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Adelaida Marquez Fernando MP (1914 - 2004)

Adelaida Marquez Fernando is better known as "Dely Atay-Atayan". She is a singer of novelty songs and a comedic actress with more than 300 films under her belt. More here: .

Ading Marquez Fernando MP (b. - 1984)

Ading Marquez Fernando was a multi-talented musician and actor. But he is best remembered as a prolific screenwriter and consummate director of comedic films. More here: .

Fernando Zobel de Ayala MP (1924 - 1984)

Fernando Zobel de Ayala y Montojo (1924–1984) was a Hispano-Filipino businessman, patron of the arts and talented Filipino painter. More here: . Sources: Fernando Zobel's Birth Certifica...

Fernando Sr. (deceased)

Fernando (deceased)

Fernando, Leon (deceased)

(Dona) Maria Perera Fernando (deceased)

.. Fernando (deceased)

.. Fernando (deceased)

<private> Fernando (Andre) (deceased)

? Fernando (deceased)

? Fernando (deceased)

? Fernando (deceased)

? Kurukulasuriya (Fernando) (deceased)

?? Fernando (deceased)

?? Fernando (deceased)

?? Fernando (deceased)

?? Fernando (deceased)

?? Fernando (deceased)

?? Fernando (deceased)

?? Wickremasuriya (Fernando) (deceased)

?? Kudamma! Wickremasuriya (Fernando) (deceased)

??? Fernando (deceased)

???? Fernando (deceased)

????? Fernando (deceased)

???????????????????/ fernando (deceased)

A.C. Joseph Fernando (deceased)

A.H.Amala Rani Fernando (deceased)

Dr A.M. Fernando (deceased)

Aanjali Fernando (deceased)

Aatha Fernando (deceased)

Abraham Fernando (deceased)

Ada Matilda Fernando (deceased)

Adaikkalam Fernando (deceased)

Adela Fernando (Trinidad) (1914 - 1987)

Most wonderful mother in the whole world.


Adolphus Fernando (deceased)

Adolphus Fernando (deceased)

Adriana Jenke (Fernando) (deceased)

Agath Fernando (deceased)

agathammal fernando (deceased)

Agida Paththage Fernando (deceased)

Agnes Soysa (Fernando) (deceased)

Agnes Paththage Fernando (deceased)

Agnes Meraya Fernando (deceased)

Agnes Lintotage Fernando (deceased)

Agnes Paththage Fernando (deceased)

Agnes Fernando (fonseka) (deceased)

Agnes Mary Bernadette Fernando (deceased)

Agnes Weerawarna Kurukulasooriya Boosabaduge Fernando (deceased)

Agnes Warnakulasuriya Fernando (deceased)

Agnes Mary Bernadette Agnes Mary Bernadette Fernando (deceased)

Agnus Fernando (deceased)

Agostinho Castro Fernando (deceased)

Agustin Fernando (deceased)

Agustin Fernando Sr. (deceased)

Ajantha Fernando (deceased)

Ajith Amali Fernando (deceased)

Albert Fernando (deceased)

Alberto Gonzalez Fernando (1919 - d.)

Alejandra Pérez García de Fernando (deceased)

Alex Fernando (deceased)

Alex Fernando (deceased)

Alexander Fernando (deceased)

Alexious Fernando (deceased)

Alfonso Fernando Enriquez (deceased)

Alfred Fernando (deceased)

Alfred Fernando (deceased)

Alfred Fernando (deceased)

Alfreda Fernando (deceased)

Alfredo Fernando (deceased)

Alfredo Fernando (1920 - d.)

Algernon Christopher James Fernando (1909 - 1986)

Alice Fernando (b. - 2009)

Alice Fernando (deceased)

Alice Lintotage Fernando (deceased)

Alice Fernando (deceased)

Allan Fernando (deceased)

Allen Fernando (deceased)

Allrenu Fernando (deceased)

Almerinda Pimentel Nunes Mendonça (1918 - 2006)

Alocent Fernando (deceased)

Alonzo Fernandez de Guadalupe (Fernando de Guadalupe) (1438 - d.)


ALOY FERNANDO (deceased)

Aloysius Fernando (deceased)

Alphonse Fernando (deceased)

Alípio Augusto Fernando (1868 - d.)

Alípio Augusto Fernando (1873 - d.)

Amado Fernando (deceased)

Amala Rani soosai Fernando (deceased)

Amalortpavam Fernando (deceased)

Amaris Fernando (deceased)

Ambrose Fernando (deceased)

Ambrosio Fernando (deceased)



Amitha Fernando (De Silva) (1944 - d.)

Amparo Fernando (Cabato) (deceased)

Amritha Santhanam Fernando (deceased)

Ana Paththage Fernando (deceased)