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Alice Drury (Baret) MP (1410 - 1467)

Anastasia Drury (French) MP (1750 - 1801)

Migrated after 1796 from St. Mary's County, Maryland to Union, Kentucky. from:

Anna Agnew (Drury) MP (deceased)

Anne Waldegrave (Drury) MP (c.1482 - 1572)

Anne Drury1,2,3,4,5,6 F, #46834, b. circa 1482, d. 8 June 1572 Father Sir Robert Drury, Speaker of the House of Commons1,2,7,4,8,6 b. c 1455, d. 2 Mar 1536 Mother Anne Calthorpe1,2,7,4,8,6 b. c 1...

Anne Bacon (Drury) MP (1531 - 1575)

Anne Drury MP (c.1507 - 1572)

Asa Drury MP (1748 - 1816)

Asa was born on June 24, 1748 in Framingham, Massachusetts and his Parents were Josiah & Hannah (Barron) Drury. He was a Farmer and had eventually moved to Natick, Massachusetts which was right acros...

Benedict Drury MP (c.1830 - d.)

Bernard Drury MP (c.1771 - 1819)

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Caleb Drury MP (1688 - 1760)

Catherine Molohon (Drury) MP (deceased)

Catherine Drury (Wimsatt) MP (1775 - 1838)

Catherine King (Drury) MP (c.1567 - 1617)

Catherine DRURY Died: Oct 1617 Notes: Direct ancestors of the Earls of Kingston. Father: Robert DRURY of Laughlin Mother: Elizabeth CAREW Married: John KING of Abbeyboyle (Sir) Children: ...

Catherine Drury MP (1567 - d.)

Mother of John "Goodman" King

Catherine le Strange (Drury) MP (1438 - 1496)

Katherine Drury1,2 F, #62860, b. circa 1461 Father Roger Drury, Esq. d. 31 Jan 1494 Mother Felice Denston1,2 Katherine Drury was born circa 1461 at of Hawstead, Suffolk, England.1,2 She married...

Cecilia Drury (Bowles) MP (1807 - 1852)

Diana Drury, Viscountess of Wimbledon MP (deceased)

Dorcas Abigail Stovall (Drury) MP (1710 - 1775)

not the daughter of David Lewis and Rachel Stovall (jecpj, volunteer curator, 20 Oct 11)

Dorothy Payne (Drury) MP (1771 - 1853)

Dorothy Clarke (Drury) MP (c.1602 - 1658)

Carrow Clarke of Westrop married Dorothe Drurie of Rougham. He m Dorothy------. She d 13 Jun 1658 Rougham, Suffolk, Eng, & bur 15 Jun 1658 Rougham, Suffolk, Eng. They had no known children.

Dorothy Barnes (Drury) MP (c.1556 - 1615)

Eliza Drury (Hardisty) MP (1814 - d.)

Elizabeth Drury MP (1676 - 1678)

     Elizabeth Drury was born on 9 July 1676 at Boston, MA.1,2 She was the daughter of Lieut. John Drury and Mary Weare.      Eliza...

Elizabeth Bacon (Drury) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Drury (Eames) MP (1685 - 1722)

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Elizabeth Morse (Drury) MP (1701 - 1745)

Esther Howe (Drury) MP (1765 - 1830)

Frances Tucker (Drury) MP (1744 - 1813)

Francis Drury MP (1789 - 1856)

Hawise Drury (Greene) MP (1319 - d.)

Henrietta Drury MP (c.1806 - 1845)

Hilary Drury MP (deceased)

Hugh Drury MP (c.1616 - 1689)

Notes for GEORGE "HUGH" DRURY: From Hugh DRURY, the immigrant ancestor, was, according to family tradition, son of Obed DRURY, of London England. [please note: there is no source for this attributi...

Hugh Drury MP (1674 - 1678)

Hugh Drury was born on 19 July 1674 at Boston, MA.3,1,2 He was the son of Lieut. John Drury and Mary Weare.  Hugh Drury died young.1 comments Name also see as Daniel, however there is no Dan...

James Wimsatt Drury MP (1803 - 1852)

John Drury, II MP (1678 - 1702)

John Drury Jr was born on 26 December 1678 at Boston, MA.1,2 He was the son of Lieut. John Drury and Mary Weare. John Drury Jr died on 2 November 1702 at Boston, MA; from smallpox.3,1,4 --- Desce...

