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Fyvush Finkel MP

Philip “Fyvush” Finkel (born October 9, 1922) is an American actor best known as a star of Yiddish theater and for his role as lawyer Douglas Wambaugh on the television series Picket Fe...

Shimon Finkel MP (1905 - 1999)

Finkel (deceased)

Finkel (deceased)

(Father) Finkel (deceased)

(UNKNOWN) Finkel (deceased)

(unknown) Finkel (deceased)

פייגא אסתר Finkel (Epstein) (b. - 2014)

שמואל Finkel (deceased)

<Private> Finkel (deceased)

<Private> Finkel (deceased)

<Private> Finkel (deceased)

? Finkel (deceased)

נפטרה כשסבא יוסף היה בן 9 חודשי&#...

? Finkel (deceased)

? Finkel (1994 - 1994)

? Finkel (deceased)

? Kaufman (Finkel) (deceased)

? Spar (Finkel) (deceased)

? Finkel (deceased)

? Finkel (b. - c.1945)

? Finkel (deceased)

?? Finkel (deceased)

a finkel (deceased)

Aaron Finkel (1915 - 1941)

Abe Finkel (1905 - 1971)

Abe Finkel (deceased)

Abem Finkel (1889 - 1948)

Abraham Finkel (1875 - 1959)

Abraham Finkel (deceased)

Abraham Henry Finkel (1911 - 1992)

Abraham Finkel (deceased)

Abraham Finkel (1910 - 1957)

Abraham Finkel (deceased)

Abraham Finkel (deceased)

Abraham Finkel (Finkelstein) (1870 - 1943)

Abraham Eli Finkel (deceased)

Abram Finkel (deceased)

Abram Finkel (deceased)

Ada Finkel (Heuton) (1881 - d.)

Ada (Ida) Rempel (Finkel) (1905 - 1986)

Adam F FINKEL (1858 - 1929)

Adel Finkel (Katz) (deceased)

Adele Finkel (Plaine) (deceased)

Agnes Finkel (Henn) (1862 - 1922)

Al Finkel (deceased)

Albert Finkel (deceased)

Albert Finkel (deceased)

Alen Finkel (deceased)

Alevtina Michailovna Finkel (Juravlyova) (deceased)

Alexander Finkel (1899 - 1959)

Alexander (Sasha) Finkle (Finkel) (deceased)

Alfred Finkel (deceased)

Amalia Finkel (Belloazarkovski) (deceased)

Anchel Finkel (1877 - c.1942)

Anita Finkel (c.1913 - d.)

Anna Finkel (deceased)

Anna Finkel (Miller) (deceased)

Anna Finkel (deceased)

Anna Dina Marcus (Finkel) (1875 - 1959)

Grandson Gerry Spear, Newport Beach

Anna Glauser (Finkel) (deceased)

Anna Werman (Finkel) (b. - 1972)

Anna Finkel (deceased)

Anna Finkel (deceased)

Anna Finkel (Becker) (deceased)

Anna Horowitz (Finkel) (c.1899 - c.1968)

Anna Finkel (Gelfand) (c.1889 - c.1973)

Anna Finkel (Gaylor) (deceased)

Anna Korenvaes (Finkel) (deceased)

Anna Berman Finkel (Berman) (deceased)

Anna Margaretha Finkel (1752 - d.)

Annette Mayman (Finkel) (deceased)

Annette Tabic (Finkel) (deceased)

Annie Finkel (Lokitz) (deceased)

Annie Ella Finkel (1913 - 2004)

Annie Finkle (Finkel) (deceased)

Annie / Anna Grupper (Finkel) (deceased)

Arie Finkel (b. - c.1940)

Arie Leib Finkel (1908 - 1942)

Arkadii Finkel (deceased)

Arkady Finkel (deceased)

Aron Finkel (deceased)

Aron Finkel (deceased)

Arron Finkel (deceased)

Arthur Finkel (deceased)

Arthur and Milton were fraternal twins.

Arthur Finkel (deceased)

arthur Finkel (deceased)

Asher Joseph Finkel (1915 - 1988)

Avi Finkel (1955 - 2011)

Avigail Finkel (deceased)

Avigail Finkel (1933 - 1942)

Finkel Avigail Avigail Finkel was born in 1933 to Uri and Liba. She was a child. Prior to WWII she lived in Minsk, Belorussia (USSR). During the war was in Minsk, Belorussia (USSR). Avigail peris...

Avraham Meir Finkel (deceased)

Avraham Finkel (deceased)

Avraham Shmuel Finkel (1879 - 1951)

Avrom Finkel (1796 - d.)

He was a doctor and he lived in Grodna Russia. He recieved at least tow medals: For helping cure an epidemic of Cholera presented by the Russian Czar For assisting in the epidemic of Small Pox, g...

Avraham - Hersh Finkel (1886 - 1943)

Avraham Shmuel Finkel (deceased)

Avraham Shmuel Finkel (deceased)

Avraham Yehoshua Heschel Finkel (deceased)

avram finkel valman (1920 - d.)

Avram Finkel Valdman (deceased)