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Arsenia de la Cruz Francisco MP (1923 - 1971)

Arsenia Francisco was a supporting actress in films. She won a FAMAS in 1970.

Hendrick "Old Henry" Francisco MP (1686 - 1820)

Hendrick Francisco , born 1686, died 1820 American Revolutionary War service with the Green Mountain Boys; DAR Ancestor #: A041636 , Pension *S44864

Peter Francisco ("Virginia Giant", "Giant of the Revolution") MP (1760 - 1831)

Peter Francisco (c. 1760 – January 16, 1831), known variously as the "Virginia Giant" or the "Giant of the Revolution" (and occasionally as the "Virginia Hercules"), was an American patriot an...

FRANCISCO (1745 - d.)

M. Francisco (Pendleton) (c.1843 - d.)

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FRANCISCO (1745 - d.)

FRANCISCO (1821 - d.)

Francisco (deceased)

FRANCISCO (1841 - d.)

Francisco (deceased)

FRANCISCO (1740 - d.)

FRANCISCO (1824 - d.)

FRANCISCO (1747 - d.)

Francisco (1815 - d.)

"Clyde" George H. Francisco (1885 - d.)

(1312) Gaspar Francisco (deceased)

(426) Marcos Francisco (deceased)

(not Nancy) Francisco (??) (deceased)

John A. Francisco (1749 - 1832)

Johannis Hendricks (John Henry) Francisco (1724 - 1771)

*** Jurado Francisco (Jurado) (deceased)

...... Francisco (deceased)

1071-2487 MARIA DE FRANCISCO (deceased)


? Francisco (deceased)

? Francisco (deceased)

? francisco (deceased)

? Francisco (Almeda) (deceased)

? Francisco (deceased)

? Francisco (deceased)

? francisco (deceased)

??? Francisco (deceased)

A Francisco (deceased)

Aaltje Francisco (Doremus) (1724 - d.)

Aaltje Alida Francisco (Doremus) (1726 - 1771)

Abella Calviño Francisco (deceased)

Abraham Francisco (c.1806 - 1899)

He was the second of eight children born to Dr. John Alvin Francisco and ELizabeth NEAR. He married his first wife, Alviria CHAPPEL, 2 September, 1827 at Mayfield Twp., Curyahoga Co., OH. She died befo...

Abraham Francisco (deceased)

Abraham Francisco (1751 - 1826)

Birth: Feb. 12, 1751 Essex County New Jersey, USA Death: Feb. 11, 1826 Gorham Ontario County New York, USA Abraham Francisco was a son of Johannis Hendricksz (John Henry) Francisco and Alida "Aeltje"...

Absalom Francisco (1806 - 1899)

Acenath Lindsley (Francisco) (deceased)

Acácio Horácio Francisco (deceased)

Ada A. Francisco (1866 - d.)

Adam Francisco (deceased)

Adang Francisco (deceased)

Addie "Ada" Francisco (c.1841 - d.)

Addie A Francisco (1867 - d.)

Adelaida Francisco (Angeles) (deceased)

Adelaida Adriano Francisco (deceased)

Adelaide Francisco (deceased)

Adlaide francisco (deceased)

Adolfo de Francisco (deceased)

Adolfo De Francisco (deceased)

Adolfo González de Francisco (1899 - 1971)

Adolfo Francisco Pérez (deceased)

adolfo sr francisco (deceased)

Adriana Francisco (deceased)

Adriana Francisco (deceased)

Adriano Francisco (deceased)

Affonso Colla Francisco (deceased)

Agapita Crisostomo (Francisco) (deceased)

Agapito Francisco (deceased)

Agapito (Pito) Francisco (1917 - d.)

Agildo Francisco dos Santos (deceased)

Agostinho Francisco (deceased)

agostinho francisco de souza (deceased)

Agostinho Francisco de Jesus (deceased)

Agostinho Francisco (deceased)

Agueda Francisco Paltng (Francisco) (deceased)

Agueda Díaz y Francisco (deceased)

Agueda Pisani Megna Francisco (deceased)

Agustin Francisco (deceased)

Agustin de Francisco Hoyos (deceased)

Agustine Francisco (deceased)

Agustín Francisco (deceased)

Agustín García Francisco (deceased)

Agustín de Francisco Hoyos (deceased)

Agustín De Francisco (deceased)

Albano Francisco (deceased)

Albert H Francisco (1877 - 1961)

Albert B. Francisco (1861 - 1952)

Albert Francisco (deceased)

Albert E Lee Francisco (deceased)

Alberta Francisco Nolberto (deceased)

Alberta V. Francisco (deceased)

Alberto Francisco Ferreira (deceased)

Alberto de Francisco (deceased)

ALBERTO Francisco Damasceno (1928 - 1962)

Alberto Francisco dos Santos (deceased)

Alberto de Francisco (1880 - c.1943)

Albino Francisco (deceased)

Albíno Francisco Rosa (deceased)

Alcides Francisco Miranda (1918 - 1991)

Aleixa Francisco de Camargo (deceased)

Alejandra Enriquez (Francisco) (deceased)

Ales Francisco de Andrade (deceased)


Alexandre Francisco-Lavrador (1827 - d.)

Alexandre Francisco (b. - 1927)

Alexandre Colla Francisco (deceased)