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Annah Fenn (Hall) MP (1662 - 1746)

Annah Andrews is the wife of Samuel Andrews of WALLINGFORD, CT. ----------------------------------------------- Families of Ancient New Haven by Donald Lines Jacobus, pg. 40, 41

Lt. Benjamin Fenn MP (1742 - 1780)

BENJAMIN FENN6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Benjamin3, Benjamin2, Benjamin1 Lt. Benjamin Fenn, son of Col. Benjamin Fenn and Mary Peck, was born July 30, 1742. He married with SARAH TREAT on October 31, 17...

Benjamin Fenn, Jr. MP (1640 - 1689)

BENJAMIN FENN2, Benjamin1 Benjamin Fenn, son of Benjamin 1612 Fenn and Sarah Baldwin, was bpt. Sept. 20,1640; married MEHITABLE GUNN, dau. of Jasper Gunn, of Milford, about 1661. Benjamin died in 168...

Deacon Benjamin Fenn MP (c.1662 - 1727)

BENJAMIN FENN3, Benjamin2, Benjamin1 Benjamin Fenn, son of Benjamin Fenn and Mehitable Gunn, was bpt on Apr. 7,1667 in Milford, Conn. As their first child was born c1690, Benjmain and SARAH CLARK wer...

Benjamin Fenn MP (1766 - 1817)

BENJAMIN FENN7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Benjamin3, Benjamin2, Benjamin1 Benjamin Fenn married with COMFORT FOWLER , dau. of Jonathan Fowler and Comfort Baldwin. She was born 1770 in Milford,...

Col. Benjamin Fenn MP (1720 - 1778)

BENJAMIN FENN5, Benjamin4, Benjamin3, Benjamin2, Benjamin1 Benjamin Fenn, son of Benjamin (1690) Fenn and Sarah Prince, was bapt. at Milford, Conn. on Apr. 17,1720. He married with MARY PECK on Nov. ...

Capt. Benjamin Fenn MP (1693 - 1770)

BENJAMIN FENN4, Benjamin3, Benjamin2, Benjamin1 Benjamin Fenn, son of Benjamin Fenn and Sarah Clark, was b. c1690. He was bpt., at Milford, May 14,1693. He m., c1715, with SARAH PRINCE, dau. of Job P...

Hon. Benjamin Fenn MP (1612 - 1672)

BENJAMIN FENN, Sr. Benjamin Fenn was born in 1612 in Cheddington, County Bucks, England. He died in September of 1672 in Milford, New Haven County, Connecticut. He married SARAH BALDWIN in 1638 in Mi...

Edward Fenn MP (1685 - 1727)

See Families of Early Milford, Connecticut for list of children of Benjamin Fenn and Sarah Baldwin Fenn, who are well documented. Edward is not listed. Also see: I have conceded the fact that Ben...

Elizabeth Temperance Fenn (Hardin) MP (1851 - 1924)

Birth: 1851 Death: 1924 Family links: Spouse: James Henry Fenn (1854 - 1933)* Calculated relationship Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery West Palm Beach Palm Beach County Florida, USA Ed...

Elizabeth Dunbar (Fenn) MP (1692 - 1751)

Families of Ancient New Haven by Donald Lines Jacobus, pg. 583, 599

Hepzibah Fenn (Williams) MP (1736 - d.)

James Henry Fenn MP (1854 - 1933)

Birth: 1854 Death: 1933 Family links: Parents: Zachariahs Seth Fenn (1830 - 1903) Mary A. Theresa Everett Fenn (1839 - 1894) Spouse: Elizabeth T Fenn (1851 - 1924) Burial: Woodlawn Cemete...

James Fenn MP (1672 - 1754)

'Peter Prudden; a story of his life and New Haven and Milford, Conn. (1901) Pg. 72 (I) Children of Samuel Prudden2 (son of Peter1) and Grace Judson were : I. Peter3 born July 28, 1671, die...

Jeremiah Fenn MP (deceased)

John Fenn MP (1732 - 1765)

John Bennett Fenn, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2002 MP (1917 - 2010)

John Bennett Fenn (June 15, 1917 – December 10, 2010) was an American research professor of analytical chemistry who was awarded a share of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2002. Fenn shared half...

Joseph Fenn, I MP (1667 - 1690)

Susan Abbott, Families of Early Milford gives his parents, spouse, and child, drawing from Milford Vital Records and church records. He was a merchant who was given land in Norwalk behind the Burying...

Joshua Amos Rev Fenn MP (1793 - 1879)

Among the earliest settlers at Clyde Sandusky County Ohio came Silas Dewey Giles Thompson Amos Fenn and the Pogue Family. Amos Fenn was born in September 1793 in Litchfield County Connecticut hence was...

Martha Newton (Fenn) MP (1650 - 1708)

Martha Fenn, dau. of Benjmain Fenn and Sarah Baldwin was born 1650; baptized 7/7/1650. She married with CAPT. SAMUEL NEWTON, son of Rev. Roger Newton and Mary Hooker, who was dau. of Rev. Thomas Hooker...

Martha Moss (Fenn) MP (c.1725 - 1818)

Marrietta (Martha) Fenn Moss Memorial Photos Flowers Edit Share Learn about sponsoring this memorial... Birth: Sep. 23, 1725 Wallingford New Haven County Connecticut, USA Death: Sep. 6, 1818 Wallingf...

Mary Leete (Fenn) MP (1647 - 1701)

Mary Fenn, dau. of Benjamin Fenn and Sarah Baldwin was bapt. on Oct. 10, 1647; married 1st, on Jan.11,1674/75, with WILLIAM LEETE, son of Governor Leete. He died June,1687 and she married 2nd with CAPT...

