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Hesper Black (Gamp), {FICT} MP (1880 - 1966)

Fictional Character Appearing in the Harry Potter Book Series: DO NOT merge with real people or into the "big tree" "... Hesper Black (née Gamp) was a pure-blood witch who married Sirius Bla...

Albertine Fillié (Gamp) (deceased)

Ann Grabman (nee Gamp) (deceased)

Bettina Gamp (Appel) (deceased)

Christina Gamp (deceased)

Gertrud Baumgartner (Gamp) (deceased)

gertrude gamp (deceased)

Harry Garfield Milliken (Gamp) (1877 - 1947)

Heinrich Friedriech Gamp (1778 - 1857)

henry gamp (deceased)

Hesper Gamp (1878 - 1944)

Hulda Gamp (1843 - 1866)

Liz Stevenson (Gamp) (deceased)

Margeret Tipton Gamp (deceased)

Reuben Gamp (c.1903 - c.1986)

William Gamp (deceased)