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Ermengarde / Humberge de Limoges de Gévaudan, [daughter of Etienne II de Gévaudan and ADelais d'Anjou] MP (c.973 - c.1028)

According to Charles Cawley, in his FMG Medieval Lands database , and based upon primary sources, it is highly unlikely that Ermengarde de Gévaudan, the daughter of Etienne de Brioude de Gevaudan and t...

Humberge (Umberga) NN ((perhaps de Limoges or de Bourbon or de Gevaudan)) MP (930 - 1017)

Charles Cawley and some other scholars such as Todd Farmerie have conflated Humberge and Ermengarde, speculating that Humberge, wife of Guillaume IV Comte d'Auvergne , may have been the same person as ...

Pons, comte de Gévaudan MP (c.970 - 1011)

Adelaide de Gévaudan (deceased)

Adelaide Gevaudan (deceased)

Adelaide de Gevaudan (deceased)

Adélaide de Gévaudan (deceased)

Adélaïs (Aélis) de de Nice (de Gévaudan) (c.1007 - 1068)

Adélaïs de Gévaudan (c.1000 - 1068)

Agnes (Almodie) de Gevaudan (c.980 - 1005)

Almodis de Gevaudan (c.979 - 1030)

Almodis (b. - 1030)

account deleted (deceased)

Anne (c.900 - d.)

Anne de Gevaudan (de Brioude) (920 - d.)

Antoine Gevaudan (Gevodan) (1665 - 1726)

From Wendell E. Wilson, The Huguenot Ancestry of Jane “Jinny” Sally of Kentucky, Antoine Gevaudan (1675-1726) Antoine Gevaudan was born in Pro province, France, in 1675. He was among the French P...

Antoine Gevaudan (deceased)

Antonia de GÉVAUDAN (de RICHIER) (b. - c.1581)

Berengar II Vicomte de Millau i de Gevaudan (b. - c.1097)

Bertelandus de Gévaudan (c.810 - d.)

Bertrand de Gévaudan, I (938 - 993)

Bertrand de Gévaudan (c.968 - c.1020)

Bertrand II, comte de Gévaudan (b. - c.1038)

Béatrix de GÉVAUDAN (de GODEL) (deceased)

account deleted (deceased)

Eimilde de Gévaudan, * (c.953 - 1057)

Rotbold II of Provence From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia He married Emilde, possibly a daughter of Stephen, Viscount of Gévaudan. He left one son, Rotbold III, who inherited his titles, and a d...

Eimildis de Gévaudan, * (940 - d.)

Eimildis de Gévaudan (deceased)

Erail de Gévaudan (c.870 - c.925)

Ermengarde de Gevaudan (c.971 - c.1032)

Esclarmonde de Gévaudan (c.1090 - d.)

Etienne Count Of GEVAUDAN (deceased)

Françoise de GÉVAUDAN (de BERTRAND) (c.1550 - d.)

Gabrielle de GÉVAUDAN (de GEORGES) (c.1585 - d.)

Gabrielle de RAYMOND de MODÈNE (de GÉVAUDAN) (1620 - 1681)

Gabrielle de La Fite-Pelleport (de Ruffi de Pontevès-Gévaudan) (1869 - d.)

Gilbert Gévaudan (deceased)

Gilbert Ier Comte de Gévaudan (deceased)

Goda de Gévaudan (?) (880 - 970)

Honoré de GÉVAUDAN (c.1540 - 1610)

Honoré de GÉVAUDAN (c.1540 - c.1610)

Honoré de GÉVAUDAN (deceased)

Honoré de GÉVAUDAN (c.1570 - c.1622)

Irmengarda de Gevaudan (c.975 - d.)

Jean de GÉVAUDAN (b. - c.1581)

Jean (John) Jividon (Givodan) (Gevaudan) (1729 - 1780)

Magdalene Gévaudan (Chastain) (1737 - 1771)

Marie Thérèse GÉVAUDAN (BERNARD) (deceased)

N.N. de Gévaudan (c.945 - d.)

Philippa de Gévaudan (c.1005 - c.1066)

GUILLAUME [V] (-after 23 May 1059). "Poncius…comes…Gabalitanensis telluris necnon et Forensis patriæ" donated "ecclesiam Langat…in comitatu Gabalitensi, aliam ecclesiam…Favairolas…" to Saint-Julien d...

Philippine of Gevaudan (1000 - d.)

Pierre GÉVAUDAN (deceased)

Pierre de GÉVAUDAN (deceased)

Pons, comte de Gévaudan (deceased)

Pons (deceased)

Rose Gevaudan (1740 - 1790)

Thomas Gevedon (Gevaudan) (c.1770 - c.1818)

Thomas Jeffodan Gevaudan (c.1703 - c.1731)

unknown Gevaudan (c.1682 - d.)

Viviana de Gévaudan (?) (c.820 - d.)

Vivianus de Gévaudan (c.845 - c.898)

Étienne Gevaudan (deceased)

Étiennette (Stéphanette) de Gévaudan (c.1100 - c.1160)