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Agatha Cornelia du Toit MP (1816 - 1876)

Agatha Gertruida du Toit MP (c.1846 - 1911)

Agatha Gertruida du Toit resided and died o the farm "Sterkfontein"no 70, Krugersdorp district, Transvaal. South Africa. Sources: Judi Marais-Meyer register -ALBERTS: MRIN 1;W2 Own death notice...

Alexander Logie du Toit MP (1878 - 1948)

Alexander Logie du Toit FRS (14 March 1878 – 25 February 1948) was a South African geologist - an early supporter of Alfred Wegener's theory of continental drift. the most important geologist ...

Andries du Toit, b5c4 MP (c.1724 - 1771)

Andries du Toit, a2b1 MP (c.1691 - c.1749)

Genealogiese/Genealogical #: b1 -------------------- Andries du Toit was heemraad van Drakenstein. Bron: Geslagregister van ou Kaapse families - Christoffel Coetzee de Villiers --------------...

Andries Stephanus du Toit, SV1-b4c4d6e2 MP (1785 - 1867)

Source: SAG

¥o-landi Vi$$er MP

Anri du Toit (born 3 March 1984), better known by her stage name Yolandi Visser (stylized as ¥o-landi Vi$$er), is best known as a vocalist in the South African rap-rave group Die Antwoord.

Elisabeth Johanna du Toit MP (1771 - 1863)

Francois du Toit, A2 MP (1664 - 1731)

Hy kom from Lille (in Flandre) in 1686 na die Kaap aan boord die Vrijheit. Hy besit die plase Kleinbosch, Schoongezicht en Palmietvallei in Daljosafat, Soetendal en Lemietrivier in Wagenmakersvallei....

Guillaume du Toit, SV/PROG MP (1665 - 1710)

Guillaume left Lille (Flanders) on the Vrijheit along with Francois (his brother) and Susanne (Francois's wife [Sources required to prove this as Francois only married Susanne in 1690, after his arriva...

Helena du Toit, b1 SM MP (1690 - c.1713)

Source: Y. DROST, 24 APRIL 2015

Jacob Daniël 'Totius' du Toit MP (1877 - 1953)

Totius (TOE-she-us) was the pen name of the Afrikaner poet Jacob Daniël du Toit (Yah-kob Dun-ee-el doo-Toy) (21 February 1877 in Paarl, near Cape Town in South Africa – 1 July 1953, in Pr...

Jacobus Andries du Toit MP (1888 - 1951)

Koot was born in 1888 in Fauresmith and passed away on 13 June 1951 in Heilbron district on the farm Koppieskraal aprox 10 km outside the town. At the time he was married to Johanna Helena (born Grob...

Johannes Jacobus du Toit, b4c1d6 MP (1761 - 1843)

Margaretha du Toit, b2c2 MP (c.1729 - 1771)

Maria Magdalena du Toit, SV1b1c7d1e5 MP (c.1789 - d.)

SAG Vol 13: c7d1e5 Maria Magdalena DU TOIT ≈ 1.11.1789 x Tulbagh 2.7.1810 Roelof Jacobus COERTZE

Marie du Toit, b10 SM MP (1709 - 1803)

Genealogiese/Genealogical #: b10 --------------------

Martha Elizabeth du Toit, b1c9 MP (1738 - 1794)

Genealogiese/Genealogical #: b1.c9 -------------------- Navorsing: Judi Marais-Meyer Register -MARAIS Eie navorsing NAAIRS navorser GISA navorser Weesc. K d G H - Verwy.MOOC8/15.7a Invern...

Natalie du Toit MP

Natalie du Toit (born January 29, 1984) is a South African swimmer. She won gold medals at the 2004 Paralympic Games and the Commonwealth Games. She was one of two Paralympians to compete at the 2008 S...

Sarel Francois du Toit, SV1-b4c4d6e2f2 MP (1811 - 1898)

Sarel Francois du Toit died before 1911. Sources: Judi Marais-Meyer register-ALBERTS/DU TOIT- MRIN:9;m22 Seath Notice of his daughter Agatha Gertruida in th Pretoria Archives, South Africa. =...

Stephanus Georg du Toit MP (1855 - 1898)

Stefanus G. du Toit was ongeveer twintig jaar toe hy na die Pêrelse Gimnasium gekom het. Uitgegroei en met volle baard het hy nie verkies om tussen jong seuns in een klas te staan nie, hy het vo...