Lieut. John Drury MP (1646 - 1678)

Lieutenant John DRURY, son of Hugh DRURY, was born May 2, 1646, and baptized March 19, 1649, at Boston. He died in 1678, before his father, leaving an estate valued at five hundred and sixty-two pounds...

John William Drury, Sir MP (1400 - 1497)

John Drury, Esq., of Rougham MP (c.1456 - 1499)

John Drury, Esq. MP (c.1479 - c.1556)

John Drury MP (c.1697 - c.1754)

John Drury, Jr. MP (c.1708 - d.)

Josiah Drury MP (1707 - 1771)

Katherine Drury (Swynford) MP (c.1410 - 1478)

William DRURY of Rougham (Sir) Born: ABT 1408, Rougham, Suffolk, England Died: 1450 Buried: Church of the Friars Minor of Babewell (as stated in Will) Notes: 19 May 1426, Knight of the Bath a...

Lydia Drury MP (1670 - 1678)

---- Boston Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths 1630-1699 Lydia of John and Mary Drury born July 11. [1670] Boston Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths 1630-1699 Lydia of Lydia & John Drur...

Lydia Drury (Rice) MP (1627 - 1675)

Lydia Rice was born in 1627, died April 5, 1675, daughter of Edmund and Tamazin Rice. She married Hugh Drury. notes From Savage: DRURY, HUGH, had a grant of land in Sud., 1640 or '41; 1642, occ...

Margaret Drury (Felton) MP (c.1456 - d.)

Margery Clopton (Drury) MP (1370 - 1420)

Margret Allen Bondurant (Drury) MP (c.1767 - 1851)

Mary Drury (Weare) MP (1645 - 1675)

Mary Weare Birth: July 28 1645 - York, York, Maine Death: 1675 - Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts Parents: Peter Weare, Ruth Husband: Lieutenant John Drury ------ New England Marriages ...

Mary Ann Burchett (Drury) MP (1644 - 1739)

Mary Anne Drury (Miles) MP (c.1823 - d.)

Mary Alden (Drury) MP (1672 - 1727)

---- Boston Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths 1630-1699  Mary of John & Mary Drury born July 10. [1672]

Mary M Knott (Drury) MP (1800 - d.)

Mary Knott (Drury) MP (1753 - 1817)

Matilda fil Anselm Drury (de Thurston) MP (c.1158 - 1210)

From Matilda, as has been said, had married firstly Alexander de Wridewell (or Wordwell) one of the knights of St. Edmund, who had held previous to 1204 a half fee in Horningsheath, and by him had a ...

Mercy Drury MP (1677 - 1678)

Mercy Drury was born on 25 October 1677 at Boston, MA.1,2 She was the daughter of Lieut. John Drury and Mary Weare. Mercy Drury died young.1 --- Descendants of Edmund Rice person page 11 1. [S...

Monica Knott (Drury) MP (1770 - 1866)

Monica Moore (Drury) MP (1750 - 1827)

Mrs. Obed Drury MP (deceased)

comments Not the parent of Hugh Drury who immigrated to America on the Abigail in 1635

NN Moyle (Drury) MP (deceased)

Obed Drury MP (c.1590 - 1663)

comments Not the parent of Hugh Drury who immigrated to America on the Abigail in 1635

Rachel Jennings (Drury) MP (1729 - 1730)

Rachel Drury (Rice) MP (1664 - 1730)

Rachel Rice was born on 10 May 1664 at Sudbury, MA.2,4,5 She was the daughter of Henry Rice and Elizabeth Moore.6 Rachel Rice married Capt. Thomas Drury, son of Lieut. John Drury and Mary Weare, on 15 ...

Robert Henry Curzon Drury-Lowe MP (c.1831 - c.1907)

Robert Henry Curzon Drury Lowe was William Drury Holden's and Hon. Caroline Esther Curzon's third son. He baptised at Aston-on-Trent in Derbyshire. After 1849 he was known as Robert H.C. Drury-Lowe, fo...

Sir Robert Drury, MP MP (c.1501 - 1577)

Sir Robert Drury (c. 1503 – 21 May 1577) of Hedgerley and Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire, was the second son of Sir Robert Drury, Speaker of the House of Commons, and was the father of Sir R...

