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Dennis Farina MP (1944 - 2013)

Dennis G. Farina (February 29, 1944 – July 22, 2013) was an American actor of film and television and former Chicago police officer. He was a character actor, often typecast as a mobster or poli...

Dominga Farina MP (c.1593 - 1664)

Joe Farina MP

Michael J. Farina MP

Rosalie Tomasello (Farina) (deceased)

"Lina" Angelina Farina (Nitsch) (deceased)

- Fariña (deceased)

? Fariña (deceased)

? Fariña (deceased)

? Farina (Negri) (deceased)

? Farina (deceased)

??? Farina (c.1925 - c.2000)

Adela Farina (deceased)

Adele Farina (Cameli) (deceased)

Adelinda Farina (deceased)

Adolfo FARINA (deceased)

Agostino Farina (1899 - d.)

Agustín Lorenzo Charlín Fariña-Inclán (1717 - 1744)

Al Farina (deceased)

Alberta Rosie (Farina) (c.1925 - d.)

Alberto Farina (b. - 1945)

Alberto Farina (deceased)

Alberto Farina (1905 - 1983)

Alcides Rogelio Añazco Fariña (deceased)

Aldo Farina (1924 - 1991)

Alego Antonio Farina Guevara (deceased)

Alessandra Farina (deceased)

Alessandro Farina (deceased)

Alessandro Farina (deceased)

Alessina Farina (deceased)

Alex Heimann Farina (1891 - 1968)

Alfonso Jaráiz Pérez Fariña (b. - 1941)

Alfonso Farina (deceased)

Alfred Farina (deceased)

Alfredo Fariña Caracciolo (deceased)

Alice Farina (deceased)

Amalia Gaisse Fariña (1950 - 1951)

Amalia Farina (deceased)

Amalia Fariña Torres (b. - 2006)

Amalia Castañon Fariña (deceased)

Amanda Berecintia Alvarez Fariña (deceased)

ambrogio farina (1906 - c.1972)

Amelia Farina (DeStefano) (1920 - 2001)

America Fariña Veiga (deceased)

America Fariña Veiga (deceased)

Ana Maria Schneider-Farina (deceased)

Andrea Fariña Inclán (b. - 1740)

Andrea Fariña-Domínguez (deceased)

Andres Fariña Rodriguez (deceased)

Andrew Farina (deceased)

Andrew Farina (c.1913 - d.)

Reverend Andrew Farina was the pastor at St. Anthony's Church in Woonsocket, RI from 1954-1970.

Andrés Fariña Martínez (deceased)

Andrés Fariña Farrio (deceased)

Andrés Fariña Dalmau (1885 - 1925)

Anette Farina (deceased)

Angel Farina (deceased)

Angel Farina (deceased)

Angela Di Felice (Farina) (deceased)

Angela Farina (deceased)

Angela Farina (deceased)

Angela Farina (Volante) (deceased)

Angela Marie Farino (Farina) (DeBlasio) (1894 - 1979)

Angelanna Farina (Bernadelli) (deceased)

Angelica Fariña Rius (deceased)

Angelina Farina (deceased)

Angelina Farina (deceased)

Angelina Farina (deceased)

Angelina Farina (deceased)

Angelina Farina (DeMarco) (b. - 1999)

Angeline Landry (Farina) (1924 - 2007)

Angelo Farina (deceased)

Angelo Farina (deceased)

Angelo Farina (1924 - d.)

Angelo Farina (c.1892 - 1953)

angelo farina (deceased)

Angélica Farina (deceased)

Angélica Victoria Farina (1919 - d.)

Aniceto Farina (1859 - d.)

Aniceto Farina (c.1794 - 1842)

Aniello Farina (deceased)

Anna Farina (Cannavo) (1887 - 1956)

Anna Farina (b. - 1981)

Anna Farina (deceased)

Anna Farina (Mennona) (1916 - 2010)

Anna Farina (deceased)

Anna Maria (n.d.) Farina (c.1618 - d.)

Anne Farina (deceased)

annita farina (deceased)

Annuncia Farina (deceased)

NANCY/JETTI FARINA (1910 - 1999)

DOLORES SANNINO ANNUNCIATA/NANCY's niece Today at 9:11 am The real story of how Aunt Jetty got the name "Jetty" as told by my father: When she was young, she used to go the beach every day and stand ...

Anthony Farina (deceased)

Anthony Paul Farina (deceased)

Antionette Farina (deceased)

Antoine Farina (1911 - d.)

antoinette farina (deceased)

antonia fariña salorio (deceased)

Antonia Fariña Salorio (deceased)

Antonia Ponte Farina Rodrigues (1868 - 1951)

Antonia Farina (Policella) (deceased)

Antonio Fariña Mendez (deceased)