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Causantin 'mac meic Duib' 2nd Earl of Fife (Duff MacEth), Mormaer of Fife, Magnus Judex of Scotia MP (c.1089 - 1139)

Causantín, Mormaer of Fife, Justiciar of Scotia From Wikipedia Causantín of Fife is the first man we know for certain to have been Mormaer of Fife. Causantín's floruit can be p...

Charles Butler, 1st Earl of Arran MP (1671 - 1758)

Charles Butler, 1st Earl of Arran From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Lieutenant-General Charles Butler, 1st Earl of Arran, de jure 3rd Duke of Ormonde (4 September 1671 – 17 December 1758...

Charles Chetwynd-Talbot, 2nd Earl Talbot of Hensol MP (1777 - 1849)

Wikipedia contributors. " Charles Chetwynd-Talbot, 2nd Earl Talbot ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer MP

" Charles Edward Maurice Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer, DL (born 20 May 1964), styled Viscount Althorp between 1975 and 1992, is a British peer, brother of Diana, Princess of Wales, and maternal uncle of P...

David Alexander Edward Lindsay, 27th Earl of Crawford MP (1871 - 1940)

Wikipedia contributors. " David Lindsay, 27th Earl of Crawford ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

Francis Charles Granville Egerton 3rd Earl of Ellesmere MP (1847 - 1914)

Francis Charles Granville Egerton, 3rd Earl of Ellesmere VD, DL, JP (5 April 1847 – 13 July 1914), styled Viscount Brackley between 1857 and 1862, was a British peer, soldier and author. He ow...

George Henry Milles-Lade, 4th Earl Sondes MP (1914 - c.1970)

George Cavendish, 1st Earl of Burlington MP (1754 - 1834)

George Augustus Henry Cavendish, 1st Earl of Burlington (31 March 1754 – 4 May 1834), known as Lord George Cavendish before 1831, was the third son of the 4th Duke of Devonshire and the former...

George 6th Earl of Stamford MP (1765 - 1845)

George Harry Grey, 6th Earl of Stamford & 2n Earl of Warrington From Wikipedia George Harry Grey, 6th Earl of Stamford and 2nd Earl of Warrington (31 October 1765 – 26 April 1845), styled ...

Gerald Legge, 9th Earl of Dartmouth MP (1924 - 1997)

"Gerald Humphry Legge, 9th Earl of Dartmouth FCA (26 April 1924–14 December 1997), styled Viscount Lewisham between 1958 and 1962, was a British peer and businessman." ========================...

Gillemichael Macduff, 3rd Earl of Fife MP (1097 - 1139)

Gille Míchéil, Mormaer (Earl) of Fife Mormaer Gille Míchéil , (d bef Jul 1136) is the second man we know for certain to have been Mormaer of Fife from 1130 to 1133, alth...

Granville Leveson-Gower, 1st Earl of Granville MP (1773 - 1846)

Henry of Grosmont, 1st Duke of Lancaster MP (1300 - 1361)

Henry of Grosmont From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Duke of Lancaster, Earl of Lancaster and Leicester Predecessor Henry, 3rd Earl Successor John of Gaunt, 4th Earl, later 1st Duke of Lan...

Henry de Beaumont (1st Earl of Warwick), 1st Earl of Warwick MP (1045 - 1119)

Henry de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Warwick (? – 20 June 1123) was a Norman nobleman. He is also known as Henry de Neubourg or Henry de Newburgh, from the castle of Newburg near Louviers, in Norm...

Henry Spencer (1st Earl of Sunderland), 1st Earl of Sunderland MP (c.1620 - 1643)

Spencer, 1st Earl of Sunderland From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Henry Spencer, 1st Earl of Sunderland Henry Spencer, 1st Earl of Sunderland, 3rd Baron Spencer of Wormleighton (c. 23 November ...

John II, Duke of Brittany MP (1239 - 1305)

John Earl, Jr MP (c.1760 - c.1810)

GloriaWigent.FTW US/International Marriage Records 1340-1980 John Earl Marriage Year: 1780 Marriage Location Code: North Carolina Birth Year: 1760 Spouse: Zebiah Sims Birth Year: 1760 Source #...

John Earl, Sr MP (c.1725 - c.1797)

GloriaWigent.FTW The following information about the first two John Earl's is from the Internet. Apparently, there have been several people who are doing research on this person. I'm just taking thei...

Malcolm 1st Earl of Atholl MP (deceased)

Mark Kerr, 1st Earl of Lothian (Kerr), 1st Earl of Lothian MP (1558 - 1609)

Wikipedia.... Mark Kerr (or Ker), 1st Earl of Lothian (1553 – April 8, 1609) was a Scottish nobleman and politician. He was the son of Mark Kerr, abbot of Newbattle, Midlothian, and the si...

Patrick de Dunbar, 6th Earl of Dunbar MP (c.1185 - c.1248)

Patricius comes de Dunbar, 6th Earl Patricius filius Patricii Comitis de Dunbar of Scotland 1186-1249 Born: 1186 and died 1249. Son of: Patricius comes filius Waldeui comitis, 5th Earl, and A...

Polly Frayer (Earl) MP (c.1817 - d.)

From the RootsWeb page on NY Schoharie County (NYSCHOHA-L Archives, 2005-2007): 1860 Census records: (From: Subject: Re: FRYER, FRAYER, FRIER Date: 6 Jul 2005 12:48:26 ...

Ralph Earle (Earl) MP (1632 - 1716)

Robert Spencer (2nd Earl of Sunderland), 2nd Earl of Sunderland MP (1641 - 1702)

"Robert Spencer, 2nd Earl of Sunderland KG, PC (5 September 1641 – 28 September 1702) was an English statesman and nobleman from the Spencer family. His sarcasm and bad temper, and his reputatio...

