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Prof. Abraham Adolf Halevi Fraenkel MP (1891 - 1965)

Abraham Halevi (Adolf) Fraenkel אברהם הלוי (אדולף) פרנקל ‎ (F...

Abram Frankel MP (c.1817 - d.)

Y-DNA is G2a3b1a1b1a (his 3rd great grandson and a related branch of Frankel family from Ratynicia were tested). Born c. 1817. Married (1) Leah (probably Rosinsky) who was born circa 1818 and died in...

Ascher Anschel Spira-Fränkel /Fraenkel MP (1628 - 1661)

"Die Grabschriften des alten Judenfriedhof in Wien" - Dr. Bernhard Wachstein, Band I no. 534 décédé le 25/2/1681 selon GenAmi 45?

bat R' Yitzchak Meir Frankel-Teomim MP (deceased)

Beile Frankel-Teomim (Wahl) MP (c.1600 - c.1669)

fille de Rav Meir Wahl Katzenellenbogen 1565-1630 et de Hinda Hindel Katzenellenbogen (Horowitz) née en 1608 pour Ofir Friedman? vers 1592 pour Vera Susan Meran?

Benjamin Moses Frankel MP (1897 - 1927)

Ben Frankel married Florence Koenigsberg, but died before they had children. (per his nephew Lee Benjamin Frankel). Benjamin Frankel, 29 (1899–1929), a Mariampole descendant, known for his war...

Chaim Yona Frankel-Teomim (Teomim), II MP (1669 - 1728)

1913--1996- The Eger Family Association- pg.4 1913--1990- The Eger Family Association- אילן ב--------------------הרב הגא&#...

Charles Frankel MP (c.1860 - 1923)

If I am correct about Joseph (Iosel/Josel) Frankel being from Merkine, Lithuania, then Charles (Calko) was named for his grandfather, Tsalko Frankel, of Merkine. I don't have a death date for Tsalko, b...

Chava Frankel (Margolis) MP (1835 - 1915)

Chava (or Eywa or Eva) was born in Przerosl in October of 1835. Her death certificate erroneously gives the year as 1833. She married in Przerosl about 1855 and her first child was born there in 1857. ...

Clara Amalia Frankel (Zunz) MP (1840 - d.)

David Tevel Frankel MP (c.1843 - d.)

There's some confusion about him. He appears to be listed twice in the household of his father Abram in the Ratcynia 1874-1875 Family List, Trakai District Revision List . David is listed as living i...

Efroim Frankel MP (c.1822 - d.)

Trakai District 1834-1842 Revision List for the town of Ratnycia. Translated by Litvak SIG and to be uploaded to in the future. David ben Leiba Frenkel appears as a head of househol...

Esther Lifshitz (Teomim-Frankel) MP (b. - 1635)

Esther Frankel (Wronke) MP (b. - 1779)

Gittel Heller Frankel Wallerstein MP (deceased)

Hirsch Benjamin of Hanau MP (1783 - 1857)

Isaac Joseph Frankel-Teomim MP (1721 - 1793)

Isaac Jona Josef selon David Bondi? 1913--1996- The Eger Family Association- pg.4 1913--1990- The Eger Family Association - אילן ב

Israel Moshe Shimshon Heller Frankel Wallerstein, Ha Levi MP (b. - 1696)

R' Jacob Loeb Benjamin Frankel, A.B.D. Obernik in Poland and then A.B.D. Hanau (from 1759) MP (b. - 1791)

Jacob (the Elder) Koppel HaLevi Frankel Heller Wallerstein, [Maharal G.Gdson] MP (c.1565 - 1612)

Jakob KOPPEL FRAENKEL HELLER-WALLERSTEIN (b. Austria, d. 15 Sept. 1612, Vienna, Austria) married Mirl Sarah TEOMIM (b. 9 Jan. 1575, Vienna, Austria, d. 21 Feb. 1639, Vienna, Austria) daughter of Dwerl ...

Jacob Aaron Frankel MP

Jacob Aharon Frenkel (Hebrew: יעקב אהרן פרנקל‎; born in 1943) is the Chairman of JPMorgan Chase Interna...

Judah Leib Frankel, of Krotoschin MP (b. - 1740)

Leo Herzberg-Frankel MP (1827 - 1915)

Austrian writer; born at Brody, Galicia, Sept. 19, 1827. At the age of seventeen he went for a year to Bessarabia, and on his return published "Bilder aus Russland und Bessarabien," and made contribu...

Magdelene (Genendel) Bondi (Frankel-Teomim) MP (1713 - 1778)

Mirel Sarah Heller Wallerstein (Teomim) MP (1575 - 1639)

Years of birth were quoted as 1580 (unlikely) and 1595 (even more unlikely). Die Inschriften des alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien by dr. Bernhard Wachstein- I Teil -NO. 240 & page 481

Mrs. Frankel (Shor) MP (deceased)

Peretz Frankel MP (1822 - d.)