Sir Robert Drury, MP, Speaker of the House of Commons MP (c.1454 - 1535)

Sir Robert Drury, Speaker of the House of Commons1,2,3,4,5 M, #35629, b. circa 1455, d. 2 March 1536 Father Roger Drury, Esq.2 d. 31 Jan 1494 Mother Felice Denston2 Sir Robert Drury, Speaker of...

Robert Drury, MP MP (1524 - 1557)

b. ?13 Feb. 1524, 1st s. of Sir William Drury by 2nd w. educ. ?L. Inn, adm. 30 Jan. 1543. m. settlement 20 Jan. 1541, Audrey, da. of Richard, Baron Rich, 4s. inc. Sir William† 8da.2 Offices He...

Robert FitzDrieu Drieu De de St. Edmund (Drury) MP (c.1152 - c.1201)

Robert Drury1 M, #35889, d. between 1200 and 1203 Father Sir Richard de St. Edmund d. a 1186 Robert Drury was born at of Thurston, Suffolk, England. He married Matilda de Thurston, daughter of An...

Susannah Drury (Hayden) MP (1711 - 1777)

Teresa Drury (Combs) MP (deceased)

Thomas Drury, Esq., of Rougham MP (c.1428 - c.1486)

Thomas DRURY of Rougham Born: ABT 1430, Rougham, Suffolk, England Died: 12 Dec 1486, Rougham, Suffolk, England Notes: 2nd cousin of Henry VI. 3 Feb 1461/62 Commissioned to arrest any persons guil...

Thomas Drury MP (1730 - 1791)

Capt. Thomas Drury MP (1668 - 1723)

     Capt. Thomas Drury was born on 10 August 1668 at Boston, MA.4,3,5,6 He was the son of Lieut. John Drury and Mary Weare.7 Capt. Thomas Drury married Rachel Rice, ...

Hugh Drury's mother MP (deceased)

Hugh Drury's father MP (deceased)

Not Obed Drury comments From Geni member William Hugh Drury, July 2015: "Hugh Drury (d 1689 in Boston MA]. is my immigrant ancestor who came to America from England in 1635 on the "Abigail". Some...

Willaim Drury MP (1814 - 1873)

Sir William Drury, of Rougham MP (c.1403 - c.1450)

Sir William Drury1,2 M, #144750, b. circa 1390, d. 1450 Father Sir Roger Drury b. c 1355, d. Oct 1420 Mother Margaret Naunton b. c 1358, d. 1405 Sir William Drury was born circa 1390 at of Roug...

William Drury-Lowe MP (1802 - 1877)

William Drury Lowe (1802-1877) William Drury Holden (he and his children's names were changed) was the eldest son of Robert Holden of Darley Abbey (1769-1844) and Mary Ann Drury Lowe (1783-1840). H...

Sir William Drury, MP MP (1499 - 1558)

Sir William Drury (c. 1500 – 11 January 1558) was the son and heir of Sir Robert Drury (before 1456 – 2 March 1535), Speaker of the House of Commons. He was a Member of Parliament and a P...

Sir William Drury, MP for Suffolk MP (1550 - 1590)

Family and Education b. 8 Mar. 1550, 1st s. of Robert Drury† by Audrey, da. of Richard Rich†, Lord Rich. educ. Groton sch. ?1561-4; Caius, Camb. 1564; prob. L. Inn 1569. m. Elizabeth, d...

Sir William Drury, MP MP (1527 - 1579)

DRURY, William (1527-79). Family and Education b. 2 Oct. 1527, 3rd but 2nd surv. s. of Sir Robert Drury II, and bro. of Dru† and Robert I. educ. Gonville, Camb. m. 10 Oct. 1560, Margaret, ...

Drury (deceased)

Ida Handy - Drury (c.1910 - c.2001)

(unk) drury (deceased)

(Unknown) Drury (deceased)

(Unknown) Brazeel (Drury) (deceased)

--- DRURY (1747 - d.)

<Unknown> Drury (Gates) (deceased)

? Drury (deceased)

? Drury (deceased)

? Drury (deceased)

? Drury (deceased)

? Drury (deceased)

??? Drury (deceased)

A. Herbert Drury (1909 - 2002)

A. Herbert Drury (deceased)

A. L. Drury (c.1870 - d.)

Aaliyah Drury (Garret) (1821 - 1918)

Aaron Drury (1885 - d.)