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Adelina Duvall (de Beaumont) MP (c.1220 - c.1284)

Adelina de Beaumont was the daughter of Margaret de Bohun. She married Hugh Duvall Her son, Robert Duvall, was the 4th great grandfather of Mareen Duvall. This line leads to U.S. Presidents Harry S. Tr...

Comfort Griffith (Duvall) MP (1700 - 1729)

Eleanor Roberts (Duvall) MP (1664 - 1706)

Elizabeth Duvall (Jacobs) MP (1683 - 1752)

I found Elizabeth's birth and death dates and the locations of her birth, death and buriel on other family trees, but cannot verify the accuracy of those facts. LRL

Elizabeth Duvall MP (1723 - 1804)

Frances Duvall (Stockett) MP (c.1661 - 1723)

Hester Duvall (Soper) MP (1709 - d.)

Captain John Duvall MP (1658 - 1711)

There is definite proof that John was the eldest son of Mareen Duvall the Emigrant, and if he were the John Duvall who was transported in 1678, then greater colour is added to the Duvall saga. He could...

Lewis Duvall MP (1663 - 1724)

Mareen Duvall, III MP (1702 - 1761)

Mareen Duvall "The Elder" MP (c.1662 - 1735)

Mareen Duvall MP (1714 - 1783)

Mareen Duvall "The Immigrant" MP (1625 - 1694)

Note: As of now, it is not known who Mareen's parents were. His lineage is very much in dispute among his descendants. Please refrain from adding more unconfirmed data to his ancestors if at all possib...

Mareen Duvall MP (1687 - c.1741)

Mareen Duvall "The Younger" MP (1680 - c.1741)

I was born in Middle Plantation, South River Hundred, Anne Arundel county, Maryland

Martha Duvall (Ridgley) MP (c.1679 - 1709)

Mary Elizabeth Duvall (Jones) MP (c.1660 - 1716)

Mary Duvall (South) MP (1634 - 1672)


Mary Gaither (Duvall) MP (1692 - 1710)

Massopet Massoit DuVall MP (c.1604 - 1638)

While it is obviously true that Mareen Duvall had parents, there is no proof of their names. -------------------- He was "Lord St. Lawrence".

Nicola (Nicole) Duvall (Staggard) MP (c.1597 - 1640)

There is ZERO proof that this person is the mother or any other relative of Mareen Duvall. This profile should be deleted.

Priscilla Aud (Duvall) MP (1755 - 1855)

Rachel Meroney (Duvall) MP (1705 - 1783)

Robert Selden Duvall MP

Robert Selden Duvall (born January 5, 1931) is an Academy Award-, two-time Emmy Award-, and four-time Golden Globe Award-winning American film actor and director. He is best known for his roles in To K...

Samuel Duvall MP (1667 - 1742)

Sarah Duvall (Griffith) MP (c.1685 - 1748)

(230) Sarah Josephine (Price) Duvall MP (1849 - 1874)

Simon Duvall, Sr. MP (1782 - 1865)

I'm not positive of Simon's information, other than the names of his parents, his wife and his birth and death dates. I compiled the rest from other family trees, but can't vouch for the accuracy of th...

Susanna Fowler (Duvall) MP (1704 - d.)

Susannah Moberley (Duvall) MP (1702 - 1768)

Conflicting sources indicate her name was Susannah DeRuel. From Mobleys in America site: "Susannah DuVall[she was his wife in 1751 per deed][Formerly she was said to have been Susannah DeRuel] [he was ...

Susannah Marie Duvall (Brasseur) MP (c.1652 - 1692)

1. SUSANNAH3 BRASHEAR (BENOIT (BENJAMIN)2 BRASSEUR, ROBERT1) was born Bet. 1650 - 1656 in Nanesmond Co, VA, and died 1692 in Anne Arundel Co, MD. She married MAREEN DUVALL 1679, son of THOMAS DUVALL an...

Thomas Duvall MP (c.1570 - 1640)

Duvall (deceased)

Duvall (deceased)

(1890) Gay Lynn Duvall (Halbert) (1943 - d.)

Unknown Hill (Duvall) (deceased)

??? Duvall (deceased)

Abe Duvall (deceased)

Abel DuVall (1809 - 1881)

Abigail (deceased)

Abraham (deceased)

Abraham Lincoln Duvall (c.1861 - d.)

Ada Duvall (1879 - d.)

Adaline D. Marr (deceased)

Adeline Duvall (1816 - d.)

Agatha Duvall (1800 - d.)

Agnes M. DUVALL (1880 - d.)

Agnes (deceased)

Agnes Duvall (deceased)

Agnes Duvall (de Marmiem) (deceased)

Agnes (deceased)

Agnes (deceased)

Agnes (deceased)

Agnes Duvall (Collins) (deceased)

Albin Lingon Duvall (1850 - d.)

Alec Duvall (deceased)

Aledene Alwine Duvall (de Mamersin) (c.1574 - d.)

Aledine Alexine DuVall (Demamersin) (c.1465 - c.1580)

Alex. DuVall (deMamusin) (deceased)

Alexander Gabriel Duvall, Sr. (1774 - 1855)

Alexander Duvall (1832 - 1901)

Alexander Duvall (1811 - d.)

Alexander Duvall (deceased)

Alexander Duvall (1710 - d.)

Alexander Duvall (deceased)

Alexander Duvall (1755 - 1840)

Alexander Duvall (deceased)

Alexander Pierce Duvall (1879 - 1952)

Alexander (deceased)

Alexine Duvall (Mamusin) (deceased)

Alice Hyatt (Duvall) (c.1696 - d.)

According to noted genealogist Luther W. Welsh, Seth Hyatt married Alice Davis, 'not Alice Duvall.

Alice Burton (Duvall) (c.1744 - c.1812)

Alice Duvall (Clarke) (deceased)

Alice Duvall (Brown) (c.1718 - 1811)

Alisia Duvall (deceased)

Allen H DuVall (1879 - d.)

alma gibson (duvall) (deceased)

Alma Emma Duvall (deceased)

Almeda DuVall (1822 - d.)

Almeda Duvall (1922 - d.)

Almira Duvall (1833 - d.)

Almira Duvall (1818 - d.)

Alva Duvall (Adams) (deceased)

Alvin C. DuVall (c.1908 - d.)

Amanda Gordon (Duvall) (deceased)

Amelia Brashear (Duvall) (c.1772 - 1821)

Amelia DuVall LaPointe (1860 - 1946)

Amos Howard Duvall (1885 - d.)

Amos Duvall (1865 - d.)

Amos Duvall (deceased)

Amos Wink DuVall (1865 - d.)

Amy Duvall (b. - 1902)

Amy J D DuVall (Bell) (1844 - 1904)

Andrew (deceased)

Andrew Jackson DuVall (1829 - 1900)

Ann Nancy Duvall (Ramsey) (1752 - 1818)

Ann W. DUVALL (c.1805 - d.)

Ann Duvall (DUVALL) (1744 - c.1810)

Ann Duvall (Fowler) (c.1713 - d.)

Anna Dougall (Duvall) (von Berg) (1595 - 1633)