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(Unknown) Gale MP (deceased)

... Gale MP (deceased)

Unknown father of 1. William Nathanial Gale 2. Susannah Gale, wife of Henry Helvey. He might also have been father or grandfather of Catherine Gibbs (Gayle) . Source

Abraham Gale, Jr. MP (1674 - 1749)

Many online trees have Abraham's death as Sept 15, 1718, but I believe this is false. It seems extremely odd that Abraham would die on the same day as his father (who died of illness). He was described...

Abraham Gale, Sr. MP (1643 - 1718)

Abraham Gale died 5 September 1718 in Watertown, two days after he wrote his will, "very sick and weak in body, But of perfect mind & memory." He named as executors his wife, Sarah, and his two younges...

Ann M. Jenkins (Gale) MP (c.1615 - 1678)

Daniel Gale MP (1721 - 1799)

Married Sarah Lamson Sept. 8, 1743. Served with his Uncle Isaac in the French and Indian War.

Daniel Gale MP (1717 - d.)

Edmund II Gale MP (c.1640 - 1716)

Elizabeth Close (Gale) MP (1793 - 1868)

Elizabeth Gale MP (1682 - d.)

Elizabeth Root (Gale) MP (1618 - 1692)

Elizabeth Nourse (Gale) MP (1678 - 1726)

Elizabeth King (Gale) MP (deceased)

Eunice Allen (Gale) MP (1711 - 1793)

George Washington Gale MP (1789 - 1861)

George Washington Gale (1789 - September 13, 1861) was born in Stanford, New York and became a Presbyterian minister in western New York state. A graduate of Union College in 1814, and Princeton Th...

Harry Gale MP (1875 - 1912)

Mr Harry Gale Born: 1875 Age: 37 years Last Residence: in Harrowbarrow Cornwall England Occupation: Miner 2nd Class passenger First Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday 10th April 1912 Ti...

Capt. Isaac Gale MP (1708 - 1793)

Isaac was a Lieutenant in the French and Indian War in the Military Company of Sutton.. On March 1, 1763 he was appointed by the Gov. of Mass. as Captain of the Militia of the same company. In those da...

John Gale MP (1732 - 1758)

Joseph Gale MP (1712 - 1763)

Josiah Gale MP (1742 - 1798)

Josiah was a man of muscular frame and remarkable strength according to his son George W. Served in the army during the French and Indian War in northern New York, participating in the battles of Ticon...

Josiah Gale MP (c.1725 - d.)

Judith Gale (Sawyer) MP (1701 - 1748)

Lucy Aldrich (Gale) MP (1764 - d.)

Mary Gale (Bacon) MP (1640 - 1701)

Mary Gale (Castle) MP (1614 - 1681)

Penelope Little (Gale) MP (1694 - 1734)

Rachael Gale (Parkhurst) MP (1678 - 1767)

Rachael Bigelow (Gale) MP (1702 - 1800)

Rachel Gale (Mead) MP (c.1728 - d.)

Rachel Gale (Mead) MP (1752 - 1797)

Rebecca Gale (Clason) MP (1710 - d.)

Rhoda Goddard (Gale) MP (1798 - d.)

Richard Gale MP (1618 - 1679)

Ruth Greenwood (Gale) MP (1767 - 1856)

Sarah Olmsted (Gale) MP (1750 - 1812)

Sarah Chew (Gale) MP (c.1590 - 1650)

Born about 1590 in Jamestown, James City, Virginia. Also married there.--------------------Married John Chew in 1610 in Lancashire

Sarah Gale (Waterbury) MP (1734 - d.)

Sarah Grant (Gale) MP (deceased)

Sarah Gale (Fiske) MP (1653 - 1728)

Sarah Gale (Dixey) MP (1643 - 1685)

Sarah Dixey was baptized on 2 July 1643.1,3 She was the daughter of Captain William Dixey and Ann or Hannah (—?—) (Dixey).1,2 She married Edmund Gale of Marblehead. Additional Data Sa...

Shadrach Gale MP (1878 - 1912)

Name: Mr Shadrach Gale Born: Wednesday 17th July 1878 Age: 33 years Last Residence: in Harrowbarrow Cornwall England Occupation: Miner 2nd Class passenger First Embarked: Southampton on Wed...

Susanna Helvey (Gale) MP (c.1746 - 1794)

She might have been Cherokee or part Cherokee. Several branches of her descendants have a tradition they are part Cherokee. Her son Jacob's descendants used the given name Qualla, which suggests a Cher...

Thomas Gael (Gale) MP (c.1552 - 1606)

William Nathaniel Gale MP (c.1740 - c.1820)

In 1823 Henry L. Sheffey testified that about 1805 he and Thomas Warner took the illegitimate son of Joseph Barron, "acknowledged by him as such", then between four and five years old to the residence ...

Gale (deceased)

Gale (deceased)

Gale (deceased)

#Deborah GALE (1794 - 1854)

(K) Catherine Gertrude Gale (Ryan) (deceased)

<private> Coleman (Gale) (deceased)

<private> Amick (Gale) (deceased)

<private> Grigg (Gale) (deceased)

? Gale (deceased)

? Gale (deceased)

? Gale (deceased)

? Eddy (Gale) (deceased)

? Gale (Bartholomew) (deceased)

? Beaven (Gale) (deceased)

? Gale (deceased)

? Gale (deceased)

? Gale (deceased)

? Gale (deceased)

? Gale (1819 - d.)

A. Gale (1865 - d.)

A. Son Gale (1839 - 1839)

Aaron Gale (deceased)

Aaron Gale (1803 - 1874)

Aaron Gale (1906 - 1977)

Aarriet Sturges (Gale) (1816 - d.)

Aarriet had two sons and one daughter. No information on them.

Abadil Gale (Allbe) (deceased)

Abagail Gale (Beal) (deceased)

Abba Gale (deceased)

Abba Jane Strong (Gale) (deceased)

Abby J. Brown (Gale) (1829 - d.)

Abby J. had three sons. No information on the sons.

Abby Gale (Emmons) (deceased)

Abby Potter Gale (Baker) (1817 - d.)

Abel Gale (deceased)

Abel Gale (1764 - d.)

Abel GALE (deceased)

Abel Gale (1714 - d.)

Abel S Gale (1836 - d.)

Abel was a first Lieut. in Capt. Rogers Battery and was at the capture of Vicksburg. He resigned his commission and enlisted in the 6th N. Y. Calvary and served under Sheridan on the Shenandoah and at ...

Abel Gale (deceased)

Abell Gale (deceased)

Abell Gale (deceased)

Abell Gale (1640 - 1721)

The Puritans: Early Ancestors To America For a historical perspective, the first settlers to America were the settlers of Jamestown, VA. They arrived in 1607 and settled in the Southern Colonies. The...

Abell Gale (1640 - d.)

Abia Trumball (Gale) (deceased)

Abigail Gale (Smith) (deceased)

Abigail Leland (Gale) (1757 - d.)

Abigail Gale (1701 - d.)

Abigail Gale (deceased)

Abigail Hooper (Gale) (c.1681 - 1769)

Abigail Gale (Smith) (1776 - 1835)

Abigail Cutler (Gale) (1677 - d.)

Abigail Gale (deceased)

Abigail Nichols (Gale) (1755 - d.)

Abigail Roe (Gale) (1783 - 1837)

Abigail Stiles (Gale) (1758 - d.)

Abigail Gale (deceased)

Abigail Gale (1776 - d.)