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David Joachim Friedländer MP (1750 - 1834)

né le 16 décembre 1750 selon Samuel Sabel he was a major force in the movement for Jewish religious reform he employed Moses Mendelssohn in his silk factory, and founded the bank of "...

Gerhart Friedlander MP (1916 - 2009)

Gerhart Friedlander (born Friedländer, July 28, 1916 – September 6, 2009)[1] was a nuclear chemist who worked on the Manhattan Project. Friedlander was born in Munich, and fled Nazi G...

Hans Friedlander MP (b. - 1942)

Elli and Jan Friedlander were Czech Jews who had succeeded in crossing into Switzerland at Novel. While still in France they had managed to find their son Saul a safe place with Catholic nuns. Saul w...

Judah Friedlander MP

Judah Friedlander (born March 16, 1969)[1][2] is an American actor and comedian, known for playing the role of writer Frank Rossitano on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock.[3][4][5] Friedlander is also known for...

Liesel Friedlander MP (1915 - d.)

Liesel Friedlander (Bernstein) MP (deceased)

Liesel and Ann Bernstein were sisters. Werner Frienlander first married Liesel, after her early death he then married the sister Ann Bernstein.

Milly Antonie von Friedländer-Fuld (Fuld) MP (1866 - 1943)

Bruidegom: Friedrich Victor Friedlaender Relatiesoort: Bruidegom Geslacht: Man Geboorteplaats: Gleiwitz (Silezië) Leeftijd: 32 Beroep: industrieel Vader bruidegom: Emanuel Friedlaender Geslacht:...

Philippine Friedländer (Oppenheim) MP (1805 - 1887)

Saul Friedländer MP

-----------------------------------------------------Elli and Jan Friedlander were Czech Jews who had succeeded in crossing into Switzerland at Novel.While still in France they had managed to find thei...

N Friedlander (deceased)

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Friedlander (deceased)

Bertel / Bilha Friedlander /Tur Shalom (deceased)

"Sanyi" Shlomo Friedlander (deceased)

(Unknown First Name) Friedlander (deceased)

(Unknown first name) Friedlander ((possbly Rosenberg)) (deceased)

--- 1st NN child Friedlander (deceased)

--- Friedlander (Kay) (deceased)

. Friedlander (deceased)

. Friedlander (deceased)

. Moos (Friedlander) (deceased)

1. Anna Friedländer (Picková) (deceased)

Z Pošné u Tábora

1. Rabbi SHLOMO FRIEDLANDER Rabbi in BUDAPEST (deceased)

2 Friedlander (deceased)

2. Kateřina Friedländer (Ascherová) (deceased)

3. son FRIEDLANDER (deceased)

4. son FRIEDLANDER (deceased)

5. son FRIEDLANDER (deceased)

6 Generations from the Maharsha (deceased)

6. son FRIEDLANDER (deceased)

7. son FRIEDLANDER (deceased)

8. son FRIEDLANDER (deceased)

? Friedlander (deceased)

? Friedlander (deceased)

? Friedlander (deceased)

? Friedlander (c.1793 - d.)

? Friedlander (deceased)

? Friedlander (deceased)

? Friedlander (deceased)

? Friedlander (UNK) (deceased)

? Friedländer (deceased)

? Friedlander (deceased)

? Friedländer (deceased)

? Friedlander (deceased)

? Friedländer (deceased)

? Ashkenazi (Friedlander) (deceased)

? Disler (Friedlander) (deceased)

? Friedlander (deceased)

? Friedländer (deceased)

? Friedländer (deceased)

? Friedlander (Herzog) (deceased)

? Friedlander (deceased)

? Friedlander (deceased)

? Fresco-Friedlander (deceased)

?? Friedlander (deceased)

??? 2nd NN child Friedlander (deceased)

??? 1st NN child Friedlander (deceased)

????? Friedlander (deceased)

A J Friedlander (deceased)

Aaron Friedlander (deceased)

Aaron Friedlander (1862 - 1929)

Aaron Friedlander (c.1840 - d.)

Aaron Friedlander (deceased)

Abby Cara Friedländer (1885 - 1885)

Abe Friedlander (deceased)

Abe Friedlander (deceased)

Abraham Friedländer (deceased)

Abraham Friedlander (1920 - d.)

Abraham Friedlander (c.1845 - d.)

Abraham Friedländer (deceased)

Abraham Friedlander (1865 - 1919)

Abraham Friedlander (1885 - d.)

Abraham Wulff Friedländer (1769 - 1835)

Abraham Friedlander (deceased)

Abraham Friedlander (1832 - 1917)

Abraham Friedlander (b. - 1876)

Abraham Friedlander (1824 - d.)

Born in PILTEN (PILTENE) - Latvia

Abraham Friedlander (deceased)

Abraham Friedländer (1789 - d.)

Spanier Stammbaum- page 180

Abraham J Friedlander (1830 - 1897)

Abraham Joachim Friedländer (1752 - 1820)

Abraham Friedländer (c.1797 - d.)

Abraham Friedlander (1884 - d.)

Abraham Friedländer (1829 - 1881)

Abraham Daniel Friedlander (c.1822 - 1866)

The story as related by James M. Friedlander is that Abraham Daniel (or Daniel Abraham) was from East Prussia and spoke German (perhaps from the town of Friedland which is now Plovdinsk?). He emigrated...

Abraham Friedlander (deceased)

Abraham Friedländer (1821 - d.)

Abraham Friedländer (c.1793 - d.)

Abraham Friedlander (deceased)

Abraham August Friedländer (1795 - 1870)

Adam Friedländer Ehrlich (deceased)

Adelaide (Edel) Friedländer (Ephraim) (1755 - 1808)

Adele Adela Friedländer (Max ? Solomon) (1863 - d.)

Adelheid Friedländer (1871 - d.)

Adelheid Liepmann (Friedländer) (1790 - 1885)

Adeline Friedlander (Haas) (deceased)

Adeline Friedlander (Young) (1848 - 1907)

Adolf Friedländer (deceased)

Adolf Abraham Friedlander (1919 - 1943)

Overledene: Adolf Friedlander Geslacht: Man Geboorteplaats: Duisburg (D) Leeftijd: 23 Vader: Wolf Friedlander Moeder: Eugenie Hellmann Gebeurtenis: Overlijden Datum: vrijdag 11 juni 1943 Gebeurtenispla...

Adolf Friedländer (deceased)

Adolf Friedländer (deceased)