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Matilda Agnes FitzAlan of Bedale MP (1298 - 1348)

Alan I FitzAlan MP (c.1165 - 1189)

Alan "Dapifer" de Dol (fitzAlan), Seneschal of Dol and Brittany MP (c.1050 - 1097)

Alice FitzAlan, Baroness Segrave MP (c.1289 - 1325)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALICE DE ARUNDEL Pedigree Female Family Event(s): Birth: About 1293 Marriages: Spouse: STEPHEN SEGRAVE F...

Alice Fitzalan, of Arundel MP (c.1310 - 1375)

'Alice FitzAlan1,2,3 'F, d. 1326 Father Sir Edmund FitzAlan, 9th Earl Arundel, Chief Justice of North & South Wales1,2,4 b. 1 May 1285, d. 17 Nov 1326 Mother Alice de Warren1,2,4 b. c 1287, d. bt...

Alice Fitz FitzAlan, Lady Cherleton MP (c.1378 - c.1415)

[ ] Alice FitzAlan was born before 1382. She was the daughter of Richard FitzAlan, 11th Earl of Arundel and Elizabeth de Bohun.1 She married John Cherleton, 4th Lord Cherleton, son of John Cherleto...

Alice Fitzalan of Arundel (Fitzalan) MP (deceased)

Anne Halsham was born before 1419. She was the daughter of John Halsham and Maud Mawley.1 She married, firstly, Sir John de Bohun, son of Sir John de Bohun, 1st Lord Bohun and Cicely Filliol, before ...

Alice FitzAlan MP (1390 - 1447)

Researcher Ryan ( ) gives possible birthdate for Alice as 1385 - I have no further information to prove accuracy of either year?

Alice FitzAlan, Countess of Kent MP (1350 - 1416)

Alice Holland, Countess of Kent (c. 1350 – 17 March 1416), formerly Lady Alice FitzAlan, was an English noblewoman, a daughter of the 10th Earl of Arundel, and the wife of the 2nd Earl of Kent, ...

Aline FitzAlan, Countess of Hertford MP (c.1323 - 1386)

Ann De Baliol MP (c.1268 - 1340)

probably not the daughter of John Balliol of Scotland and Isabella de Warenne. Not listed on FMG.

Bernard Marmaduke Fitzalan-Howard, 16th Duke of Norfolk MP (1908 - 1975)

Links: ================================================ Citations: 1. [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke's Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, ...

Bernard Edward Fitzalan-Howard, 3rd Baron Howard of Glossop MP (1885 - 1972)

Brian I Fitzalan MP (1145 - 1242)

Catherine Fitzalan MP (c.1300 - 1328)

Christiana FitzRobert De Caen MP (1113 - 1153)

Christiana was NOT the daughter of Robert de Caen, Earl of Gloucester but rather a niece or 'other relative' From Medlands: WILLIAM FitzAlan, son of ALAN FitzFlaald & his [second] wife Adeline [Ave...

Christiana FitzAlan MP (1145 - 1227)

Daughter of William FitzAlan and his first wife Christiana, niece of ROBERT FitzRoy Earl of Gloucester, daughter of --- (not William's second wife Isabel de Say). married Hugh Pantulf. Children: ...

Edmund FitzAlan, 9th Earl of Arundel MP (1285 - 1326)

"Edmund FitzAlan, 3rd Earl of Arundel[a] (1 May 1285 – 17 November 1326) was an English nobleman prominent in the conflict between Edward II and his barons. His father, Richard FitzAlan, 2nd Ear...

Sir Edmund Fitzalan MP (c.1327 - c.1377)

RICHARD FitzAlan, son of EDMUND FitzAlan Earl of Arundel & his wife Alice de Warenne ([1313]-Arundel 24 Jan 1376, bur Lewes Priory, Sussex). His father's assets having been forfeited following his ex...

Edward Fitzalan Howard, 18th Duke of Norfolk MP

See Wikipedia...

Eleanor FitzAlan MP (c.1277 - 1328)

Eleanor de FitzAlan, of Arundel MP (1354 - c.1366)

Married at the age of six and died at the age of ten childless.

Elizabeth FitzAlan, Duchess of Norfolk MP (1366 - 1425)

ELIZABETH fitz Alan From Medlands (before 1375-8 Jul 1425). A manuscript record of the Mowbray family states that “Thomas Mowbray…ducem de Norfolk” married “filiam comit...

