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Salomon (Shlomo), HaRav Ganzfried MP (1804 - 1886)

Shlomo Ganzfried (or Salomo ben Joseph Ganzfried; Ungvar, 1804 – 30 July 1886, Ungvar) was an Orthodox rabbi and posek best known as author of the work of Halakha (Jewish law), the Kitzur Shulch...

Aharon Yaakov Ganzfried (deceased)

Aidel Ganzfried (deceased)

Aidel Fried (Ganzfried) (deceased)

Albert Julian Ganzfried (deceased)

Arman Ganzfried (deceased)

Arthur Ganzfried (deceased)

Baila Ganzfried (deceased)

Baila Ganzfried (deceased)

Baruch Yerichum Ganzfried (deceased)

Bertha Ganzfried (deceased)

Blume Better (Ganzfried) (deceased)

Chaim Ganzfried (deceased)

Chaim Ganzfried (deceased)

Chana Chaya (Hermun) Ganzfried (deceased)

Chana Sara Benedikt (Binet) (Bineth) (Ganzfried) (b. - 1908)

Chaya Rivkah Sheinfeld (Ganzfried) (deceased)

Chaya Sarah Kohn (Ganzfried) (1867 - 1941)

Chaya/Aidel Fried (Ganzfried) (c.1839 - 1904)

Cheskel Zev Ganzfried (deceased)

David Ganzfried (deceased)

David Ganzfried (deceased)

Emma Ganzfried (deceased)

Estelle Ganzfried (deceased)

Esther Kula (Ganzfried) (deceased)

Eszter Ganzfried (Jakobovics) (deceased)

Eugene Ganzfried (deceased)

Evelyn Ganzfried (deceased)

Faiga Chaya Ganzfried (Klein) (deceased)

Fani Deutsch (Ganzfried) (deceased)

Freida Klein (Ganzfried) (deceased)

Hedwig Ganzfried (deceased)

Helen Ganzfried (deceased)

Hendl Ganzfried (Mardrar) (deceased)

Herman Ganzfried (deceased)

Ignatz Ganzfried (deceased)

Jacob Ganzfried (deceased)

Johan Willinger (ganzfried) (deceased)

Johan died in Auschwitz, with her daughter Vera

Justina Neufeld (Ganzfried) (deceased)

József Ganzfried (c.1834 - d.)

Lista Ganzfried (Berger) (deceased)

Malka Eichler (Ganzfried) (deceased)

Manja Klein (Ganzfried) (deceased)

Miriam Ganzfried (deceased)

Nusen Ganzfried (deceased)

Penina Ganzfried (Reinhold) (b. - 2005)

R Ganzfried (deceased)

Rachel Ganzfried (deceased)

Rav Shlomo Ganzfried (deceased)

Rav Yosef Ganzfried (deceased)

Rebecca Ganzfried (deceased)

Rebekah Ganzfried (1834 - 1890)

Regina Reininger (Ganzfried) (1854 - 1931)

Regina (Gee Gee) Ganzfried (b. - 1976)

Rivka Ganzfried (deceased)

Rochel Brody (Ganzfried) (deceased)

Rose Ganzfried (deceased)

Salamon Ganzfried (deceased)

Samuel Ganzfried (b. - 1952)

Sarah Ganzfried (deceased)

Schlomo Ganzfried (deceased)

Shlomo Ganzfried (deceased)

Shlomo Ganzfried (deceased)

Father :Yosef Ganzfried Mother :Baila Ganzfried Birth: 1804 - Uzhhorod, Zakarpats'ka oblast, Ukraine Death: July 30 1886 - Uzhhorod, Zakarpats'ka oblast, Ukraine Wife: Hendl Ganzfried לב...

Shprintza Lax (Ganzfried) (deceased)

Wife Ganzfried (Reisman) (deceased)

Yakov Naftuli Tzvi Ganzfried (1873 - d.)

Yenta Ganzfried (Bloch) (deceased)

Yenta Schwartz (Ganzfried) (deceased)

Yom Tov Lipman Ganzfried (deceased)

Yosef Ganzfried (deceased)

Yosef Ganzfried (b. - 1812)

Ze'ev Ganzfried (deceased)

Zev (Wolf) Ganzfried (b. - 1873)

Zev Volf Ganzfried (deceased)

Zev Wolf Ganzfried (deceased)