R' Shmuel Frankel, The Kamader - Doroger Rav MP (1815 - 1881)

Harav Shmuel Frankel of Dorog , The Imrei Shefer was born on 5 Nisan 1815 to Harav Shraga Feivush Frankel Rav of Ginz-Riska. He was one of the foremost Chassidic Rabbis in Hungary, who studied under R'...

R' Uri Lipman Frankel (Unzdorf, Austria) (Frankel) MP (b. - 1824)

Baruch Taam MP (1760 - 1828)

1760 and was one of the outstanding pupils of David Tebele, A.B.D. of Lissa, as he mentions in his work, 'Nefesh David '.He later studied under R Judah Harif Lieber, son of R' Benjamin of Cracow. His a...

Rachel Heller Frankel-Mirele (Heller Wallerstein) MP (1594 - 1664)

Alt. Rachel Neumark (Frankel) 1913-1996- Eger Family Association- pg. 3 - according to this source she was born 1612 "Die Grabschriften des Alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien" Band I- by Dr. Bernhard ...

Rachel Feige Halberstam [Divrei Chaim 1st wife] (Frankel-Teomim) MP (deceased)

R'Chaim HALBERSTAM the Rebbe of Sanz and Rachel Feige (his first wife) (Frenkel-Teomim) had 8? children: 5 sons and 3? daughters. 1. Reitze HALBERSTAM m. 1855 Rabbi Mordechai Dov TWERSKI (b. 20 Sep. ...

Rebecca Adler (Frankel) MP (c.1764 - c.1858)

Rivkah Teomim (Horowitz) MP (b. - 1632)

“Fraenkel is a rabbinic surname. It was adopted by a group of families who had sojourned in Franconia (Franken in German) during the Middle Ages, not far from the bright communities of the Rhine...

Rose Gutradt (Frankel) MP (1899 - 1975)

Arrived on the ship Patricia (Hamburg - Boulogne - Plymouth - New York). Departure date August 17, 1907. Departure Przeroszki. Family Group: Hinde Frenkel abt. 1881 Riwe Frenkel abt. 1902 Bad...

Sara Frankel-Teomim (Oppenheimer) MP (1695 - 1713)

Schonle Frankel MP (b. - 1788)

Sister of Rachel Feige Halberstam [Divrei Chaim 2nd wife] (Frankel-Teomim [Baruch Taam]) MP (deceased)

R'Chaim Halberstam second wife, sister of Rachel Feige Frankel-Teomim, his first wife. They did not have children.

Slava Teomim Frankel-Mirels (Katz) MP (deceased)

Salva Tannenbaum (Frankel) [ Doroger Rav's sister] MP (deceased)

Sora Gittel Frankel-Teomim (Halberstam) MP (deceased)

אשתו של רבי שמעון, היתה הרבנית &#...

Yosel (Yosef) Frankel MP (c.1839 - 1904)

Y-DNA is G2a3b1a1b1a (his great great grandson and a related branch of Frankel family from Ratynicia were tested). Update from December 2011: Based upon DNA testing, there is no doubt that Yosel Fran...

Frankel (deceased)

Frankel (deceased)

Frankel (Freund) (deceased)

Panovka (Frankel) (deceased)

Frankel (KALIR) (deceased)

Frankel (deceased)

FRANKEL (deceased)

Frankel (deceased)

Frankel (deceased)

Frankel (deceased)

_____ Frankel (Teichner) (deceased)

_____ Frankel (deceased)

Christina "Sjanne" M. Frankel-Svendsen (1889 - d.)

(Chaim) Shaul Frankel (1906 - 1990)

(Sara) Reizel Rakower (Frankel) (1860 - 1895)

(unknown) Frankel (deceased)

(unknown) Frankel (deceased)

(unknown) Frankel (deceased)

(unknown) Frankel (deceased)

(unknown) Frankel (deceased)

(unknown) Frankel (deceased)

(unknown) Frankel (deceased)

(wife) Frankel (deceased)

(Yisroel) Isser Frankel (deceased)

--- Frankel (Salomon) (deceased)

. Frankel (deceased)

. Frankel (Kamenir) (deceased)

. Frankel (Gelerinter) (deceased)

. Frankel (deceased)

1 Frankel (deceased)

2 Frankel (deceased)

3 Frankel (deceased)

4 Frankel (deceased)

? Berger (Frankel) (deceased)

? Levine (Frankel) (deceased)

? Frankel (deceased)

? Frankel (deceased)

? Frankel (deceased)

? Frankel (deceased)

? Frankel (deceased)

? Gomperz (Fränkel) (deceased)

? Frankel (deceased)

? FRANKEL (deceased)

? FRANKEL (deceased)

? Frankel (b. - 1944)

? Frankel (deceased)

? Frankel (deceased)

? Frankel (deceased)

? Frankel (deceased)

? Frankel (deceased)

? Frankel (deceased)

? Frankel (Mohilever) (deceased)

? Frankel (deceased)

? Frankel (deceased)

? Frankel (deceased)

? Frankel (deceased)

? Frankel (deceased)

? Fränkel (c.1812 - 1812)