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Formoe (Hansdatter) (deceased)

- Formoe (deceased)

-- Formoe (deceased)

Emily (Emilia) Formoe (Nilson) (deceased)

Hanna Andrea Hansdatter Formoe (Lysager) (1855 - d.)

Hans Hansen Formoe (deceased)

Hans Hansen Hanson (Formoe) (c.1828 - 1865)

1862 left Eiker, Buskerud, Norway for America. Hans Hansen enlisted in the Wisconsin Army and died in the Civil War. February 27, 1864 volunteered at Bloomer Prairie, Wisconsin with Company K 4th Wis...

Hans Christian Ingval Hansen Hanson (Formoe) (1858 - 1914)

Kirsten Pedersdtr. Formoe (1763 - d.)

Mathilde Hansen Formoe (deceased)

Ole Jensen Formoe (1769 - d.)

Peter Pedersen Formoe (deceased)

Petra Udstrand (Formoe) (1882 - 1976)