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? DeMattia (Felice) (1976 - d.)

Absalon D'Felice (deceased)

Absalón Francisco D' Felice (deceased)

Addolorata De Felice (deceased)

Adelaide De Felice (deceased)

Albert John Felice (deceased)

Alberto Mazariegos Felice (deceased)

Alessandro di Felice (1800 - d.)

Alexander Felice (deceased)

Alfio Felice Calì (deceased)

Alfredo Felice, Decanio (deceased)

Alice Rose Felice (Bouley) (1926 - 2014)

Amelia Valentino (Felice) (1908 - 1997)

Amelia Felice (deceased)

Ana Amelia Felice (1923 - d.)

Ana Felice (deceased)

Andrea Di Felice (deceased)

Angel Pagannini Felice (deceased)

Angela Di Felice (Farina) (deceased)

Angela Felice Calì (deceased)

Angela Moscati (De Felice) (deceased)

Angelica Felice (1945 - d.)

Angelica Felice A. (deceased)

Angelica EP-XERRI-Felice (deceased)

Angelina Felice (deceased)

Angiolina Di Felice (Vitale) (1906 - d.)

Anna Maria Savona (Felice) (c.1715 - c.1825)

Anna De Felice (deceased)

Anna Azzarella (Felice) (c.1845 - d.)

Anna Francesca Margiotta (Di Felice) (c.1800 - 1830)

Anthony Felice (deceased)

Anthony Felice (deceased)

Anthony Luigi Phillis (Felice) (1910 - 1931)

Antoine Felix(Félice) (deceased)

Antonino Felice (deceased)

Antonio Felice (deceased)

Antonio Felice Calì (deceased)

Antonio Di Felice (1896 - 1960)

Antonio Felice (deceased)

Antonio Di Felice (1935 - d.)

Herrero / Metal hand craft worker Mattress maker Arrived in Argentina in1946

Antonio Di Felice (1872 - d.)

Antonio Di Felice (1817 - 1871)

Arcangela Di Felice (1865 - d.)

Arnetta Catherine Felice (Donovan) (1896 - 1987)

Arturo Felice (deceased)

Arturo Felice (deceased)

August Felice (deceased)

Augustus Felice (deceased)

Aurora Miracle (Felice) (deceased)

Aurora Ann Miracle (Felice) (1932 - d.)

Barber Felice (deceased)

Beatriz Fernandes Felice (1931 - 1994)

BJ De Felice (deceased)

Calogero Felice (deceased)

caratino felice (deceased)

Carlo di Felice Grigioni (deceased)

Carlos Felice Carvallo (1911 - 1980)


Carmela Felice (Raimondo) (1891 - 1961)

Carmela Felice (Raimondo) (1891 - c.1961)

She came over to this country when she was 12-13. She was married to Luigi Felice, which was an arranged marriage. In order to support her family, she started a grocery store on her front porch, and so...

Carmelo Felice (deceased)

Carmen Phillis (Felice) (c.1875 - d.)

Carmina di Felice (1832 - d.)

Carmine Felice (deceased)

Carmine de Felice (deceased)

Carole Kelly (Felice) (deceased)

Carolina da Silva Vieira Felice (deceased)

Caterina De Felice (deceased)

Catherine Nacarrato Felice (deceased)

Cecilia Filomena Felice (1839 - 1841)

Celesta Gargano (de Felice) (1928 - d.)

Celeste di Felice (deceased)

Charles Felice (deceased)

Charles-Rodolphe de Félice (deceased)

Christopher E Felice (1956 - 2010)

Cindy Felice (1942 - d.)

Cinotti Felice (1901 - 1943)

Concetta Felice (b. - 1974)

Concetta Marino (Felice) (1849 - d.)

Concetta Felice (deceased)

Concette De Felice (deceased)

Custode Felice (Lalla) (deceased)

Danato Felice (deceased)

Daniel-Nicolas-Samuel de Félice (1766 - d.)

DI PENDIMA felice (1765 - d.)

Domenico Felice (deceased)

Donato de Felice (1920 - c.1996)

Dorothy Felice (deceased)

e Felice (deceased)

Edward Felice (deceased)

Edward Felice (deceased)

Eleanor Gallie (Felice) (deceased)

Eliodoro Felice (deceased)

Elizabeth Felice (deceased)

Elizabeth Lillian Gianfelice (Di Felice) (1915 - 1984)

Ellen Maria Phillis (Felice) (1909 - d.)

Eloina Felice Yanes (deceased)

Elvira Angela Barbieri (Felice), de (deceased)

Emilija Bole (Locatello - Felice) (deceased)

Emily Felice (deceased)