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Adah Harris (Fairfax) MP (1720 - d.)

Anne Fairfax Washington Lee m.2 MP (1728 - 1761)

The Fairfaxes and George Washington Anne FAIRFAX was born in 1728 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts. Anne married Lawrence WASHINGTON, son of Augustine WASHINGTON and Jane BUTLER, in July 1743 ...

Anne Fairfax (Gascoigne) MP (c.1474 - 1504)


Catherine Fairfax (Constable) MP (c.1579 - 1626)

CATHERINE CONSTABLE (c.1579-1626) from A Who’s Who of Tudor Women Catherine Constable was the eldest daughter of Sir Henry Constable (c.1551-December 15, 1607) and Margaret Dormer (1553-...

Charles Snowden Fairfax, 10th Lord Fairfax of Cameron MP (1829 - 1869)

Charles Snowdon Fairfax (March 8, 1829 – April 4, 1869) was an American Democratic politician of California. He was of Scottish noble descent and was himself entitled to the title as the 10th Lo...

Elizabeth Fairfax (Aske) MP (1535 - 1571)

Elizabeth Aske was the daughter of Robert Aske and Ann Sutton. Elizabeth Aske married Gabriel Fairfax, son of Sir William Fairfax and Isabel Thwaites. Notes Other sources suggest she was the daughter...

Gabriel Fairfax, Esq. of Steeton in Yorkshire MP (c.1520 - 1584)

Gabriel Fairfax, Esq. of Steeton, who distinguished his coat armour by bearing the lion, crowned or. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Aske, Esq. of A ugh ton, by Anne, his wife, dau. of Thomas Sutton, E...

George William Fairfax MP (1729 - 1787)

George William Fairfax (February 26, 1729 – April 3, 1787) was a member of the landed gentry of late colonial Virginia. He was a contemporary and good friend of George Washington. Fairfax wa...

Sir Guy Fairfax MP (c.1420 - 1495)

FAIRFAX, Sir GUY (d. 1495), judge, was of a Yorkshire family, and third son of Richard Fairfax of Walton, by his wife, Anastasia, daughter of John Carthorpe. He is mentioned (Rot. Parl. iv. 164) in 142...

Hannah Washington (Fairfax) MP (c.1729 - 1804)

Hezekiah Fairfax MP (c.1745 - 1840)

Isabel Fairfax (Thwaites) MP (1497 - c.1540)

Isabel Thwaites was born circa 1510? In Denton or Otley?, Yorkshire. She was the daughter & sole heir to Thomas Thwaytes of Denton by Emota Middleton.. Isabel Thwaites married Sir William Fairfax, ...

John Hezekiah Sandford Fairfax MP (1801 - 1872)

Mabel Fairfax (Curwen) MP (1556 - 1624)

Mabel Curwen was born circa 1556 at Workington Hall, Cumberland, England.1 She was the daughter of Sir Henry Curwen and Mary Fairfax.1 She married, firstly, William Christian, son of William McCrysty...

Margaret Bellasis (Fairfax) MP (1532 - 1571)

Children of Margaret Fairfax and Sir William Bellasis Catherine Bellasis+3 Sir Henry Bellasis, 1st Bt.+1 b. 14 Jun 1555, d. c 16 Aug 1624 Links

Margaret Fairfax (Calvert) MP (1775 - 1866)

Hon. Mary Layton (Fairfax) MP (1600 - 1636)

Mary Curwen (Fairfax) MP (c.1529 - 1556)

Mary FAIRFAX Birth: circa 1529 in Gilling Burial: Workington Church. Father: Nicholas FAIRFAX b: 1498 Mother: Jane PALMES Marriage Henry CURWEN b: MAY 1528 in Cumberland Married: 1548...

