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Agnes de Forbes (Fraser) MP (c.1400 - 1423)

Alexander Fraser, 3rd of Philorth MP (1407 - 1482)

Alexander Fraser, 1st of Philorth MP (c.1339 - 1411)


Capt Alexander Fraser, 9th of Strichen MP (b. - 1803)

Alexander Fraser of Lovat MP (c.1374 - 1416)

Alexander Fraser, of Touchfraser and Cowie MP (1284 - 1332)

from Fraser of Philorth Alexander Fraser of Touchfraser and Cowie, Knight, Chamberlain of Scotland 1319, Sheriff of Stirling and of Kincardine, rewarded with wide lands, which included the baronies...

Alexander Fraser, 8th of Strichen MP (c.1733 - 1794)

Alexander Fraser of Golford MP (c.1419 - 1486)

Alexander Fraser MP (deceased)

Alexander Fraser, 3rd of Lovat MP (c.1375 - c.1436)

Alexander Fraser, 4th of Philorth MP (deceased)

Alexander Fraser, 7th of Philorth MP (deceased)

Anne Fraser (Campbell) MP (1692 - 1736)

Anne Fraser MP (deceased)

Anne Fraser (Frazer) MP (1689 - 1734)

Bernard Gabriel Fraser MP

Bernard Gabriel 'Bernie' Fraser (born 21 July 1953) is best known as a former New Zealand All Black rugby union player. Bernie Fraser was born in Lautoka, Fiji. He is the father of New Zealand Award ...

Carey Fraser MP (b. - 1709)

Christian Fraser (Forbes) MP (deceased)

Christian Seton (Fraser) MP (1520 - d.)

Colin Mackenzie Fraser, SV/PROG1 MP (1796 - 1870)

Maria Elisabeth S. ~ 20.2.1840 Colin Fraser of Killernan in Scotland, Dutch Ref. minister at Beaufort West. 9 sons, the eldest being John George (Sir John Fraser). See John George Fraser, “Episodes in ...

Dalcross Alexander Fraser MP (deceased)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Dalcross Alexander Fraser: Dalcross Alexander Fraser [1] M, #500497 Last Edited=21 Aug 2011 Dalcross Alexander Fraser married Anne Fraser, daughter of ...

Dawn Fraser MP

Dawn Fraser AO, MBE (born 4 September 1937) is an Australian champion swimmer and politician. She is one of only three swimmers to win the same Olympic event three times – in her case the 100 metres fr...

Elizabeth Fraser (Keith) MP (c.1376 - 1414)

Hugh Fraser, 1st Lord of Lovat MP (1436 - c.1501)

Hugh Fraser, 5th Lord Lovat MP (c.1550 - 1576)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Hugh Fraser, 5th Lord Lovat: Hugh Fraser, 5th Lord Lovat M, #24913, d. between 1 January 1576 and 1577 Last Edited=1 Nov 2011 Consanguinity Index=0.06%...

Hugh Fraser MP (1376 - 1440)

Hugh Fraser, 5th of Lovat MP (1417 - 1450)

Isobel Fraser (Forbes) MP (b. - 1611)

Biographical Summary "He (Thomas Fraser of Knockie and Strichen) married Isobel or Elizabeth Forbes, a daughter of John Forbes of Corsindae, and widow successively of William Chalmer of Strichen, and...

J. Fraser MP (1882 - 1912)

Mr J. Fraser Age: 30 years Last Residence: in Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Fireman / Stoker Engine crew First Embarked: Southampton Died in the sinking. Body Not Recove...

James Fraser of Ardachy MP (c.1550 - 1588)

From Darry Lundy's Peerage page on James Fraser of Ardachy: James Fraser of Ardachy [1] M, #219817 Last Edited=1 Nov 2011 Consanguinity Index=0.06% James Fraser of Ardachy is the son of...

James Fraser MP (c.1883 - 1912)

Mr James Fraser Born in Aberdeen Aberdeenshire Scotland Age: 29 years Marital Status: Married. Last Residence: at 54 Tennyson Road Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Junior Assistant...

Janet Fraser (Campbell) MP (1531 - 1561)

Janet Fraser (Dunbar) MP (1422 - 1491)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Janet Dunbar: Janet Dunbar [1] F, #392125 Last Edited=17 Mar 2011 Janet Dunbar married Hugh Fraser, 8th of Lovat, son of Hugh Fraser.[1] She is the d...

Janet Fraser (Fenton), of Beaufort MP (1378 - 1429)

John Fraser, of Touchfraser MP (1317 - c.1335)

John Fraser of Touch Fraser succeeded as a minor, being about fifteen years of age at the time of his father's death. He is mentioned in a charter of the forest of Craigie, in the thanage of Cowie, whe...

Katharine Ingrid Mary Isabel Fraser (Ramsay) MP

She assumed the surname and arms of Fraser by Warrant of Lord Lyon King of Arms in 1973.

