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- Felipe (deceased)

____ Agoncillo (Felipe) (deceased)

Ada Felipe (Mitchell) (1882 - d.)

In Cuyahoga County, Ohio - Application Number 64582, Ada Mitchell (27) married Alfredo Felipe (27) on October 18, 1909. they filed for and were issued the marriage license on October 18, 1909. Alfredo ...

Ada Felipe (deceased)

Adela Miller Felipe, RAMA NORTEAMERICANA (deceased)

Adelina Felipe (deceased)

Adonai Felipe (deceased)

Agapito Tapia Felipe (deceased)

Agapito Felipe (deceased)

Agustina De Diego Felipe (deceased)

Alberto Felipe Garbalena (1875 - 1936)

Alberto Felipe (deceased)

Alberto Felipe (1901 - d.)

Alberto Felipe y Valdes was the twin brother of Elena "Tita" Felipe y Valdes de Panier

Aldo Felipe Knauth (deceased)

Aldo Hermeto Degrazia Felipe (deceased)

Alfredo Felipe (1882 - 1920)

The State of Illinois, Registered #67, Registration District, No . 6303. Place of Death: Cook County,Township of Road District or Village of Norwood Park. (Hospital or Institution) - Chicago State Hosp...

Alfredo Felipe (deceased)

Alvarez Felipe (deceased)

Alvarez Felipe (deceased)

Alvaro Felipe Concepción (deceased)

alvaro felipe (deceased)

Amelia "Santico" Felipe (1889 - 1938)

Amparo Marty (1895 - d.)

América Cecilia de Felipe (deceased)

Ana Felipe Francés (1742 - d.)

Ana Miller Felipe (b. - 1934)

Ana Felipe (deceased)

Ana María Ortiz Felipe (deceased)

Anastacio M. Felipe (deceased)

ANDONG FELIPE (deceased)

ANDRES FELIPE (deceased)

Andrés Felipe Hernández (deceased)

Angel Casimiro Garraza Felipe (1758 - d.)

Angela Felipe Otiñano (1733 - d.)

Aniceto Felipe (1862 - 1956)

ANICIA FELIPE (deceased)

ANQUE FELIPE (deceased)

Anselma Felipe (deceased)

Antero Dutra de Moraes Felipe Dutra (deceased)

Antonia Felipe (deceased)

Antonia Apesteguia Felipe (deceased)

Antonia Felipe (Diaz) (deceased)

Antonia Felipe Castilho (deceased)

Antonio Felipe Martinez (deceased)

Antonio Felipe (Caleon) (deceased)

Antonio Navarro Felipe (deceased)

Antonio Felipe (deceased)

Antonio Felipe (deceased)

Antonio Felipe (deceased)

Antonio de la Calle Felipe (1808 - d.)

Antonio Andrés Felipe (1849 - d.)

Antonio Felipe Santiago (deceased)

Antonio Javier Felipe Concepción (1938 - 1982)

Antonnete Felipe (deceased)

Aquilino Lumbreras Felipe (1819 - d.)

ardelei lourenço felipe (deceased)

Armando Felipe (deceased)

Armindo Alfredo (deceased)

Arturo Felipe (1886 - 1929)

Arturo Felipe is listed as a single man who died at the age of 43. His home address is listed as 1129 - 8th Avenue, Tampa (Ybor City), Florida.

Arturo Vicente Martinez Felipe (1905 - 1964)

Atanasio Felipe de Acosta (deceased)

Aurora Felipe (deceased)

Aurora Tapia Felipe (deceased)

Barcisa Felipe (deceased)

Beatriz de Felipe (deceased)

Belen Ramos/Sabado Felipe (Sabado) (deceased)

Bernabe Felipe de Acosta (deceased)

Bernabé Felipe (deceased)

Bernardita Felipe Nieves (b. - 1994)

Bienvenida Felipe (Ymbang) (1918 - d.)

Blas Felipe (deceased)

Bonifacio Etayo Felipe (1788 - d.)

Bruna Felipe (Augustin) (1897 - 1937)

Bruno Peñate Felipe (deceased)

Candelaria "Candita" Febles (1898 - d.)

Candelario Felipe (1848 - 1917)

Date of Death - December 12, 1917, buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Shady Garden, Second Addition, Block 429, Lot 1, Space # 3 in Tampa, Florida.

Carmen Felipe Goizueta (deceased)

Carmen Felipe Goizueta (1911 - 2005)

Castora Fuentecilla (Alinea - San Felipe) (deceased)


Catalina Ignacio (Felipe) (deceased)

Cayetana Lorenza Bea Felipe (1793 - d.)

Celedonio Felipe (deceased)

CELING FELIPE (deceased)

Claro Felipe (deceased)

Claudio María Etayo Felipe (1804 - d.)

Conceição Felipe Barbosa (b. - 1998)

Concepción Felipe Garbalena (c.1880 - d.)

Conching Felipe (deceased)

Constancia S. Felipe (deceased)

Consuelo "Tia" Toledo (1892 - d.)

CORNIE FELIPE (deceased)

Cristobal Tenorio Felipe (deceased)

Cándida Antonia Dámasa de Carlos Felipe (1855 - d.)

DAVID FELIPE (deceased)

Delio Felipe (deceased)

DI KO ALAM FELIPE (deceased)

DI KO ALAM FELIPE (deceased)

Diego Felipe de Rivera (deceased)

Dionisia Ramona Garraza Felipe (1760 - d.)