Mary Fairfax MP (c.1638 - 1704)

Mary Mills Fairfax (Davis) MP (1804 - 1874)

Maud Waterton (Fairfax) MP (deceased)

Sir Nicholas Fairfax, of Gilling Castle, MP MP (1499 - 1572)

Sir Nicholas Fairfax (1498/9-1571), of Gilling Castle and Walton, Yorks. from History of Parliament online b. 1498/9, 1st s. of Sir Thomas Fairfax of Walton by Agnes or Anne, da. of Sir William...

Sarah Fairfax (Walker) MP (1698 - 1731)

"Sarah Walker would eventually marry William Fairfax for whom Fairfax County, VA is named. Her daughter Anne was George Washington's mistress, a particularly awkward situation as she was married to his...

Thomas Fairfax, 1st Lord MP (c.1560 - 1640)

Thomas Fairfax, 1st Lord Fairfax of Cameron (1560 – 2 May 1640) was an English soldier, diplomat and politician, his title being in the Peerage of Scotland. Fairfax was the eldest son of Sir T...

Sir Thomas Fairfax MP (c.1521 - 1599)

Sir Thomas Fairfax was born in 1521. He was the son of Sir William Fairfax and Isabella Thwaites. He married Dorothy Gale, daughter of George Gale. He died on 28 January 1599/0.1 Sir Thomas Fairfax...

Sir Thomas Fairfax, 1st Viscount Fairfax of Emley, MP MP (1575 - 1636)

DO NOT confuse with Fairfax of Cameron! Family and Education bap. 5 Feb. 1576,1 o.s. of Sir William Fairfax† of Gilling Castle and Walton and 2nd w. Jane, da. and h. of Brian Stapleton of Burt...

Sir Thomas Fairfax, of Walton MP (1461 - 1505)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sir Thomas Fairfax (c. 1450 – March 31, 1505)[1] was the first member of the Fairfax family to own Gilling Castle, near Gilling East, North Yorkshire, Eng...

Sir Thomas Fairfax of Gilling Castle and Walton MP (c.1475 - 1520)

'Sir Thomas Fairfax1,2 'M, b. circa 1476 Father Sir Thomas Fairfax2 d. 1505 Mother Elizabeth Sherburne2 ' Sir Thomas Fairfax was born circa 1476 at of Walton & Gilling Castle in Ryedale, Yorksh...

Thomas "Black Tom" Sheffield Fairfax, 3rd Lord Fairfax of Cameron MP (1612 - 1671)

Thomas Fairfax, 3rd Lord Fairfax of Cameron (17 January 1612 – 12 November 1671) was a general and parliamentary commander-in-chief during the English Civil War. His dark hair and eyes and a s...

Sir William Fairfax, of Steeton MP (1556 - 1603)

Sir William Fairfax, of Steeton, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth, in 15G2. He tn. Mabel, dau. of Sir Henry Curwen, of Workington, and had by her five sons and four daus., viz., L Philip (Sir), who m. F...

Colonel William Fairfax, Esq MP (1691 - 1757)

William Fairfax (1691–1757) was the builder of the Belvoir estate and plantation in northern colonial Virginia. He was the son of Henry Fairfax (d.1708) and a grandson of Henry Fairfax, 4th Lord...

William Fairfax, of Walton MP (c.1405 - 1453)

William Fairfax, Esq., of Walton Birth: Steeton, Yorkshire, England Death: 1453 (31st Henry Vll) Walton, Yorkshire, England Parents: Richard Fairfax, Anastatia Carthorpe Married Catheri...

Sir William Fairfax of Steeton MP (1436 - c.1514)

Appointed a Judge of Common Pleas. source:Carlin Links

Sir William Fairfax of Steeton MP (c.1504 - 1558)

Sir William FAIRFAX of Steeton High Sheriff of the County of Yorkshire 1535 & 1540. He joined the Pilgrimage of Grace, 1536, but appears to have been pardoned for his share in that outbreak. He acqui...

(Victor) Ferdinand Desmond Ramsay-Fairfax (1944 - 2008)

British film director and writer.