Henry FitzAlan, 19th Earl of Arundel MP (1512 - 1580)

Son of William Fitzalan, the 17th Earl, by Lady Anne Percy, dau. of Henry Percy, 4th Earl of Northumberland . He married first Catherine, dau. of Thomas Grey, 2nd M. Dorset. And secondly to Mary Arunde...

Henry Fitzalan-Howard, 14th Duke of Norfolk MP (1815 - 1860)


Jane FitzAlan, of Arundel MP (c.1312 - d.)

Birth Date 1312 or 1307

Jane / Joan(nna) Fitzalan, Lady Lumley MP (1537 - 1578)

Joan Echingham (FitzAlan d'Arundel) MP (c.1366 - 1404)

Last Edited=30 Mar 2008 Joan Fitzalan was the daughter of John Fitzalan and Eleanor Maltravers.2 She married Sir William de Bryan, son of Sir Guy de Bryan, 1st and last Lord Bryan and Elizabeth Mon...

Joan de Beauchamp (FitzAlan), Baroness Bergavenny MP (1375 - 1435)

(source) Lady Joan FitzAlan, 1st Baroness Bergavenny (1375- 14 November 1435), was the wife of William de Beauchamp, 1st Baron Bergavenny of the Welsh Marches. Joan FitzAlan was born in 1375, at Ar...

Joan Fitzalan MP (1310 - 1335)

Joan FitzAlan, Countess of Hereford MP (1347 - 1419)

"Joan FitzAlan, Countess of Hereford, Countess of Essex and Countess of Northampton (1347 – 7 April 1419), was the wife of the 7th Earl of Hereford, 6th Earl of Essex and 2nd Earl of Northampton...

John FitzAlan, 6th Earl of Arundel MP (1223 - 1267)

Lord Oswestry, Clun, and Arundel, was an English nobleman. He is sometimes counted as 6th Earl of Arundel (5th Earl of Arundel), although he was never called earl during his lifetime. He married Maud l...

John FitzAlan (Fitzalan d'Arundel), 2nd Baron Arundel, 2nd Baron Maltravers MP (1364 - 1390)

John FitzAlan, 2nd Baron Arundel, also called John de Arundel (30 November 1364 – 14 August 1390), of Buckland, Surrey, was the son of John FitzAlan, 1st Baron Arundel and Eleanor Maltravers. ...

John FitzAlan, 14th Earl of Arundel MP (1408 - 1435)

'Sir John d' Arundel, 19th (14th) Earl of Arundel, Duke of Touraine, Lord Maltravers, Captain of Rouen, Vernon-sur-Seine & Verneuil1,2 'M, b. 14 February 1408, d. 12 June 1435 Father Sir John d' Ar...

John FitzAlan, 1st Baron Arundel MP (1348 - 1379)

-------------------- John was appointed Lord Marshal of England by Richard II of England in 1377, and summoned to the House of Lords on 4 August 1377, by writ directed Johanni de Arundell. He serve...

John FitzAlan, Lord of Clun & Oswestry, Earl of Arundel MP (c.1164 - 1240)

John married Isabel d'Aubigny, son of William d'Aubigny 2nd Earl of Arundel, and Matilda st. Hilary. -------------------- John Fitzalan, Lord of Clun and Oswestry (1200–1240) in the Welsh Ma...

John FitzAlan, 13th Earl of Arundel MP (1385 - 1421)

John FitzAlan Birth: Aug 1 1385 - Ditton Manor,Stoke Pogis,Buckinghamshire,England Death: Apr 21 1421 - Arundel Castle,,Sussex,England Wife: Alianore Berkeley

John FitzAlan (FitzAllen), 7th Earl of Arundel MP (1246 - 1272)

"John FitzAlan, 7th Earl of Arundel (14 September 1246 – 18 March 1272) was an English nobleman. He was also feudal Lord of Clun and Oswestry in the Welsh Marches." ===========================...

Jordan fitzAlan, Seneschal of Dol MP (c.1103 - 1130)

Christening: Also Of, Dol, Normandy, France--------------------# Sir James Balfour Paul, The Scots Peerage: founded on Wood's edition of Sir Robert Douglas's The Peerage of Scotland (Edinburgh, Scotlan...

Juliana FitzAlan (Mnu) MP (c.1361 - d.)

Katherine FitzAlan MP (1306 - 1376)

Margaret FitzAlan de Arundel MP (c.1382 - 1423)

Margaret FitzAlan daughter of Richard FitzAlan (executed 1397) Earl of Arundel, and his first wife Elizabeth de Bohun. sister and coheir of Thomas Fitzalan, E. Arundel. Married Sir Rowland Lenthall o...

