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Abigail Emerson MP (deceased)

Ann Emerson (Grant) MP (1637 - 1718)

Children of Jane Hannah HABURNE and Thomas GRANT are: 28 vi. Anna GRANT was born 21 DEC 1637 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, and died 28 JUL 1718 in Haverhill, Massachusetts. She married Robert EMERSON 04...

Anne McIlvaine (Emerson) MP (1725 - d.)

Anne Emerson Birth: 1725 Philadelphia Philadelphia County Pennsylvania Death: unknown Bristol Bucks County Pennsylvania Father: Caleb Emerson b: ABT 1700 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mothe...

Barbara Emerson (Lathrop) MP (1619 - 1638)

Benjamin Emerson, Sr. MP (1679 - 1734)

Benjamin Emerson was born at of Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts Jan 1679. His parents were Robert Emerson and Ann Grant. Links

Edward Emerson MP (1670 - 1743)

Elizabeth Emerson (Grave) MP (c.1612 - 1636)

Robert Emerson married, October 22, 1635, Elizabeth Grave, of Bishop's-Stortford, England, and she was buried there June 22, 1636 Sources Emerson, Benjamin Kendall, and George Augustus Gordon. Th...

Elizabeth Emerson (Brewster) MP (1584 - 1638)

She is not a known daughter of Gov. William Brewster. Her parents are unknown. --------------------(f/g) Elizabeth Brewster Emerson Birth: Jul. 26, 1584 Herefordshire, England Death: Aug. 10, 1638 ...

Elizabeth Walker (Emerson) MP (1675 - c.1750)

Elizabeth Taft (Emerson) MP (1687 - 1760)

Elizabeth Fuller (Emerson) MP (1623 - 1666)

Baptized 1623.--------------------From Genealogy of some descendants of Captain Matthew Fuller, John Fuller of ... By William Hyslop Fuller p 175 John settled in Ipswich and married Elizabeth Emerson...

Ephraim Emerson MP (1672 - 1706)

Hannah Dustin, Indian Fighter MP (1657 - 1737)

Hannah Webster (Emerson) Dustin (1657 - 1736) - Hannah Dustin was a 40-year-old colonial Massachusetts Puritan mother of eight during King William's War who was taken captive with her newborn daughter ...

Hannah Emerson (Webster) MP (1635 - 1658)

Alternative birth year: 1634 Alternative Death location:Ipswich, Suffolk, MA --------------------

Johanna Wollcott (Emerson) MP (c.1659 - 1751)

John Emerson MP (1661 - d.)

1. Judith E. Burns, Revised Genealogical Records of Descendants of John and Anthony Emery, of Newbury, Ma., Transcript 1982 - ??. "m. JOhn Emerson b. 18 Mar. 1661/2 Haverhiil, Essex, Ma. s/o Michael an...

Jonathan Emerson MP (1669 - 1736)

Joseph Emerson MP (1669 - 1755)

Joseph Emerson was born at Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts 26 Feb 1669. His parents were Robert Emerson and Ann Grant. He married Martha Toothaker 16 Jul 1690 . TOOTHAKER, Martha b. 23 JUL 1668 B...

Rev. Joseph Emerson MP (1620 - 1680)

"Rev. Joseph Emerson, of Mendon, was admitted a freeman of Ipswich, Dec., 1648. He married Elizabeth Woodmansy, a daughter of Mr. Robt. and Margaret Woodmansy, of Boston and Ipswich. Mr. Woodmansv was ...

Joseph Emerson MP (1700 - 1767)

Joseph Emerson MP (deceased)

Judith Emerson (Cheney) MP (1668 - 1698)

Alternate Data, excluded at merge of 11/3/09: Birth Year: 1669 Birth Location: Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts -------------------- RECORD: 1. Judith E. Burns, Revised Genealogical Records of...

Judith Emerson MP (1674 - 1677)

Judith Emerson, (A) MP (1673 - 1673)

Lucy Ann Damon (Emerson) MP (1667 - 1739)

Notes  Lucian, or Lucy Ann, or just Luce. After her death, an accounting was made 25 Feb 1739/40 naming her eleven children; by this time the two youngest daughters being named Mary Holden ...

Lydia Emerson (Thurlow) MP (deceased)

Margaret Froe MP (c.1586 - 1655)

FROE, Margaret b. 1591 Lincolnshire, England Family: Marriage: 1 JUL 1611 Bishops Stortford, England Spouse: EMERSON, Thomas b. JUL 1584 Bishops Stortford, England d. 1 MAY 1666 Ipswich, Ma...

Margaret Frisbie (Emerson) MP (c.1590 - c.1635)

HISTORY: Margaret Emerson, born Abt. 1584 in England; died Abt. 1635 in Lost at sea on trip to England. -------------------- Margaret EMERSON was born in 1584 in Warwickshire, England. She emigra...

Martha "Patsy" Duke (Emerson) MP (deceased)

Martha Emerson (Toothaker) MP (1668 - 1725)

Note : On May 18th, 1692, the conspiracy of accusers in Salem Village filed a complaint against Dr. Roger Toothaker. They charged him with afflicting, among others, Elizabeth Hubbard, servant of his ri...

Mary Emerson MP (1755 - 1756)


Mary Phillips (Emerson) MP (c.1665 - 1703)

Also known as Sarah. Mary Emerson was the daughter of Reverend John Emerson and Ruth Symonds.1 Mary Emerson married Samuel Phillips, son of Reverend Samuel Phillips and Sarah Appleton; 1st m. for Sam...

