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Catherine Few (Nicholson) MP (1764 - 1854)

Wife of William Few, Signer of the US Constitution.

Elizabeth Bush (Few) MP (1752 - 1828)

Isabella Few MP (deceased)

William Few, Jr., Signer of the US Constitution MP (1748 - 1828)

Capt. William Few, Jr., was a representative at the Continental Congress from Georgia, ratified the Constitution from Georgia, and was one of the two first United States Senators for Georgia. This same...

<Private> Few (deceased)

? Few Brown (deceased)

Abraham Few (c.1829 - 1866)

Abraham Few (deceased)

Abraham Alexander Few (b. - c.1962)

Abram Few (1863 - 1930)

Abram Alexander Few (deceased)

Albert Few (deceased)

Albert Few (1797 - 1810)

Albert (Bert) Eli Few (1922 - 1962)

Alf Few (deceased)

Alfred Few (deceased)

Alfred Few (deceased)

Alfred Few (deceased)

Alfred Blake Few (1943 - 2012)

Alfred Lowell Few (1906 - 1990)

Alice Few (1910 - d.)

Alice Few (deceased)

Alice Emily Cornelia Glover (Few) (deceased)

Alice Susan Standish Few (1853 - d.)

Alison Louise Few Brown (Cotterell) (1964 - d.)

Alma Mary Few (Boase) (deceased)

Amanda Louise Barton (Few) (deceased)

Ameila Few (deceased)

Amy Few (deceased)

Amy Few (deceased)

Amy Gertrude Few (1854 - d.)

Andrew Jackson Few (deceased)

Ann Few (Ellwood) (deceased)

Ann E Few (1849 - d.)

Ann Few (deceased)

Ann McNeil (Few) (deceased)

Ann Few (Hunt) (deceased)

Ann Few (deceased)

Ann Few (deceased)

Curtis was the more gregarious of the brothers and led a sometimes unconventional life. He married Ann Few in 1754 and in 1757 they had a son, Peter Grubb III. But marriage didn't agree with Curtis a...

Anna Catherine Few (Kerrick) (1875 - d.)

Source: The Millar-DuBois family, its history and genealogy @

Anna Few (1747 - 1823)

annie Sheffield (few) (deceased)

Arthur Edward Few (1924 - 1988)

Baby Jim Few (deceased)

benjamen C. few (deceased)

Benjamin (Bubba) (deceased)

Benjamin Few (1744 - 1805)

Notes for Benjamin Few: Benjamin was born in Maryland, but moved with his parents to Orange County, North Carolina when he was 14 years old. He married Richel there. After the hanging of his brother Ja...

Benjamin Few (deceased)

Benjamin Ferguson Few (1893 - d.)

Benjamin Few (deceased)

Benjamin Charles Few (deceased)

Benjamin Franklin Few (deceased)

Besie FEW (b. - 1998)

Bessie Lillian Few (1893 - d.)

Source: The Millar-Dubois family, its history and genealogy @

Bessie Few (Marks) (deceased)

Betsy Few (deceased)

Betty Few (deceased)

Betty Stackhouse Fravel (Few) (1860 - d.)

Betty Verdin Few (deceased)

Bill Few (c.1929 - c.1987)

Great, great, great grandfather was Wm. E. Few, signer of the Constitution of the United States for the State of Georgia. Had four daughters Was a scratch golfer. Won the Pepsi Senior Classic just ...

Billy Few (deceased)

Birdie Lou Few (Odle) (1921 - 2000)

Blake Arthur Ernest Few (1870 - d.)

Caleb Asbury Few (deceased)

Caleb Ashby Few (deceased)

Camillas L. Few (deceased)

Camillus Few (deceased)

Capt. Ignatius Few (1750 - 1810)

Ignatius Few (son of William Few, Sr. and Mary Wheeler) was born 1750 in Three Sister's Plantation, Baltimore County, Maryland, and died date unknown in Unknown. He married (1) Mary Candler on date unk...

Carole G. Few (deceased)

Caroline Few (deceased)

Caroline Few (deceased)

Catherine (Kate) Few (deceased)

Cecelia Few (Alford) (1919 - d.)

Charles C Few (1871 - d.)

Charles Few (deceased)

Charles Few (1866 - d.)

Charles Few (deceased)

Charles Howard Few (1881 - d.)

Charles Few (deceased)

Charles M. Few (deceased)

Charlie Few (deceased)

Clara Anne German (Few) (1881 - 1960)

Cleo Few (deceased)

Columbus Lee Few (deceased)

Crapus Few (deceased)

Daniel Few (1660 - d.)

Darrell Few (deceased)

Dayda Few (deceased)

Delia Elaine Williams (deceased)

Delia Elaine Williams (Few) (deceased)

Dorcas Few (Mathews) (deceased)

Dorcas Few (Matthews) (1704 - 1804)

Doris Alfreda Few (deceased)

Dorothy Few (deceased)

Dorothy S. Gibson Few (deceased)

Dorthy Few (deceased)

Dr Benjamin Franklin Few (1830 - 1923)

Dr. Few was the son of William Few, Jr. and Sarah Ferguson. He was the grandson of William Few, Sr. and Susannah Tubbs. Civil War Veteran Company G 16th SC Regiment Oct 1861-May 1862 Company * 13th...

DR. Rev. Ignatius Alphonso Few (1789 - 1845)

DR. IGNATIUS ALPHONSO FEW, FOUNDER AND FIRST PRESIDENT OF EMORY COLLEGE (the parent institution of present Emory University, Atlanta) References and Family Tree Included Dr. Ignatius A. Few (Apri...

Earl Frederick Few (deceased)

Ed Few (deceased)