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Christian Carson Febiger (deceased)

Christian Febiger (deceased)

Colonel Christian Febiger (Continental Army) ["Old Denmark"] (1749 - 1796)

Hans Christian Febiger (or Fibiger) (October 19, 1749 in Fåborg Denmark - September 20, 1796 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania) was an American Revolutionary War commander, confidante of General Ge...

Commander John Carson Febiger (USN) [Rear Admiral post Civil War] (1821 - 1898)

John Carson Febiger (14 February 1821 – 9 October 1898) was a rear admiral of the United States Navy, who served with distinction in the Union Navy during the American Civil War. Biography...

Jørgen Mathiasen Febiger (1705 - 1776)

Sarah Febiger (Tatnall) (1814 - 1877)

She and her husband lived in her parents home, still standing, on 1807 Market Street, called the "Tatnall-Febiger House."