Margaret FitzAlan, Countess of Lincoln MP (1475 - 1493)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Margaret Fitzalan: Margaret FitzAlan [1] F, #107565, d. after 1493 Last Edited=17 May 2010 Consanguinity Index=0.0% Margaret FitzAlan was the daugh...

Margaret FitzAlan, Baroness Ros de Ros MP (1372 - 1438)

Margaret Arundel1 F, #47283 Margaret Arundel||p4729.htm#i47283|John d'Arundel, 1st Lord Arundel|b. c 1351\nd. 16 Dec 1379|p10691.htm#i106904|Eleanor Mautravers, Baroness Mautravers|b. c 1346\nd. 10...

Margaret FitzAlan de Arundel MP (c.1302 - 1354)

Margaret FitzAlan1 F, #137680 Last Edited=1 Jan 2005 Margaret FitzAlan is the daughter of Sir Richard Fitzalan, 8th Earl of Arundel and Alasia di Saluzzo.1 She married William le Botiler, son o...

Mary FitzAlan, Duchess of Norfolk MP (1540 - 1557)

"Lady Mary FitzAlan, Duchess of Norfolk (1540 – 23/25 August 1557) was the youngest daughter and child of Henry FitzAlan, 19th Earl of Arundel and his first wife Lady Catherine Grey. Because her...

Mary fitzAlan (unknown) MP (1119 - d.)

Sir James Balfour Paul, The Scots Peerage: founded on Wood's edition of Sir Robert Douglas's The Peerage of Scotland (Edinburgh, Scotland: David Douglas, 1904), volume I, page 10.  

Mary (Isabel) le Strange, Baroness of Arundel (FitzAlan) MP (c.1332 - 1396)

'Mary FitzAlan1,2,3,4,5 'F, d. 29 August 1396 Father Sir Edmund FitzAlan, 9th Earl Arundel, Chief Justice of North & South Wales1,2,6,4,5 b. 1 May 1285, d. 17 Nov 1326 Mother Alice de Warren1,2,6...

Mary Fitzalan (Arundell), Countess of Arundel MP (c.1510 - 1557)

'Mary Arundell1,2,3 'F, b. circa 1510, d. 20 October 1557 Father Sir John Arundel4,2,3 b. c 1474, d. 8 Feb 1545 Mother Jane (Katherine) Grenville4,2,3 b. c 1480, d. a 3 Feb 1546 ' Mary Arundell...

Matilda FitzAlan de Arundel MP (c.1244 - c.1309)

Matilda was from Besford, Tettenhall, Staffordshire, England.

Miles Fitzalan-Howard, 17th Duke of Norfolk MP (1915 - 2002)

"Major General Miles Francis Stapleton Fitzalan-Howard, 17th Duke of Norfolk, KG GCVO CB CBE MC DL GCPO (21 July 1915 – 24 June 2002), was the eldest son of Bernard Fitzalan-Howard, 3rd Baron Ho...

Philippa FitzAlan, heiress of Chipping Norton MP (c.1352 - 1399)

Philippa, daughter of Sir Edmund de Arundel (bastardized son of 11th/14th Earl of Arundel). [Burke's Peerage, p. 2499] Links

Richard FitzAlan, 8th Earl Arundel MP (1267 - 1302)

"Richard FitzAlan, 8th Earl of Arundel (7th Earl of Arundel per Ancestral Roots) (3 February 1266/7 – 9 March 1301/2) was an English Norman medieval nobleman." ================================...

Richard FitzAlan, 10th Earl of Arundel MP (1306 - 1376)

"Richard FitzAlan, 10th Earl of Arundel and 8th Earl of Surrey (9th Earl of Arundel per Ancestral Roots) (c. 1306 – 24 January 1376) was an English nobleman and medieval military leader." ====...

Richard FitzAlan, 11th Earl of Arundel MP (1346 - 1397)

"Richard FitzAlan, 11th Earl of Arundel and 10th Earl of Surrey (1346 – 21 September 1397) was an English medieval nobleman and military commander." ===========================================...

Simon fitzAlan, of Norfolk MP (1123 - 1200)

From Simon fitz Alan (died c. 1200) was a 12th-century noble who was the ancestor of the Boyds. Simon was the third son of the Breton knight, Alan fitz Flaad, feudal lord of Oswestry, by his spouse A...

Sir John Fitzalan, [Sir] MP (c.1287 - 1375)

Sybil de Montagu MP (c.1330 - 1381)

Sibyl Montagu was the daughter of William Montagu, 1st Earl of Salisbury. She married Sir Edmund FitzAlan, son of Richard FitzAlan, 10th Earl of Arundel and Isabel le Despenser, before July 1349. C...

