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Agustin Garingalao (deceased)

Andres Torreblanca Garingalao (deceased)

Aurea Garingalao (deceased)

Aurora Garingalao (deceased)

Benito Garay Garingalao (c.1873 - 1936)

Carlos "Carling" G. Garingalao (1927 - c.1998)

Catalino Garingalao (deceased)

Catalino Garingalao, II (1908 - 1939)

Celso Garingalao (deceased)

Clara Gerona-Garingalao (deceased)

Clara Decena (Garingalao) (deceased)

Concepcion Garingalao (1907 - 1984)

Consejo Gemarino Gatilao (Garingalao) (deceased)

Cristita Garingalao (deceased)

Diosdado Garingalao (deceased)

Dominga Garingalao (deceased)

Edgar Duatin Garingalao (b. - 2009)

Edith Tungala Garingalao (Duatin) (deceased)

Elizabeth Garingalao (deceased)

Emilio Garingalao (deceased)

Fortunato Gelvezon Garingalao (deceased)

Francisco Gelvezon Garingalao (deceased)

Francisco Garingalao (deceased)

Francisco Garingalao (deceased)

Gene Antonio Gaticales Garingalao (1949 - 2008)

I fondly remember Gene in two phases. First as a child growing up in Guimbal, I remember him as my cousin from the city. As he was the one closest to my age among his siblings, I tend to relate to hi...

Glenn Garingalao (1953 - 2009)

Gorgonio Garingalao (deceased)

John Senen Duatin Garingalao (1947 - 2012)

Josefina Gatilao (Garingalao) (deceased)

Leandro Garingalao (deceased)

Leandro Gelvezon Garingalao (deceased)

Leon Gelvezon Garingalao (deceased)

Luz Gatilao Garingalao (1940 - 2008)

Nenita Gerona Garingalao (1932 - 2013)

Nicolas Gelvezon Garingalao (deceased)

Nicolas Garingalao (deceased)

Paulino Garingalao (deceased)

Purificacion Garingalao (deceased)

Rosario Garingalao (deceased)

Salvacion Garingalao (deceased)

Salvador "Badong" Torreblanca Garingalao, Sr. (1915 - 1981)

Sandra Imelda C. Garingalao (1959 - 2008)

Simang Garingalao (deceased)

Timotea Gelvezon Garingalao (deceased)

tomas garingalao (deceased)

Tomas Garriel Garingalao (deceased)

Toribio "Ibo" Gelvezon Garingalao (deceased)