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Annamma ganesan (deceased)

CHANDRA (1951 - 1964)

Ganapathy ganesan (deceased)

Gemini Ganesan Ramaswami (1919 - 2005)

He was an Indian actor. He was nicknamed "Kadhal Mannan" (king of love) of Tamil cinema for the romantic roles he played in movies. Though there is different news about the number of wives he had, ge...

Gnanambal Viswanathan (deceased)

Gnanasundari Ganesan (deceased)

Jagathambal Anni Ganesan Mudaliar (deceased)

Kamakshi Ganesan (deceased)

Kamala (deceased)

KAMALA GANESAN (1939 - 1997)

GK (deceased)

Neelambal Ganesan (deceased)

Neelambal Ganesan (deceased)

Pushpavalli (deceased)

Pentapadu Pushpavalli better known as Pushpavalli (Telugu: పుష్పవల్లి) is a Tamil and Telugu film actress. She was married to Gemini Ganesan and is Rekha's mother. She starred in many films with Ganesa...

Raji Ganesan (deceased)

Saraswathy GANESAN (deceased)

Savitri (1937 - 1981)

She was was a Telugu actress, director and producer of films in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages. She was known for her liveliness and captivating performance and is still treated as the benchmark for...


VASANTHA (1928 - 2010)