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Elizabeth Watts (Downey) MP (c.1665 - c.1710)

Eunice Eleanor Johnston / Hawks (Downey) MP (1827 - 1898)

James Downey MP

James Downey is an American comedy writer and occasional actor. Downey is best known as a long-time writer for Saturday Night Live .

John Gately Downey, 7th California Governor, 1860-1862. MP (1827 - 1894)

Owner of Rancho Santa Gertrudes Los Angeles County, California Wikipedia John Gately Downey John Gately Downey (June 24, 1827 – March 1, 1894) was an Irish-American politician and the sevent...

Maria Downey 7th First Lady of California MP (c.1837 - 1883)

[ Maria Downey 1860-1862] Born: about 1837 in Los Angeles, California Died: January 29, 1883 Married: John Downey in 1852 Maiden Name: Guirado Biography Maria Guirado was born into an influ...

Nancy Camper (Downey) MP (1827 - d.)

Robert Downey, Jr. MP

Hailed by many critics as one of the most brilliant and versatile actors of his generation, Robert Downey Jr. chalked up a formidable onscreen track record that quickly launched the young thesp into th...

Robert Downey, Sr. MP

Described by an associate as "a big jovial bear", Robert Downey Sr. translated his irreverent, mordant humor to the screen as the writer-director of several experimental cult classics of the late 1960s...

"FNU" Downey (deceased)

"Joseph" Noah Downey (1882 - 1938)

(unknown) Downey (deceased)

--- holmes (Downey) (deceased)

? Crowley (Downey) (deceased)

? Downey (Sperling) (deceased)

? DOWNING/DOWNEY? (deceased)

? Downey (deceased)

? Downey (deceased)

? Downing (Downey) (deceased)

? Downey (deceased)

? Downey (deceased)

?? Downey (deceased)

?? Johns (Downey) (deceased)

???? Downey (deceased)

????? Downey (deceased)

??????? Downey (deceased)

??????? Downey (deceased)

a downey (deceased)

Abigail Hoblit (Downey) (1807 - 1888)

----------------------------------------------------------- Biography Excerpt taken from History Of Logan, Co. Illinois: written by Robert B. Lathem; Pg.433 Abigal Hoblit, his widow, still enjo...


Abraham Downey (1755 - 1830)

Abraham Downey (deceased)

Abraham Downey (deceased)

Abraham Downey (1755 - 1830)

Margaret Downey (1888 - 1974)

Addie Pearl Larrison (Downey) (1898 - 1975)

Addie J Shanks (Downey) (1870 - d.)

Adelbert Downey (deceased)

Adeline Downey (1892 - d.)

Adeline Teresa Downey (deceased)

Agg Duffy (Downey) (deceased)

Agnes Downey (deceased)

Agnes Cowan (Downey) (deceased)

Agnes Essie Downey (1913 - 1913)

Agnes Chidsey (deceased)

Agnes Downey (Smerdon) (1873 - d.)

Agnes F Downey (McMenamin) (1884 - d.)

Agnes Rein (Downey) (deceased)

Agnes de Downey (de Roecliffe) (deceased)

Agnes Greene (Downey) (deceased)

Agnes Downey (deceased)

Agnes Wagner (Downey) (1909 - 1997)

Agnes Downey (1886 - d.)

Agnes Downey (deceased)

Agnes Terese Downey (1917 - 1980)

Agnete Downey (Jürgensen) (1870 - d.)

Aibert Downey (deceased)

Aidan Downey (deceased)

Alan Metzler Downey (deceased)

Alan Metzler Downey (1900 - 1963)

Alban Downey (deceased)

Alban James Downey (1892 - 1963)

Albert Downey (1896 - 1975)

Albert William Downey (deceased)

Albert H McKay Downey (1910 - d.)

Alberta Downey (1898 - d.)

Alberto Downey Vásquez (deceased)

Alec Downey (deceased)

Aleck Downey (1891 - d.)

Alexander Robertson Downey (1899 - 1964)

Alexander Downey, Jr. (b. - 1872)

Alexander Downey (1870 - d.)

Alexander J Downey (c.1835 - 1893)

Alexander Downey (deceased)

Alexander Downey (1822 - d.)

Alexander Downey (deceased)

Alexander Downey (deceased)

Alexander Downey (deceased)

Alexander Wright Downey (1873 - c.1923)

Alexander Wright Downey (1901 - 1979)

Alferd Downey (1845 - 1919)

Alford Green Downey (deceased)

Alfred Morton Downey (deceased)

alfred downey (1830 - d.)

Alfred Downey (1892 - 1944)

Alfredo Downey Vásquez (deceased)

Alice Matthews (Downey) (b. - 1985)

Alice Black (Downey) (deceased)

Alice Matthews (Downey) (c.1893 - d.)

Married 1923/4 by Fr Martin Drea. She met Pat Matthews when as a County Councillor he attended meetings in St Canices where Alice's aunt, Bridie Rice was matron. Her son James now lives in Carn

Alice Downey (c.1883 - d.)

Alice Webb (Downey) (deceased)

Alice Simpson (Downey) (deceased)

Alice Downey (Hitchcock) (1869 - d.)

Alice Downey (Callahan) (deceased)

Alice Downey (deceased)

Alice Downey (Langron) (1887 - d.)

Alice Lenora Downey (b. - 1923)

Alice Ferguson (Downey) (1856 - d.)

Alice McManus (Downey) (1855 - 1947)

Alice Jean Downey (deceased)

Alice Downey (c.1822 - 1877)

Seems to be Alice in the 1860 census and then listed as Anna in the 1870 census. Alice was listed as illiterate in the 1860 census and is listed as cannot write in the 1870 census.