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Charlie Sheen MP

Charlie Sheen is an American actor. His character roles in films have included Chris Taylor in the 1986 Vietnam War drama Platoon, Jake Kesey in the 1986 film The Wraith, and Bud Fox in 1987 film Wall ...

Elvira Estevez MP (deceased)

Emilio Estévez MP

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Emilio Estevez (born May 12, 1962) is an American actor, film director, and writer. He started his career as an actor and is well-known for being a member of the acting Brat Pack of the 1980s, starri...

Matías 'el Rato' Estévez Martínez MP (deceased)

Martin Sheen MP

Martin Sheen is an American actor known for his performances as Kit Carruthers in Terrence Malick’s Badlands and Captain Willard in Francis Coppola’s Vietnam War epic Apocalypse Now. He’s also known fo...

Adela Estévez Gazmuri (deceased)

Adela Estévez Gazmuri (deceased)

Adriana Herrera y Estévez (deceased)

Agustin estevez Noriega (deceased)

Agustina Estévez de Alayón (deceased)

Agustín Estévez Noriega (deceased)

Alberto Estévez Gazmuri (deceased)

alberto (deceased)

Alberto Bambach Estévez (deceased)

Alejandro Alfonzo y Estévez (deceased)

Alfonso Estévez (deceased)

Alfonso Estevez (deceased)

Alfredo Estévez Gazmuri (deceased)

Alfredo Gerardo Estévez Jaraquemada (1911 - 1987)

Alonso Joseph Belloso Estevez (1689 - d.)

Amalia Herrera Estévez (deceased)

Ambrosio Estévez (deceased)

Amelia Herrera y Estévez (deceased)

Amelia (Amy) Estevez (Blanco) (deceased)

Ana de la Oliva Estevez (1904 - 1987)

Ana Dolores Estévez (deceased)

Ana Estevez Y Santisteban (deceased)

Ana Batlle Estévez (deceased)

Ana Toledo-Estevez (c.1888 - d.)

Ana Estévez (1530 - d.)

Ana Esteves Correa y Silva (deceased)

Ana Gertrudis estevez camacho (deceased)

Ana Gertrudis De Estevez (De La Mora) (deceased)

Andrés Velloso Estevez (1682 - d.)

Andrés Belloso Estevez (1687 - d.)

Andrés Santiago Herrera y Estévez (deceased)

Angel Estevez Vera (deceased)

Angelina Estevez (1595 - d.)

Angelina (deceased)

Angelina Estévez (deceased)

Antonia Toledo-Estevez (c.1892 - d.)

Antonio Batlle Estévez (deceased)

Antonio Estevez (deceased)

Antonio Estevez Obando (deceased)


antonio pio Estevez Ruilopez (deceased)

Ascensión Estevez Vera (deceased)

Augustín Estévez Martínez (c.1836 - d.)

Baltasar (deceased)

Beatriz Estévez Leon (deceased)

Belén Alcántara Estevez (deceased)

Belén Alfonzo y Estévez (deceased)

Belén Estévez Yánez (deceased)

Carlos Estévez Gazmuri (deceased)

Carlos Patrick Estévez (1936 - 2010)

Carlos Pedro Crisólogo Estévez Gazmuri (1870 - 1955)

Carmen Estevez Vera (deceased)

Carmen Estévez (deceased)

Cathalina Belloso Estevez (1698 - d.)

Cathalina Estevez (c.1654 - d.)

Cesar Estevez Obando (deceased)

cesar estevez (deceased)

Clara Padilla Estevez (deceased)

Clemencia Estevez Elzaurdi (deceased)

clemente jose estevez camacho (deceased)

Concepción Estévez y Buroz (deceased)

Conrad Joseph Estévez (1935 - 1998)

Delores Estévez (deceased)

Dionisia Estevez-Evora (deceased)

Dolores Estevez Del Valle (1875 - d.)

Domingo Estevez (deceased)

Domingo Estévez Haya De la Torre (deceased)


doña María de Rem Estévez (deceased)

Edelmira Montes Estévez (c.1850 - d.)

Eduardo Estévez Cobo (deceased)

Elisa Isabel Estévez Pratezzi (1903 - 1990)

Emilio Batlle Estévez (deceased)

Enrique Vives Estévez (1896 - 1946)

Esther Vidal Arteaga (deceased)

eugenia (deceased)

Felipe Santiago Estévez y Valdéz (deceased)

Capitan de Navio. Felipe Santiago (deceased)

Filiberto Jose estevez camacho (deceased)

Florentino Estevez (deceased)

Francisca Estevez (deceased)

Francisco Estévez Martínez (1898 - 1974)

UK Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960 Name: Francisco Estevez Birth date: abt 1898 Arrival date: 11 May 1920 Arrival place: Liverpool, England Departure place: Manaos, Brazil Border Cr...

Francisco Antonio Vidal Estevez (deceased)

Francisco Calixto Estévez y Betancourt (deceased)

Francisco José Alfonzo y Estévez (1796 - 1871)

Fuencisla Estevez Vera (deceased)

Félix María Alfonzo y Estévez (deceased)

Geronimo estevez camacho (presbitero) (deceased)

Gertrudis De Estevez (Sanchez De Porres) (deceased)

Gervacio Toledo-Estevez (c.1874 - d.)

Gonzalo Francisco Estévez (deceased)