 in Doubleheads Cave, Wayne Co., KY. Question: Is this Beloved Woman Cornblossom, daughter of Chief Doublehead? Ans...

Chuqualatague Incalatanga Taltsuska "Doublehead" MP (c.1744 - c.1807)

Note that "Chuqualataque" is a title, not a name! Doublehead (1744–1807) or Incalatanga (Tal-tsu'tsa in Cherokee), was one of the most feared warriors of the Cherokee during the Chickamauga ...

Nannie "The Pain" Foreman / Springston / Doublehead (Drumgoole) MP (c.1775 - 1850)

Saleechie Colbert (Doublehead) MP (c.1764 - 1846)

Info to add: Chief Chuqualatague Doublehead, Creat Doublehead (born Priber) Husband: Chief George Colbert Daughter: Nancy Tharp (born Colbert)

Tuskiahooto Colbert (Doublehead) MP (1757 - 1817)

Doublehead (1744 - c.1807)

Alcy McNulty (Doublehead) (c.1800 - c.1838)

Amatoya moytoy (supreme Chief) Doublehead (deceased)

Anne Doublehead (deceased)

Bird Doublehead (deceased)

Bird Tail Doublehead (1795 - 1857)

Cherokee Chief Doublehead (deceased)

Chief Doublehead (deceased)

Chief Doublehead (deceased)

Chief Doublehead (1744 - d.)

Chief Doublehead (deceased)

Chief Choualatague Doublehead (deceased)

Chief Chu-Qua-La-Ta-Que Doublehead (1740 - d.)

Chief Taltsuska Doublehead (deceased)

Chief Taltsuska Chuqualatague Doublehead (deceased)

Chu Qua La Ta Que Doublehead (1738 - 1808)

Chugitague Doublehead (deceased)

Chuqualatague Chief Doublehead (c.1740 - c.1807)

Chuqualatague Doublehead (deceased)

chuqualataque (aka chief) Doublehead (deceased)

Clogittah Doublehead (deceased)

Clogoittah Doublehead (deceased)

Cornblossom Doublehead (deceased)

Cornblossom Troxell (Doublehead) (1760 - 1810)

Creat Doublehead (Priber) (deceased)

Creat Doublehead (Priber) (deceased)

Creat Priber Doublehead (1740 - d.)

Creat Priber Doublehead (deceased)

Double Doublehead (1758 - d.)

Du-ka-ho Doublehead (c.1758 - 1807)

Ellen Doublehead (1795 - d.)

Everrtt Mason/doublehead (deceased)

gi-ya-sti sister of doublehead (benge) (deceased)

Gu-Lu-Sti-Yu Doublehead (deceased)

Gu-Lu-Sti-Yu Riley (Doublehead) (1756 - 1802)

Gu-Lu-Sti-Yu Doublehead was born about 1766 Parents: Chief Doublehead b: ABT 1744 in Stearns, KY and Create Priber b: ABT 1740 in Stearns, KY Married: in Georgia to Samuel Riley b: 1747 in Prin...

Incalatanga Doublehead (b. - 1807)

Kateeyeah Doublehead (Wilson) (c.1770 - d.)

Kezish Kizziah Doublehead (deceased)

Kiziah Doublehead (1775 - 1850)

Kizziah Doublehead (1775 - d.)

Kstieieah (kiziah) Dishman (Doublehead) (deceased)

Lucy Doublehead (deceased)

Margaret Doublehead (Mounce) (deceased)

Moytoy Doublehead (deceased)

Moytoy Doublehead (deceased)

Nancy, Daughter of Great Eagle Doublehead (1750 - d.)

Ni-go-di-ge-yu Doublehead (1764 - d.)

Ni-Go-Di-Ge-Yu Doublehead (deceased)

Ni-gu-da-yi Go DiGe Yu Riley (Doublehead) (c.1766 - c.1820)

Clan: Long Hair--------------------Nigodigeyu is a sister to Gulustiyu. They were married at the same time to Samuel Riley.

Old Tassel (Doublehead) (1736 - d.)

Oliver Doublehead (1825 - d.)

Peggy Wilson (Doublehead) (c.1800 - c.1838)

Princess Cornblossom Troxell (Doublehead) (deceased)

Quatsy (Chief woman of wolf clan) Doublehead (deceased)

Quatsy Woman of the Wolf Clan Doublehead (deceased)

salachiee doublehead (deceased)

Saleechie Doublehead (deceased)

Saleechie Doublehead (1762 - 1846)

Saleechie Doublehead (1762 - 1846)

Sister of Doublehead (c.1730 - d.)

Sister of Doublehead (1732 - d.)

Susannah Chisholm (Doublehead) (1805 - d.)

Susannah Chisholm (Doublehead) (c.1805 - c.1838)

Timson Doublehead (deceased)

Tuckaho Doublehead (1758 - 1800)

Tuckahoe Doublehead (c.1762 - 1800)

Two Heads Doublehead (1768 - d.)

Unknown Doublehead (c.1805 - d.)

willenawah Great Eagle Doublehead (deceased)

William Doublehead (1802 - d.)

William/bird Mason/doublehead (deceased)

Woman of Ani'-Ga'tage'wi Doublehead (deceased)

Wuretech Doublehead Watts (deceased)