Robert Bruce Earl of Ross (Bruce), Lord of Liddesdale MP (c.1300 - 1332)

Lord Robert Bruce (died August 11, 1332) was an illegitimate son of King Robert I of Scotland and an unknown mother. His father made him Lord of Liddesdale. It has been suggested that he was the father...

Sarah "Sally" Jane Crews (Earl) MP (1791 - 1863)

On 2 Feb 1808, Sarah J. Earl, the third daughter of John and Zebiah Watts Earl married James Crews , the oldest son of Gideon Crews. They lived near the Vance-Granville County lines in the Salem Commun...

Sylvester Henry Earl MP (1815 - 1873)

Mormon Pioneer "...Earl, Sylvester H. – (5th Ten) Born Aug. 15, 1815, to Joseph and Dorcas Wixom Earl in Ohio. He was baptized in February 1837. After his baptism, he began performing missiona...

Thirza Earl (Bishop) MP (1839 - 1922)

Thomas de Mowbray, 4th Earl of Norfolk MP (1385 - 1405)

Thomas de Mowbray, 4th Earl of Norfolk, 2nd Earl of Nottingham, 8th Baron Segrave, 7th Baron Mowbray (1385 – 8 June 1405), English nobleman and rebel, was the son of Thomas de Mowbray, 1st Duke ...

Thomas, 2nd Earl of Lancaster MP (c.1278 - 1322)

"Thomas, Earl of Leicester and Lancaster (c. 1278 – 22 March 1322) was one of the leaders of the baronial opposition to Edward II of England." ================================================ ...

William Stanley, 9th Earl of Derby MP (1656 - 1702)

William George Richard Stanley, 9th Earl of Derby1 M, #13890, b. 18 March 1656, d. 5 November 1702 Last Edited=25 Oct 2007 William George Richard Stanley, 9th Earl of Derby was born on 18 March 1...

William Legge (4th Earl of Dartmouth), 4th Earl of Dartmouth MP (1784 - 1853)

William Legge, 4th Earl of Dartmouth FRS, SA (29 November 1784–22 November 1853), styled The Honourable William Legge until 1801 and Viscount Lewisham between 1801 and 1810, was a British peer...

Zebiah Earl (Sims) MP (c.1760 - 1819)

Douglas Earl of Angus (deceased)

Miles, Earl of (deceased)

William Earl Earl (1889 - 1950)

Miles, Earl of (deceased)

Earl (1816 - d.)

Earl (deceased)

Earl (deceased)

'John' Beaufort 1st Earl of Somerset (1373 - 1410)

(half) Richard FitzAlan, 11th Earl of Arundel (deceased)

----- Earl (deceased)

? Earl (deceased)

? Earl (deceased)

? Earl (deceased)

? Klingbiel (Earl) (deceased)

? Earl (deceased)

?? Earl (deceased)

??? Earl (1768 - 1800)

????? Stanley (Earl of Derby) (c.1749 - d.)

[--?--] Earl (deceased)

Abigail Monell (Earl) (deceased)

Abigail "Abby" Charlotte Earl (1794 - 1837)

Abigail Goodwin (Earl) (deceased)

Abigail Earl (deceased)

Abigial Carmen Earl (Gressman) (1846 - 1914)

Abijah EARL (1774 - 1819)

Abraham Vervalen Earl (deceased)

Ada earl of Huntingdon (deceased)

Ada Earl of Mar (Ada) (deceased)

Ada Eliza Earl (Waters) (1895 - 1974)

Ada Earl (deceased)

Ada Amelia Goldsmith (Earl) (1887 - 1918)

Ada Ruth Hassig (Earl) (1897 - 1959)

Ada May Charlton (Earl) (1876 - 1933)

Ada Mavis Earl (Loveridge) (1911 - 1965)

Ada Earl (c.1878 - d.)

Ada Ruth Hassig (Earl) (1897 - 1959)

Adaline Freeman (Earl) (c.1831 - d.)

Adaline Freeman (Earl) (1831 - d.)

Adam Earl (deceased)

Adams Earl (1848 - d.)

Adda Eppler Earl (Robinson) (1860 - 1925)

Addie Earl (deceased)

Adela Maria Hare (Hare, 2nd Earl of Listowel) (1845 - 1912)

Adelaide F. - Earl (1907 - 1998)

Adelaide Ophelia Earl (Ripley) (1856 - 1940)

Adelia Ann Earl (1838 - 1883)

Adelia A Earl (1851 - d.)

Adelia Jane Earl (Jones) (1856 - 1897)

Adelia Louisa Earl (Sutherland) (c.1847 - d.)

Adeline Hess (Earl) (1853 - 1905)

Adna Earl (1820 - 1828)

Aelfgar Earl of Mercia (1002 - 1062)

LaDean Mitton (1924 - d.)

Agnes Earl (Montgomery) (1796 - 1873)

Agnes Earl (deceased)

Agnes Viola Earl (Bunker) (1868 - 1946)

Agnes Earl (Mifflin) (1901 - 1982)

Agnes Earl (1868 - d.)

Agnes Veona Cooper (Earl) (1892 - 1975)

Agnes Kate Earl (McComb) (1879 - 1957)

Agnes V Earl (Bunker) (deceased)

Alan Earl (1924 - d.)

alan earl (deceased)

Alan "Durward" Lundin, Earl of Atholl (deceased)

Alan James Montagu-Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, 4th Earl of Wharncliffe (1935 - 1987)

Alan "The Black" 4th. Earl of Richmond (deceased)

Alanson Earl (1813 - 1868)