Mary Doolittle (Fenn) MP (1689 - 1760)

Mehitable Fenn (Gunn) MP (c.1641 - 1730)

On 21 Dec 1660 Benjamin married Mehitable Gunn, daughter of Jasper Gunn (ca 1606-12 Jan 1670/1) & Christian [Gunn] (-prob. Oct 1690), in Milford, CT. Born ca 1641 in Milford, CT. Mehitable was baptized...

Sarah (Fenn) Claiborne MP (1660 - 1716)

Birth: Mar. 22, 1660 Death: Oct. 18, 1716 New Kent County Virginia, USA Married (1) Lt. Col Thomas Claiborne. (2) Capt. Thomas Bray Family links: Spouse: Thomas Claiborne (1647 - 1683) Bu...

Sarah Edwards (Baldwin Fenn) MP (1621 - 1690)

Source: "John Searle was born in Warwick, England, and baptised in 1610. The names of his parents are not yet known, but he had a sister, Joanna, who accompanied him to Massachusetts. They are said t...

Sarah Burwell (Fenn) MP (c.1645 - 1686)

Sarah Fenn, dau. of Benjamin Fenn and Sarah Baldwin, was b. c1645; bpt. April 1645. She married with SAMUEL BURWELL, of Milford, who was bapt. Oct. 11,1640, son of John Burwell of that place. She had: ...

Sarah Fenn MP (c.1810 - 1854)

Sarah Fenn MP (1842 - 1888)

Sarah Moss (Fenn) MP (1694 - d.)

Sarah Fenn (Baldwin) MP (1621 - 1663)

SARAH5, Sylvester4, Sylvester3, Henry2, Richard1 Sarah Baldwin, dau. of Sylvester "died at sea" Baldwin and Sarah Bryan, was b. in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England on Apr. 22,1621, bpt. Apr. 2...

Sherilyn Fenn MP

Sherilyn Fenn (born February 1, 1965) is an American actress. She came to international attention for her performance as Audrey Horne on the 1990 cult TV series Twin Peaks. She is also known for her ...

William Fenn MP (c.1803 - 1860)

Fenn (b. - 1999)

(Female) Fenn (deceased)

(Male) Fenn (deceased)

(Male) Fenn (deceased)

<Private> Bigelow (Fenn) (deceased)

? Fenn (deceased)

? Fenn (deceased)

? Fenn (deceased)

? Fenn (c.1666 - d.)

??? Fenn (deceased)

??? Fenn (deceased)

??? Fenn (deceased)

??? Fenn (deceased)

??? Fenn (deceased)

Aaron Fenn, Jnr (1772 - 1818)

Aaron Fenn, Captain (1746 - 1821)

Aaron Fenn (1710 - d.)

Aaron William Fenn, Dr (deceased)

Aaron Fenn (1803 - 1881)

Abagail Fenn (Boleya) (deceased)

Abbie J. Johnson (c.1845 - d.)

Abi Munson Smith (Fenn) (deceased)

Abigail Fenn (Boleyn) (deceased)

Abigail Fenn (Law) (deceased)

Abigail Thorpe (Fenn) (c.1739 - c.1778)

Abigail Baldwin (Fenn) (1717 - d.)

Abigail Feen was born Oct. 5, 1717. She married on Dec. 26, 1734, with JOEL BALDWIN, son of Samuel Baldwin and Rebecca Wilkinson. He was born in Milford, Conn on July 11, 1711. His estate was administe...

Abigail Fenn (1778 - d.)

Abigail Fenn (Boleyn) (deceased)

Abigail Fenn (c.1692 - d.)

Abigail Fenn (Austin) (1733 - 1793)

ABIGAIL FENN (deceased)

Abigail Fenn (Fowler) (c.1766 - 1830)

Abigail Fowler, dau. of Jonathan Fowler and Content Baldwin, was born c 1766 in Milford, Conn; married with SAMUEL FENN and settled in Plymouth, Conn. Children were: Louisa Fenn and Hart Fowler Fenn....

A.B. Fenn (Kutty) (1890 - 1977)

Abraham Fenn (1724 - d.)

Abraham Fenn (1860 - 1922)

Abraham Fenn (1816 - 1820)

Abraham Fenn (Acha) (1925 - 2009)

A.P. Fenn (Baby) (1901 - 1974)

Abraham Fenn (1787 - 1857)

Abraham Fenn (Thampy) (1941 - 2000)

Acca (1873 - 1920)

Kunjacamma (1932 - d.)

Achamma Fenn (1930 - d.)

Achamma Thekeveetil Fenn (deceased)

Achamma (1869 - 1941)

Ada Bell Fenn (1868 - 1949)

Ada Fenn (deceased)

Ada M. Fenn (1850 - d.)

Adaline Fenn (1814 - d.)

Adaline Fenn (Gardner) (deceased)

Adelaide Fennigstein (Fenn-Leyland) (deceased)

Adelia Sixel (Fenn) (1873 - 1943)

Adeline Fenn (1842 - d.)

Adeline Fenn (Schwan) (1889 - 1982)

Adolphus Eugene Fenn (1873 - 1941)

Adolphus Fenn (1873 - 1941)

Agnes Fenn (deceased)

Agnes Fenn (Wright) (1530 - d.)

Agnes Fenn (deceased)

Agnes Fenn (Lewis) (deceased)

Agnes Maud Fenn (1865 - 1959)

Albert Fenn (deceased)

Albert Marston Fenn (deceased)

Albert Fenn (deceased)

Albert Fenn (deceased)

Albert (Avrom/Avi) Samuel Fenn (1912 - 1995)

ALBERT EDWARD FENN (c.1896 - d.)