Mary Winkley (Emerson) MP (c.1705 - 1745)

Mary Emerson (Moody) MP (1702 - 1799)

Mary 'Molly' Emerson MP (1762 - 1849)

Mary Emerson "Molly" was born 9 May 1762 in Hempstead, Rockingham, New Hampshire. She died 30 Jul 1849 in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts. Molly married Richard Jaques on 15 May 1792 in Newbury, Essex,...

Mehitable Griffin Copp (Emerson) MP (1702 - c.1770)

Michael Emerson MP (1627 - 1709)

Family records of branches of the Hanaford, Thompson, Huckins, Prescott p 301 (pub 1914) "Michael Emerson, the emigrant, baptised in 1627, was son of Thomas and Margaret (Frol), of Howsham, in the Pa...

Molly Morse (Emerson) MP (1757 - d.)

Paesiello Emerson MP (1832 - 1927)

Photographer in and around Longmeadow, Massachusetts in his later years

Phebe Emerson (Bliss) MP (1741 - 1829)

Ralph Waldo Emerson MP (1803 - 1882)

American author, poet, and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson first formulated the philosophy of Transcendentalism. His essay "Nature" expresses this philosophy. He also wrote "The Concord Hymn" and coi...

Robert Emerson MP (1561 - 1620)

Robert Emerson, of Rowley MP (1612 - 1694)

Robert Emerson, of Rowley, Massachusetts, is believed by good authorities to have been the eldest child of Thomas and Elizabeth (Brewster) Emerson, who was baptized May 24, 1612, at Bishop's-Stortford,...

Robert Emerson MP (1629 - 1694)

Robert Emerson was born at Cadney, Lincoln, England 8 Nov 1629. His parents were Thomas Emerson and Margaret Frae. He married Ann Grant 4 Jan 1658 at Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts . Ann Grant was born...

Sarah Emerson (Silver) MP (1682 - 1770)

Sarah SILVER was born on 2 OCT 1682 in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. (SOURCE: Early Vital Records of Essex County, Massachusetts to 1850 for Newbury.) She died on 20 OCT 1770 at Hampstead, Ro...

Thomas Emerson MP (deceased)

Thomas Emerson, I MP (1584 - 1666)

Parents: Alexander Emerson and Jennet Hornsley Christening: 26 Jul 1584 St Michaels Church, Bps Stortford, Hertsfordshire, England Lived in Ipswich as early as 1638 -------------------- ...

Thomas Emerson, Sr. MP (c.1584 - 1666)

"The Immigrant". In the will of Thomas Emerson, written 31 May 1653, proved 10 May 1666 he mentions "Elizabeth Emerson my wife". The will was attested by Elizabeth Emerson. Source: Essex County Proba...

Rev. William Emerson Sr. MP (1743 - 1776)

Reverend William Emerson Sr. was a minister and grandfather of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson Sr. served as chaplain of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress and chaplain of the Continental Army. Emers...

Emerson (deceased)

EMERSON (deceased)

tt Emerson (deceased)

"Lummie" Columbia Elizabeth Nicholson (Emerson) (deceased)

--- EMERSON (1638 - d.)

2nd husband james harvey emerson (deceased)

3rd Lyria Emerson (Barney) (deceased)

? Corett (Emerson) (deceased)

? Emerson (deceased)

? Emerson (deceased)

? Emerson (Van Allen) (deceased)

? Emerson (deceased)

? Emerson (deceased)

? Emerson (deceased)

? Emerson (1884 - 1884)

? Emerson (Hull) (deceased)

? Southall (Emerson) (deceased)

?? Emerson (deceased)

?? Emerson (deceased)

?? Putnam (Emerson) (deceased)

??? Emerson (deceased)

??? Emerson (deceased)

??? Emerson (deceased)

???? Emerson (deceased)

[-?-] Emerson (deceased)

A Emerson (deceased)

Aaron Emerson (1779 - 1850)

Abbie F Simonds (Emerson) (1833 - 1885)

Abel EMERSON (c.1785 - 1856)

Aberham Emerson (deceased)

Abigail Emerson (Lake) (1739 - d.)

Abigail Emerson (Stevens) (deceased)

Abigail Chandler (Emerson) (deceased)

Abigail Emerson (1719 - d.)

Abigail Nabby Emerson (1760 - d.)

Abigail Emerson Eaton (1733 - d.)

Abigail Smith (Emerson) (1671 - 1720)

Abigail Emerson (deceased)

Abigail Emerson (Marsh) (1720 - 1804)

Abigail Emerson (Stevens) (deceased)

Abigail Emerson (Marsh) (deceased)

Abigail Stevens-Morrill (Emerson) (1737 - 1833)

Abigail Emerson (Marston) (deceased)

Abigail Emerson (deceased)

Abigail Smith (Emerson) (deceased)

Abigail Thompson (Emerson) (deceased)

Abigail Emerson (Perkins) (c.1702 - d.)

Abigail Emerson (1743 - 1834)

Abigail EMERSON was born on 24 MAR 1744/45 in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts. She died in 1834 at Corinth, Orange County, Vermont. She has Ancestral File Number 1PB4-78. Abigail is the great ...

Abigail Emerson (Messer) (1713 - d.)

1739 marriage record: Abigail Messer m. Josiah Emerson in Methuen, Essex, Mass. on Dec. 5,1739.

Abigail Hale (Emerson) (1736 - d.)

Abigail Eaton (Emerson) (deceased)