Wilhelmina Petronella Loretz (du Toit), SM MP (1850 - 1916)

Sy het as weduwee (van Jacobus Andries du Toit) en as 2de vrou met die stamvader, FC Loretz, getrou. Boedel / Estate No. VAB MHG L1654 The Genealogical Society of South Africa eGSSA branch - Contri...

du Toit (Hunter) (deceased)

"Baby Du Toit (Boshoff) (deceased)

"Oom" du Toit (deceased)

"Tante" Smuts (du Toit) (deceased)

(Private) de Vos (du Toit) (deceased)

(Unknown) du Toit (deceased)

(Unknown) du Toit (deceased)

4 Catharina Elizabeth Reineke (Olivier / du Toit) (1865 - d.)

<Private> Du Toit (Cordier) (deceased)

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<prvte> du Toit (deceased)

? du Toit (deceased)

? Strone (Du Toit) (deceased)

? du Toit (Jacobs) (deceased)

? Du Toit (deceased)

? du Toit (deceased)

? Du Toit (deceased)

? du Toit (deceased)

? Du Toit (1860 - d.)

? du Toit (deceased)

? Du Toit (deceased)

?? du Toit (deceased)

?? du Toit (Boshof) (deceased)

A du Toit (deceased)

A du Toit (deceased)

A.G. du Toit (deceased)

Aarona du Toit (Burger) (deceased)

Abaasiya Du Toit (1909 - d.)

Abdul Moutie Du Toit (1924 - d.)

abel du toit (deceased)

Abraham Jacobus du Toit (1915 - 1980)

Abraham du Toit (deceased)

Abraham du Toit (1581 - 1617)

Abraham Jacobus du Toit (1957 - 2005)

Abraham Du Toit (deceased)

Abraham Barend du Toit (1875 - d.)

Abraham Barend du Toit - b4c7d9e7 (c.1801 - 1872)

Abraham Barend du Toit (1850 - d.)

Abraham Barend du Toit, b5c7d9e7f4 (1828 - d.)

Abraham Gabriel Elisa du Toit (1804 - d.)

Abraham Hendrik Du Toit (deceased)

Abraham Hendrik Johannes Du Toit (1932 - 1980)

Abraham Jacobus Petrus du Toit (1863 - 1897)

Abraham Johannes Dirk Hendrik du Toit (1904 - 1970)

Abraham Johannes Dirk Hendrik Stefanus Du Toit (deceased)

Abraham Paulus du Toit (deceased)

Abraham Stephanus Jacobus du Toit, e11f5 (1858 - 1899)


Achmad Mirdaad Du Toit (1922 - d.)

Achmad Du Toit (1916 - d.)


adam jacobus du toit (deceased)

Adelaide Logie du Toit (Walker) (b. - 1923)

Adelheid dú Toit (Berg) (1931 - 1974)

Adeline Joubert (deceased)

Adriaan Pieter Du TOIT (1858 - d.)

Adriaan Jacobus Du Toit (1885 - 1968)

Adriaan Paulus du Toit (1916 - 1959)

Adriana Catherina Gertruida Beukes (Du Toit) (1899 - d.)

Adriana Viljoen (Du Toit) (1925 - 2008)

Adriana Catharina Gertruida Beukes (du Toit) (deceased)

Adriana Elsje du Toit (1783 - d.)

Adriana Jacomina Catharina (Addy) Kirsten (1902 - 1975)

Adriana Johanna du Toit (Steyn) (deceased)

Adriana Johanna du Toit (Steyn), b1c8d3e5f1g8 (1854 - 1910)

Adriana Johanna Wentzel (du Toit) (deceased)

Adriana Salomina du Toit (Potgieter), b1c8d1e4f8 (c.1828 - 1900)


Agatha du Toit Nel (1904 - d.)

Agatha Geertruida du Toit (1818 - 1883)

Agatha Geertruyda Renke (du Toit) (deceased)

Agatha Geertruyda (1831 - 1902)

Agatha Gertruida du Toit (deceased)

Agatha Gertruida du Toit (deceased)

Agatha Maria du Toit, e1 (c.1783 - 1828)

Aggie Du Toit (deceased)

Agnes Lake (Du Toit) (deceased)

Agnes Edith du Toit (Middleborough) (deceased)

Agnes (Ettie) Paulsen (Du Toit) (1910 - d.)

Agnes (Paa) Louise McChlery (du Toit) (deceased)

Agustus John Logie du Toit (1884 - c.1886)