Thomas FitzAlan, 17th Earl of Arundel MP (1450 - 1524)

'Sir Thomas FitzAlan, 22nd (17th) Earl of Arundel, Chief Butler of England, Lt. of the Order of the Garter, Warden of the New Forest, Keeper of the Tower & Blockhouse of Portsmouth, Lord Maltravers1,2,...

Thomas FitzAlan Arundel MP (c.1380 - 1430)

Sir Thomas FitzAlan (died 1430) of Beechwood Castle in Kent was a medieval English knight. He was born to John Fitzalan, 2nd Lord Arundel and Elizabeth le Despenser and was a grandson of John Fitzala...

Thomas FitzAlan, 12th Earl of Arundel MP (1381 - 1415)

--------------------Thomas Fitzalan, 12th Earl of Arundel and 10th Earl of Surrey KG (Night of the Garter) was an English nobleman, one of the principals of the deposition of Richard II, and a ma...

Walter FitzAlan, 1st High Steward of Scotland MP (c.1106 - 1177)

Walter Fitzalan (died 1177), was the 1st hereditary High Steward of Scotland (c1150-1177), and described as "a Norman by culture and by blood a Breton". He was the third son of a Breton knight, Alan fi...

William FitzAlan, 16th Earl of Arundel MP (1417 - 1487)

married after 17 August 1438 died before 15 December 1487 Links:

William FitzAlan, Sheriff of Shropshire MP (c.1136 - 1210)

Burke's has the William fitz Alan who married Isabel de Say, Lady of Cluny, as the son of Alan fitz Flaald and Aveline de Hesding. Other sources have him as the son of William FITZALAN (B. Oswestry) an...

William FitzAlan, Lord of Oswestry, High Sheriff MP (c.1105 - 1160)

After the conquest the region was granted to Roger de Montgomerie by William I. In turn it passed to Rainald who is thought to have built the first castle (unless of course, he was settling on existing...

William FitzAlan, 18th Earl of Arundel MP (c.1476 - 1544)

William FitzAlan, 18th Earl of Arundel From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia William FitzAlan, 18th Earl of Arundel (1476 – 23 January 1544) was an English peer, styled as Lord Maltravers fr...

(half) Richard FitzAlan, 11th Earl of Arundel (deceased)

(half)Elizabeth Goushill (Fitzalan); (deceased)

(Mr) FitzAlan (deceased)

NN Fitzalan (c.1138 - 1240)

Peshale always was a divided manor; there was a part of it held of the Bishops of Chester and John de Peshale de Lumley also acquired Swinnerton by marriage with the daughter and heir of Fitz Alan. It ...

Adelina FitzAlan, of Oswestry (1095 - d.)

Lady Adeliza Matilda Manners (b. - 1904)

Agnes FitzAlan (1360 - d.)

Agnes Stapleton (FitzAlan) (1297 - d.)

Agnes FitzAlan Lord of Bedale (Haget) (1180 - 1212)

Agnes Valeria Kate Fitzalan (1885 - d.)

Alan Fitzalan (1235 - 1267)

Alan I Lord of Bedale FitzAlan (FitzAlan Lord of Bedale) (1189 - 1213)

Hon. Alathea Ward (Fitzalan Howard) (1923 - 2001)

Alianore FitzAlan (c.1206 - d.)

Alianore FitzAlan (c.1206 - d.)

Alice Plantagenet FitzAlan (de Warenne) (deceased)

Alice FitzAlan (c.1310 - d.)

Alice FitzAlan Lord of Bedale (Hansard) (1215 - 1242)

Alice FitzAlan (1364 - d.)

Alice Fitzalan (1305 - 1325)

Alice Holland (Fitzalan) (deceased)

Alice Holland (Fitzalan) (deceased)

Alice Mary Elizabeth Rawdon-Hastings (Fitzalan-Howard), Countess of Loudon (1856 - 1915)

Alice Collinridge (FitzAlan) (c.1474 - d.)

Alice FITZALAN (deceased)

Alice Fitzalan (Unknown) (c.1349 - 1384)

Alice Fitzalan (c.1352 - 1415)

Alice Fitzalan (c.1529 - d.)

Alice Fitzalan (deceased)

Alice Holland (FitzAlan) (1448 - 1500)

Alice Fitzalan (c.1352 - 1415)

Alice Latimer (Fitzalan) (1206 - 1302)

Alice Fitzalan (c.1352 - 1415)

Aline (Olive) FitzAlan (1314 - 1386)