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Hermanus Fourie, b11c3 MP (1774 - d.)

Judi Marais-Meyer register MRIN 596 Boedel van vrou, Anna Louisa J v Rensburg MOOC8/55.20 a & b 9 Sept 1803 Kaapse Weescamer. -----------------------------------------------------------------...

Louis Fourie, SV/PROG MP (c.1669 - 1750)

Louis Fourie Stamvader/Progenitor Variations of the name – Fourié; Florit One of the French Huguenots who went to South Africa in 1689 Origin of the name – from Fourier, mean...

Louis Fourie, b6 MP (c.1703 - 1767)

Genealogiese/Genealogical #: b6 A history of the Fourie Farm, Doornboom in Heidelberg Cape -------------------- Louis Fourie was baptised around 1703. He lived in Drakenstein. He was married on 1...

Maria Magdalena Fourie MP (1842 - 1924)

EGGSA Grafsteen / Gravestone

Susanna Christina Johanna Fourie MP (1837 - 1895)

Fourie (deceased)

Fourie (deceased)

Fourie (deceased)

"Meisie" Cloete (Fourie) (deceased)

"Stompie" * FOURIE (deceased)

"Vet Ouma" Fourie (deceased)

"WHITE" FOURIE (deceased)

(Baba) Fourie (deceased)

(Frederik) Fourie (deceased)

(Unknown) Fourie (Schonknecht) (deceased)

(Unknown) Fourie (deceased)

(wit Oupa) Fourie (deceased)

<Private> Fourie (Field) (deceased)

<Private> Crocker (Fourie) (deceased)

<Private> Botha (Fourie) (deceased)

<Private> Fourie (Meitzner) (deceased)

<Private> Fourie (Swart) (deceased)

<Private> Bronkhorst (Fourie) (deceased)

? Boshoff (Fourie) (deceased)

? Fourie (deceased)

? Fourie (deceased)

? (Fourie) (deceased)

? (no children) Fourie (previously Wolfaard) (Eksteen) (deceased)

? Fourie (deceased)

? Fourie (deceased)

? Fourie (du Plessis) (deceased)

? Fourie (deceased)

?/ Fourie (deceased)

?? Fourie (deceased)

?? Fourie (deceased)

?? Fourie (deceased)

?? Fourie (deceased)

??? Fourie (deceased)

??? Fourie (deceased)

??? Fourie (deceased)

???? Fourie (deceased)

???? Fourie (deceased)

???? Fourie (deceased)

a fourie (deceased)

a Fourie (deceased)

A Fourie (deceased)

A.J. Fourie (deceased)

abel fourie (deceased)

Abel Francois Fourie (deceased)

Abigael Susanna Fourie (Van Niekerk) (deceased)

Carl Fourie (b. - c.1938)

Abraham Christoffel Hattingh (Fourie) (1933 - d.)

Abraham Jacobus Fourie (1890 - 1966)

Abraham Bernardus Stephanus Fourie (deceased)

Abraham(Ampie) Fourie (1919 - 1992)

Abraham Carl Fourie (deceased)

Abraham Fourie (deceased)

Abraham Willem Adriaan Fourie (1912 - d.)

Abraham Bernardus Fourie, b21c4d4 (1815 - d.)

Abraham Bernardus Fourie (deceased)

Abraham Bernhardus Fourie (deceased)

Abraham Carl Fourie, 4 (1870 - d.)

Abraham Christoffel Fourie, b14c6d5e3f5 (1856 - d.)

Abraham Christoffel Fourie (deceased)

abraham johannes fourie (deceased)

Abraham Johannes Fourie (deceased)

Abraham Marthinus Fourie, b6c1d3e3f7 (deceased)

Abraham Paulus Paulus Fourie (1930 - 1998)

Abraham Petrus Fourie (deceased)

Abraham Pieter Jacobus Fourie (1897 - d.)

Abrahamina Johanna (Amy) Fourie (Els) (1935 - d.)

abram paulus fourie (deceased)

Ada Emmerentia Fourie (1898 - d.)

Adam Fourie (deceased)

Adam Johannes Fourie (deceased)

Adam Martinus Fourie (deceased)

Adelaide Reinet Fourie (deceased)

Adolf Fourie (deceased)

Adriaan Fourie (deceased)

Adriaan (Jan) Paulus Fourie (1903 - 1959)

Adriaan Jacobus Fourie (deceased)

Adriaan Jacobus Fourie (deceased)

Adriaan Jonathan Fourie, b21c1d2 (1807 - d.)

Adriaan Paul Fourie, b17c2d7 (1807 - d.)

Adriaan Paulus Fourie (deceased)

Adriaan Paulus Fourie, b21c1d5 (1814 - d.)

Adriaan Paulus Fourie, b21c1d4e4 (1846 - d.)

Adriaan Paulus Fourie, b21c1d5e3f1 (1862 - 1925)

Adriaan Stephanus Fourie (deceased)

Adrian Mathys Fourie (deceased)

Adriana Fourie (Uys) (deceased)

Adriana Gertina Fourie (Reynecke) (1889 - 1970)

Adriana Johanna Fourie (Fick) (deceased)

Adriana Josina Fourie (Pienaar), b8c1d2e3f3g8 (1882 - d.)

Adriëtta Adriana Fourie (deceased)

Agatha Wilhelmina Fourie (Naudé) (1833 - d.)

Sources: Dutch Reformed Church, Colesberg, Northern Cape. Baptism register, 1827-1831. WJ Naude's KAB MOOC 13/1/69 states her DOB as 27 Feb 1833. Death Notice 597/34 Baptised by: A. Murray Witnesse...

Agatha Maria Fourie (deceased)

Agatha Wilhelmina Fourie (1862 - 1939)

Gusté Fourie (1917 - 2005)

AJ Fourie (deceased)