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Catharina Maria Elizabeth du Preez (Mans), b9 MP (1825 - d.)

Catharina Beatrix du Preez MP (b. - 1886)

======================================================= DEPOT KAB SOURCE MOOC TYPE LEER VOLUME_NO 6/9/230 SYSTEM 01

Cornelia Carolina du Preez MP (1790 - 1864)

Widow of S.J. van der Merwe. Married Johan Christiaan Bornmann/Bornman in Tulbagh 29.06.1809 The Genealogical Society of South Africa eGSSA branch - Contributed by: Peter Moss and John Schwartz

Cornelia Helena Catharina du Preez (Brits), SV/PROG 1- b6c3d2e11 MP (1796 - 1839)

Elisabeth du Preez, b1 SM MP (c.1668 - c.1720)

aka Elisabeth du Preez Emigration: from the Netherlands on the ship "De Schelde", 19 Feb 1688, Courtrai, Flanders. The ship arrived at Table Bay on 5 June 1688. Born in 1670 in Courtrai, Flandr...

Emmerentia Cornelia du Preez MP (c.1842 - 1893)

Helena Johanna du Preez, b1c6d5e1f1g1h2 MP (1843 - 1913)

Hercules du Preez b6c11 MP (c.1719 - 1738)

Hercules du Preez, b4c1 MP (1703 - 1738)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ An absconded slave, Thomas, stole sheep from Hercules and was later...

Hercules du Preez, III b2c1 MP (1697 - c.1772)

He was not Marie le Fevre's son - see her inventory dated 12 May 1701, Inventories of the Orphan Chamber Cape Town Archives Repository, South Africa Ref no.: MOOC 8/1.64 on where her surviving children...

Hercules du Preez, d5e1 MP (1758 - c.1824)

Hermanus Carel Du Preez, b1c4d2e5f6g3h8 MP (c.1861 - d.)

1. Referenced on Page 29 of DU PREEZ genealogy from GISA (2013 version) - ...g3..h8 2. Accordingly his birth date is +-1861

Jacob du Preez, b1c6 MP (1711 - 1749)

bc6 Jacob » 27.9.1711, boer Tulbagh, † Tulbagh 4.2.1747; x Drakenstein 28.5.1741 Susanna Maria Theron, d.v. Jacobus Theron G R - C C de Villiers Vol 2 bygewerk deur Cor Pama =======...

Jacobus Esaias Hendrik du Preez MP (1854 - 1885)

Boedel/Estate - MHG Old 2822

Jacobus Herculaas du Preez MP (1829 - 1913)

Jacobus Herculaas du Preez MP (deceased)

Jacquemine Vivier (du Preez), b5 SM MP (c.1679 - c.1716)

alternate spellings first name: Jacquemine / Jacquemina Alternate birth dates: 1666, 1670, 1679 MHC Du Preez, p16, The Du Preez Family of South Africa The fifth child, Jacquemine, born ca. 1679 app...

Johanna Elizabeth Jacoba Meyer (du Preez) MP (1850 - 1926)

Margaretha Maria du Preez MP (1854 - d.)

Birth: Apr 4 1854 - Cape, South Africa Death: Aug 22 1926 - Cape, South Africa Parents: Jacobus Hercules Du Preez, Susanna Catharina Johanna Magdalena Dreyer Siblings: Hermanus Carel Du Preez, Hermanus...

Maria Jacoba du Preez MP (1743 - 1791)

Maria Martha du Preez, c4d3 SM MP (c.1731 - d.)

Marie-Jeanne Theron (du Preez), b4 SM MP (1675 - c.1763)

MHC Du Preez, p16, The Du Preez Family in South Africa Marie-Jeanne, born in 1675 at Bethune, France, was the following child. She married Jacques Therond and by doing so became the maternal ancestor...

Martha du Preez, b1c3 MP (c.1703 - 1730)


Martha du Preez, b4c1d3 SM MP (c.1727 - d.)


Philip du Preez, b1c6d5e6 MP (c.1785 - d.)

Philippe du Preez, b6 MP (c.1681 - 1721)

Birth Date c. 1681 Death Date 5/21/1721 First Name Philippe Last Name du Preez Suffix b6 SV/PROG Gender Male Birth Location Courtrai, Flanders, Belgium Death Location Western Cape, South ...

