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Catharina Maria Elizabeth du Preez (Mans), b9 MP (1825 - d.)

Catharina Beatrix du Preez MP (b. - 1886)

======================================================= DEPOT KAB SOURCE MOOC TYPE LEER VOLUME_NO 6/9/230 SYSTEM 01

Cornelia Carolina du Preez MP (1790 - 1864)

Widow of S.J. van der Merwe. Married Johan Christiaan Bornmann/Bornman in Tulbagh 29.06.1809

Cornelia Helena Catharina du Preez (Brits), SV/PROG 1- b6c3d2e11 MP (1796 - 1839)

Elisabeth du Preez, b1 SM MP (c.1668 - c.1720)

aka Elisabeth du Preez Emigration: from the Netherlands on the ship "De Schelde", 19 Feb 1688, Courtrai, Flanders. The ship arrived at Table Bay on 5 June 1688. Born in 1670 in Courtrai, Flandr...

Emmerentia Cornelia du Preez MP (1882 - 1893)

Helena Johanna du Preez, b1c6d5e1f1g1h2 MP (1843 - 1913)

Hercules du Preez b6c11 MP (c.1719 - 1738)

Hercules du Preez, b4c1 MP (c.1707 - 1738)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ An absconded slave, Thomas, stole sheep from Hercules and was later...

Hercules du Preez, b1c10d1e1 MP (c.1758 - c.1824)

Hermanus Carel Du Preez, b1c4d2e5f6g3h8 MP (c.1861 - d.)

1. Referenced on Page 29 of DU PREEZ genealogy from GISA (2013 version) - ...g3..h8 2. Accordingly his birth date is +-1861

Jacob du Preez, b1c6 MP (c.1711 - 1749)

bc6 Jacob » 27.9.1711, boer Tulbagh, † Tulbagh 4.2.1747; x Drakenstein 28.5.1741 Susanna Maria Theron, d.v. Jacobus Theron G R - C C de Villiers Vol 2 bygewerk deur Cor Pama =======...

Jacquemine Vivier (du Preez), b5 SM MP (c.1679 - c.1716)

alternate spellings first name: Jacquemine / Jacquemina Alternate birth dates: 1666, 1670, 1679 MHC Du Preez, p16, The Du Preez Family of South Africa The fifth child, Jacquemine, born ca. 1679 app...

Johanna Elizabeth Jacoba Meyer (du Preez) MP (1850 - 1926)

Maria Jacoba du Preez MP (1743 - 1791)

Marie-Jeanne du Preez, b4 SM MP (1675 - c.1763)

MHC Du Preez, p16, The Du Preez Family in South Africa Marie-Jeanne, born in 1675 at Bethune, France, was the following child. She married Jacques Therond and by doing so became the maternal ancestor...

Martha du Preez, b4c1d3 SM MP (c.1727 - d.)


Martha du Preez, b1c3 MP (c.1703 - 1730)


Philip du Preez, b1c6d5e6 MP (c.1785 - d.)

Philippe du Preez, b6 MP (c.1681 - 1721)

Birth Date c. 1681 Death Date 5/21/1721 First Name Philippe Last Name du Preez Suffix b6 SV/PROG Gender Male Birth Location Courtrai, Flanders, Belgium Death Location Western Cape, South ...

Philipus Jacobus du Preez, b1c4d2e5f6 MP (1797 - 1857)

Pieter du Preez, b1c6d5 MP (c.1748 - 1829)

b1c6d5 Pieter » 29.12.1748, † Swellendam 12.12.1829; boer Zeekoegat, Swellendam; x 21.10.1770 Johanna de Bruyn, d.v. Pieter de Bruyn en Margaretha de Villiers GR -C C de Villiers Vol ...

