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Dennis Farina MP (1944 - 2013)

Dennis G. Farina (February 29, 1944 – July 22, 2013) was an American actor of film and television and former Chicago police officer. He was a character actor, often typecast as a mobster or police offi...

Dominga Farina MP (c.1593 - 1664)

Joe Farina MP

Michael J. Farina MP

? Fariña (deceased)

Adolfo FARINA (deceased)

Agustín Lorenzo Charlín Fariña-Inclán (1717 - 1744)

Alberto Farina (b. - 1945)

Amalia Fariña Torres (b. - 2006)

Amalia Castañon Fariña (deceased)

Andrea Fariña-Domínguez (deceased)

Andrea Fariña Inclán (b. - 1740)

Andres Fariña Rodriguez (deceased)

Andrew Farina (c.1913 - d.)

Reverend Andrew Farina was the pastor at St. Anthony's Church in Woonsocket, RI from 1954-1970.

Angela Di Felice (Farina) (deceased)

Angela Farina (deceased)

Angelanna Farina (Bernadelli) (deceased)

Angelica Fariña Rius (deceased)

Anna Farina (b. - 1981)

Anna Maria (n.d.) Farina (c.1618 - d.)

Antonia Fariña Salorio (deceased)

Antonio Fariña Rius (deceased)

Antonio Fariña Mendez (deceased)

Antonio Fariña Rodriguez (deceased)

Antonio Farina (c.1878 - 1945)

Antonio Domínguez Fariña (deceased)

Alcalde de Sada. Maior contribuínte de Sada.

Asuncion Castañon Fariña (deceased)

Asuncion Fariña Torres (deceased)

Aurea Bares Fariña (deceased)


Carlos Maria Anavitarte Fariña (deceased)

Catherine Farina (deceased)

Cipriano José Charlín Fariña-Domínguez (López-Charlín Guitián) (1715 - 1742)

Costabile Farina (deceased)

Domingo Fariña Cossio (deceased)

Dominiga Cruz (Farina) (c.1593 - 1664)

Eduardo Fariña Rius (deceased)

Elena de Farina (Latano) (c.1580 - d.)

Eleuteria Francisca Martin Fariña (deceased)

Emmanuela Farina (deceased)

Eugénie Farina (Martinetti) (deceased)

Fedele Sentieri (deceased)

FRANCA Farina (deceased)

Francesco Farina (1731 - 1800)

Francisco Javier Bascuñán Fariña (deceased)

Francisco Javier Bascuñán Fariña, se incorporó a la Academia Militar 28 marzo 1814; destinado al Regimiento N°1 de Infantería de Chile el 13 febrero 1818, donde sirvió hasta 1824 en que quedó agregado ...

Francisco Javier Bascuñán Fariña (deceased)

Gaetano Farina (1887 - 1968)

Giorgio Farina (1921 - 1996)

Giovanina Farina (Fusca) (c.1881 - 1958)

Giovanna Farina (deceased)

Giovanni Farina (1904 - 1970)

Giovanni Leonardo Farina (1683 - d.)

Giovanni Pietro Farina (c.1600 - d.)

Giuseppe Farina (1643 - d.)

Gregorio Farina (1576 - d.)

Gregorio Farina (deceased)

Horacio Torrendell Fariña (deceased)

Horacio Fariña Rius (deceased)

Jaime Castañon Fariña (deceased)

Javier Castañon Fariña (deceased)

Jean-Marie FARINA (deceased)

Joan Farina (Yanchick) (deceased)

Josefa Fariña (deceased)

Josefina Fariña Rius (deceased)

Josefina Fariña Micoud (deceased)

Joseph Farina (deceased)

José Fariña Torres (deceased)

José Joaquin Bascuñán Fariña (deceased)

José Joaquín Bascuñán Fariña (deceased)

José Joaquín Bascuñán Fariña (deceased)

José María Bascuñán Fariña (deceased)

Juan Castañon Fariña (deceased)

Juan Farina (deceased)

Juan Fariña (deceased)

Juana Antonia Fariña Maturana (deceased)

Liborio Ricardo Farina (Fariñas) (1907 - 2001)

Liborio Ricardo Fariñas was born February 7, 1907 and Ricardo grew up in Matanzas, Cuba, the twenty-third of twenty-four children according to one source, or one of eighteen children according to Hajdu...

Louis Farina (deceased)

Maddalena Farina (deceased)

Marcial Campos Fariña (1905 - 1995)

Mimi Fariña (1945 - 2001)

Mimi Baez Fariña (born Margarita Mimi Baez, April 30, 1945 – July 18, 2001) was a singer-songwriter and activist. Parents: the youngest of three daughters to a Scottish mother and Mexican-American ph...

Maria Fariña Rius (deceased)

Maria del Carmen Castañon Fariña (deceased)

Maria del Carmen Fariña Torres (deceased)

Maria Castañon Fariña (deceased)

Maria Asuncion Fariña Gonzalez (deceased)

Maria Jacoba Fariña (deceased)

Melrose Farina (1908 - 2000)

She was named after her father's sister in Italy. She was born at home. Her parents rented their house which was located on the corner of Front St. and Newbridge Ave (now East Meadow Ave) in East Mea...

María Ester Fariña Espinoza (deceased)

María Josefa Farina y Plasencia (deceased)

María Mercedes Fariña Molina (deceased)

Mathilde WEBER (FARINA) (1903 - 1977)

Matilde Desmaisieres y Farina (deceased)

Michael Farina (c.1918 - 1975)

116-22-8439 Last residence: Bellmore, Nassau, New York, USA

Miguel Fariña Fariña (deceased)

Miguel Angel Desmaisieres y Farina (deceased)

Mr. Farina (deceased)

Myriam Reyes Fariña (deceased)

NICCOLO' Farina (deceased)