Philipus Jacobus du Preez, b1c4d2e5f6 MP (1797 - 1857)

Pieter Hendrik du Preez, b1c6d5 MP (1748 - 1829)

b1c6d5 Pieter » 29.12.1748, † Swellendam 12.12.1829; boer Zeekoegat, Swellendam; x 21.10.1770 Johanna de Bruyn, d.v. Pieter de Bruyn en Margaretha de Villiers GR -C C de Villiers Vol ...

Meiring (du Preez) (deceased)

(Doepie) Du Preez (deceased)

Johanna Catharina van Schalkwyk (1925 - 2006)

(Ivan) Ignatius (Justin) Jupiter du Preez (1916 - 1980)

(Koos) Jacobus Petrus du Preez (deceased)

Oupa Koos het Kincora in 1935 gekoop

(Private) du Preez (Wilkens) (deceased)

(Private) Luyt (du Preez) (deceased)

(private) Mielmann (du Preez) (deceased)

(Private) du Preez (Swanepoel) (deceased)

1e Vrou du Preez (deceased)

<Private> Du Preez (de Beer) (deceased)

<Private> Du Preez (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (du Preez) (deceased)

<Private> Meiring (du Preez) (deceased)

<Private> Wright (du Preez) (deceased)

Dup (deceased)

? du Preez (deceased)

? du Preez (deceased)

? Du Preez (deceased)

? du preez (deceased)

? Du Preez (deceased)

? du Preez (deceased)

? du Preez (deceased)

? Du Preez (deceased)

? Du Preez (deceased)

? Du Preez (deceased)

? Du Preez (deceased)

?? Du Preez (deceased)

?? du Preez (deceased)

?? Du Preez (deceased)

??? Du Preez (deceased)

a du Preez (deceased)

A Du Preez (deceased)

abelina du Preez (deceased)

Abraham du Preez (deceased)

Abraham Albertus du Preez (1903 - d.)

abraham albertus cilliers du preez (deceased)

Abramliena Hendrika Aletta du Preez (Lomabard) (deceased)

Adele du Preez (1970 - 1990)

Adolph Jacobus (Dollie) du Preez (1907 - 1963)

Adriaan Du Preez (deceased)

adriaan du preez (adriaan du preez) (deceased)

Adriaan Hendrik Du Preez (1876 - 1953)

Adriaan Willem Du Preez (1902 - 1957)

Adriaana Josina Pienaar (du Preez) (1808 - d.)

Adrian Josina Steffens (du Preez) (1837 - d.)

Adriana Josina Steffens (Du Preez) (deceased)

Adriana Maria Ferreira (1860 - 1939)

Adriana Hendrina Aletta du Preez (Pretorius) (1828 - 1871)

Adriana Maria van Onselen (du Preez) (1882 - 1949)

Adriana "Ou Tannie" du Preez (deceased)

Adriana Janetta du Preez (van Zyl) (deceased)

Adriana Josephina du Preez (deceased)

Adriana Joshina van Lelyveld (du Preez) (1872 - 1891)

Adriana Josina du Preez (1835 - d.)

Adriana Josina du Preez (1857 - 1934)

Adriana Josina du Preez (Holsthauzen) (1780 - d.)

Adriana Josina du Preez (1807 - d.)

Adriana Josina Millard (du Preez) (deceased)

Adriana Josina Muller (du Preez) (1873 - 1948)

Adriana Maria du Preez (1892 - 1965)

Adriana Maria Patterson (du Preez), d1[e2] (1893 - 1974)

Adriana Maria Andresina DU PREEZ (c.1843 - d.)

Adriana Martha Maria du Preez (deceased)

Adriana Maryna Helena du Preez (deceased)

Adriesina Catharina Salomina du Preez (Wasserman), b4c6 (1813 - 1841)

Adèle du Preez (deceased)

Agatha Maroun (Du Preez) (1907 - 1982)


Agnus du Preez (van der Walt) (deceased)

Albert Edward du Preez (deceased)

Alberta Josephine Peyper (du Preez) (1881 - d.)