(Doepie) Du Preez (deceased)

Johanna Catharina van Schalkwyk (1925 - 2006)

(Hanna) Johanna Catharina Du Preez (Oberholzer) (1920 - 1997)

(Ivan) Ignatius (Justin) Jupiter du Preez (1916 - 1980)

(Koos) Jacobus Petrus du Preez (deceased)

Oupa Koos het Kincora in 1935 gekoop

1e Vrou du Preez (deceased)

<Private> du Preez (deceased)

<Private> Du Preez (de Beer) (deceased)

? du Preez (deceased)

Dup (deceased)

? du preez (deceased)

? Du Preez (deceased)

? Du Preez (deceased)

? Du Preez (deceased)

? Du Preez (deceased)

? Du Preez (deceased)

? du Preez (deceased)

? du Preez (deceased)

? Du Preez (deceased)

? Du Preez (deceased)

? du Preez (deceased)

?? du Preez (deceased)

?? Du Preez (deceased)

??? Du Preez (deceased)

a du Preez (deceased)

A Du Preez (deceased)

abelina du Preez (deceased)

Abraham du Preez (deceased)

abraham albertus cilliers du preez (deceased)

Abramliena Hendrika Aletta du Preez (Lomabard) (deceased)

Adolph Jacobus (Dollie) du Preez (1907 - 1963)

Adriaan Hendrik Du Preez (1876 - 1953)

Adriaan Willem Du Preez (1902 - 1957)

Adriaana Josina Pienaar (du Preez) (1808 - d.)

Adrian Josina Steffens (du Preez) (1837 - d.)

Adriana Josina du Preez (Holtshauzen) (1780 - d.)

Adriana Josina Steffens (Du Preez) (deceased)

Adriana Hendrina Aletta du Preez (Pretorius) (1828 - 1871)

Adriana "Ou Tannie" du Preez (deceased)

Adriana Janetta du Preez (van Zyl) (deceased)

Adriana Josephina du Preez (deceased)

Adriana Joshina van Lelyveld (du Preez) (1872 - 1891)

Adriana Josina Muller (du Preez) (1873 - 1948)

Adriana Josina du Preez (1835 - d.)

Adriana Josina du Preez (1857 - 1934)

Adriana Josina du Preez (1807 - d.)

Adriana Maria du Preez (1892 - 1965)

Adriana Maria Andresina DU PREEZ (c.1843 - d.)

Adriana Martha Maria du Preez (deceased)

Adriana Maryna Helena du Preez (deceased)

Adriesina Catharina Salomina du Preez (Wasserman), b4c6 (1813 - 1841)

Adèle du Preez (deceased)

Agatha Maroun (Du Preez) (1907 - 1982)


Alberta Josephine Peyper (du Preez) (1881 - d.)

Albertha Vosloo (du Preez) (c.1894 - d.)

Albertus Jacobus du Preez (deceased)

Alec du Preez (deceased)

Alec Du Preez (deceased)

Aletta Petronella Erasmus (Du Preez) (deceased)

Aletta Maria Vermaak (du Preez) (deceased)

Aletta Catharina Barnard (1919 - 1997)

Aletta Du Preez (deceased)

Aletta Sophia Smithers (du Preez) (c.1931 - d.)

Aletta Susanna du Preez (Prinsloo) (c.1877 - 1946)

Aletta du Preez (deceased)

Aletta Du Preez (Olivier) (deceased)

Aletta Sophia Du Preez (BEZUIDENHOUT) (1806 - d.)

Aletta du Preez (1904 - d.)

Aletta Du Preez (1907 - d.)

Aletta Jacoba Du Preez (Van Rensburg) (b. - 1960)

Aletta Cornelia DU PREEZ (deceased)

Aletta Susanna du Preez (1923 - d.)

Aletta Petronella Fischer (du Preez) (deceased)

Aletta (Lettie) Catharina Höll (Du Preez) (1871 - 1954)

Aletta Catharina Van Niekerk (du Preez) (1909 - 1994)

Aletta Johanna du Preez (deceased)

Aletta Johanna C Du Preez (deceased)