? Fairfax (deceased)

[npc]Wyatt Richard Fairfax (1402 - d.)

Abigail Fairfax (Yate) (b. - 1699)

Ada Fairfax (deceased)

Ada Fairfax (Benham) (1833 - 1888)

Ada Christina Fairfax (Hammond-Lucy) (deceased)

Agnes Fairfax (Gascoyne) (deceased)

Agnes Eltofte (Fairfax) (deceased)

Agnes Fairfax (Darcy) (b. - c.1573)

Agnes Cawood (Fairfax) (1465 - 1478)

Agnes Waterton (Fairfax) (c.1450 - 1495)

Alathea Fairfax (Howard) (1602 - 1677)

Alathea Widdrington (Fairfax) (deceased)

Albert Fairfax (1802 - 1835)

Albert Kirby Fairfax, 12th Lord Fairfax of Cameron (1870 - 1939)

Alethea Browne (Fairfax) (deceased)

Alfred Fairfax (deceased)

Alfred Arthur FAIRFAX (1901 - 1939)

Alice Fairfax (deceased)

Alice Caroline Helen Fairfax-Lucy (Buchan) (b. - 1993)

Alice Fairfax-Lucy (1908 - 1993)

Alice Fairfax (Harrington) (deceased)

Amy Fairfax (deceased)

Amy Fairfax (deceased)

Ann Anne (Fairfax) (deceased)

Ann "Nancy" Catlett (Fairfax) (1783 - d.)

Ann Fairfax (deceased)

Ann Fairfax (c.1417 - d.)

Ann Madelina Mary Fairfax (Hixson) (b. - 1926)

anna lee helms (fairfax) (deceased)

anna maria fairfax (deceased)

Anne Fairfax (Johnson) (deceased)

Anne Sheffield (Fairfax) (deceased)

Anne, wife of Sir Edmond Sheffield, of Epworth Sources A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland for 1852 (Google eBook).  Sir Bernard Burke. &...

Anne Fairfax (c.1724 - d.)

Anne Fairfax (deceased)

Anne Fairfax (deceased)

Anne Fairfax (Browne) (c.1647 - 1698)

Anne Tracy Fairfax (de Vere) (deceased)

Anne Fairfax (deceased)

Anne Fairfax (Conyers) (b. - 1661)

Anne Fairfax (de Sezevaux) (1230 - c.1294)

Anne Fairfax (Mills) (deceased)

Anne Fairfax (c.1747 - d.)

Anne Aske Wentworth (Fairfax) (1600 - 1624)

Hon. Anne Fairfax1 F, #435646, d. 19 August 1624 Last Edited=3 Apr 2011 Hon. Anne Fairfax was the daughter of Thomas Fairfax, 1st Lord Fairfax of Cameron and Ellen Aske.1 She married George Wentw...

Anne Fairfax (Harrison) (b. - 1733)

Anne Etherington (Fairfax) (deceased)

Anne Everingham (Fairfax) (c.1519 - d.)

Anne Fairfax (deceased)

Anne Fairfax (King) (b. - 1845)

Anne Lloyd Fairfax (Franklin) (deceased)

Anne Baker (deceased)

Anne/Anna Warder (Fairfax) (c.1747 - d.)

Archibald Blair Fairfax, Capt. (1809 - 1867)

Archibald Franklin Fairfax (1869 - d.)

Arthur Perry Fairfax (1856 - d.)

Arthur Fairfax, Sr. (deceased)

Aurelia Herbert Fairfax (1816 - 1884)

Basil (Sandy) Fairfax-Ross (deceased)

Basil Fairfax-Ross (1910 - 1984)

Basil Fairfax-Ross (deceased)

Benedicta Fairfax (Blanchett) (1722 - c.1762)

Benedicta Fairfax (c.1749 - d.)

Benedicta Fairfax (Blancett) (1722 - 1762)

Benita Biso (Fairfax) (deceased)

Benjamin Fairfax (deceased)