Katherine Forbes (Fraser) MP (deceased)

Mahala E. Lee (Fraser) MP (1847 - 1894)

Margaret Fraser (Macleod) MP (deceased)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Margaret Macleod: Margaret Macleod [1] F, #146931 Last Edited=26 May 2007 Margaret Macleod is the daughter of Torquil Macleod of the Lewes.[1] She ma...

Margaret Foote (Fraser) MP (1867 - 1926)

Margaret Fraser MP (c.1335 - 1410)

Margaret Fraser parents: John Fraser of Touchfraser Married Sir William Keith, son of Sir William Keith, before 3 May 1351. Children of Margaret Fraser and Sir William Keith 1.Sir John Ke...

Marjorie Fraser MP (deceased)

Marjorie Fraser (Hamilton) MP (1400 - 1442)

The identification of Earl William's wife is not certain. She may have been either Marjorie Fraser, dau of Alexander Fraser of Kinnell and Lovat, or Mary Hamilton, dau of Sir James Hamilton of Cadzow. ...

Flora Fraser, suo jure 21st Lady Saltoun MP

Matilda Fraser MP (1375 - d.)

Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat MP (1570 - 1633)

Simon Fraser MP (1776 - 1862)

Simon Fraser From Wikipedia: (20 May 1776 – 18 August 1862) was a fur trader and an explorer who charted much of what is now the Canadian province of British Columbia. Fraser was employed by the ...

Sir James Fraser of Frendraught MP (c.1345 - d.)

Thomas Fraser, 3rd of Strichen MP (b. - 1656)

Thomas Alexander Fraser, 12th Lord Lovat and 1st Baron Lovat MP (1802 - 1875)

Thomas Fraser of Knockie, 1st of Strichen MP (1548 - 1612)

Thomas Fraser, 2nd of Strichen MP (b. - 1648)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Thomas Forbes, 2nd of Strichen: Thomas Fraser, 2nd of Strichen [1] M, #231618, d. March 1647/48 Last Edited=26 May 2007 Thomas Fraser, 2nd of Striche...

Sir William Fraser of Cowie and Durris MP (1318 - 1346)

The successor as Representer of this branch of the Frasers, William Fraser of Cowie and Durris , knight, b ca 1318, assisted in the capture of Edinburgh Castle by Sir William Douglas in 1341, m Margare...

William Fraser, 6th of Philorth MP (deceased)

William Fraser, 2nd of Philorth MP (c.1376 - 1446)

FRASER (deceased)

Fraser (deceased)

account deleted (deceased)

Fraser (deceased)

Fraser (deceased)

#1 Daughter of Simon & Catherine Fraser (deceased)

#1 son of Simon & Catherine Fraser (deceased)

#2 daughter of Simon & Catherine Fraser (deceased)

#2 son of Simon & Catherine Fraser (deceased)

#3 son of Simon & Catherine Fraser (deceased)

#4 son of Simon & Catherine Fraser (deceased)

#5 son of Simon & Catherine Fraser (deceased)

(Angus?) Fraser (deceased)

We know that Isabela's father was the brother of Brigadier General Simon Fraser [1729-77], and therefore her grandfather is Alexander Fraser of Balnain [c1671-1749]. The precise identity of her father,...

(unk) (deceased)

John Fraser (c.1212 - 1263)

John Fraser1 M, #186459 Last Edited=15 Aug 2009 Child of John Fraser Cecil Fraser+ 1 Citations [S6] G.E. Cokayne; with Vicary Gibbs, H.A. Doubleday, Geoffrey H. White, Duncan Warrand and Lo...

- (deceased)

? Fraser (deceased)

? (deceased)

? Elizabeth Fraser (deceased)

? de Fraser (Kylvert) (c.1109 - d.)

? (deceased)

? Fraser (MacDonald) (deceased)

? (deceased)

? Fraser (deceased)

Grizzle Anne Fraser (Flava) (1228 - d.)

? Fraser (MacQuaig) (deceased)

? Fraser (Barclay) (deceased)

?? Fraser (Trollip) (deceased)

??? Fraser (deceased)

[Hugh or Simon] (deceased)

A Stewart (Fraser) (1901 - 1972)

A. Fraser (deceased)

Aaron Fraser (1860 - 1934)

Abe Fraser (1897 - d.)

Abel McIver Fraser (deceased)

Abigail Fraser of Durris (fict) (1431 - d.)

Abigail Muirhead (Fraser) (deceased)

Abraham Fraser (1850 - d.)

Abraham Fraser (c.1760 - d.)

Abraham Fraser (deceased)

Abram Malcom Fraser (1821 - 1896)

Achibald Fraser (1801 - d.)

Adam Fraser (c.1145 - d.)

Adam Fraser (1816 - 1882)

Adam Fraser (deceased)