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Rabbi Louis Ginzberg MP (1873 - 1953)

Rabbi. Louis Ginzberg was a Talmudist and leading figure in the Conservative Movement of Judaism of the twentieth century. Ginzberg was born into a religious family whose piety and erudition was well...

Ginzberg (deceased)

? Falik (Ginzberg) (deceased)

? Ginzberg (deceased)

? Ginzberg (deceased)

? Adler (Ginzberg) (deceased)

? Ginzberg (Yufah) (deceased)

? Ginzberg (Jolles) (deceased)

? Ginzberg (Iserlish) (deceased)

???? GINZBERG (b. - 1847)

???? Ginzberg (deceased)

Abraham Rywen GINZBERG (Ginsberg) (1804 - 1853)

Abram Ginzberg (deceased)


Abram Bendet Bendet Ginzberg (Ginsberg) (1856 - d.)

Abram Hersz GINZBERG (1840 - 1843)

Adela Ginzberg (Zahler) (1895 - 1944)

Adele Ginzberg (Katzenstein) (1886 - 1980)

Born on May 11, 1886, in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, daughter of Michael and Sophie Katzenstein and older sister of Max and Martha, Adele (Katzenstein) Ginzberg moved to Berlin at age eight after her m...

Aniela Ginzberg (Meyer) (deceased)

Anna Ginzberg (deceased)

Anna (Hene) Ginzberg (b. - 1913)

Anna Ginzberg (deceased)

Arie Zeav Ginzberg (1865 - 1935)

Asher Ginzberg (1871 - 1934)

Asher Ginzberg (Gunzburg) (deceased)

aviva ginzberg (deceased)

Avraham Ginzberg (deceased)

avraham ginzberg (deceased)

Avraham Yaakov Ginzberg (deceased)

Barnard Ginzberg (deceased)

Basel Ginzberg (Golubchik) (deceased)

bashe ginzberg (gunsberg) (mendlovic) (deceased)

Bella Ginzberg (deceased)


Berta Ginzberg (deceased)

Bessie Lasky (Ginzberg) (1887 - 1972)

Binumin Zev Ginzberg (deceased)

Boris Ginzberg (c.1871 - c.1954)

Bracha Ginzberg (deceased)

Chaia GINZBERG (MANELA / GOLDBERG) (1804 - d.)

Chaim Ginzberg (b. - 2013)

Chaim Ginzberg (deceased)

Chaim Yehuda Ginzberg (deceased)

Chaja Perla BLUMENFELD (Ginzberg) (deceased)

Chana ginzberg (Mantel) (deceased)

Chana Ginzberg (deceased)

Chana Gute Gute Gottlich (Ginzberg) (1870 - 1936)

Chava Alta Weichselbaum / Weinschelblum (Ginzberg Guensberg) (deceased)

"The Rebbe's wife was Alte Guensberg (without doubt)." Nachum Kornfeld, Brooklyn NY

David Ginzberg (1921 - 1967)

Dora Ginzberg (c.1829 - d.)

Dorthy Ginzberg (deceased)

Dovid Mayer Ginzberg (deceased)

Eatah Ginzberg (Toor) (deceased)

Eli Ginzberg (Ginsberg) (deceased)

Eli Ginzberg (1911 - 2002)

Eliasz GINZBERG (1841 - d.)

Eliezer Ginzberg (deceased)

eliezer Ginzberg (deceased)

This should probably be merged into Eliezer-Leeser Günsburg, husband of Malka bas Rama

Eliezer Ginzberg (deceased)

Eluzer Ginzberg (deceased)

Ervin Ginzberg (deceased)

Ester GINZBERG (PILICKA / PILICER) (1815 - d.)

Ester Ginzberg (1896 - d.)

Ester GINZBERG (1843 - d.)

Ester Rywka Rywka GINZBERG (FISZMAN) (1833 - d.)

Esther Ginzberg (Gross) (deceased)

Emma Ginzberg (1869 - d.)

Esther Malka Ginzberg (deceased)

Etla GINZBERG (1842 - 1844)

Fajga Ginzberg (Lebowicz) (c.1901 - c.1943)

Felicia Ginzberg (deceased)

Fenya Ginzberg (Chilewich) (c.1909 - c.2000)

Filip Ginzberg (deceased)

Fima Ginzberg (deceased)

Frances Ginzberg (Ozersky) (deceased)

gitel (tova) nusem Ginzberg (deceased)


Golda Taube (Ginzberg) (1871 - 1939)

Grand Rabbi Zev Ginzberg of Wisoka (deceased)

Grisha Ginzberg (deceased)

Gütel Ginzberg (Bachrach) (c.1764 - d.)

Haia RAJZMAN (GINZBERG) (1808 - d.)

Hana GINZBERG (1851 - d.)

Hana Laja KLEJMAN (GINZBERG) (c.1855 - d.)

Hana Laia Gertler (Ginzberg) (deceased)

Hudes GINZBERG (1838 - 1838)

Hudes GINZBERG (1833 - d.)

Hudes ZELMANOWICZ (GINZBERG) (1839 - d.)

Israel Ginzberg (1918 - 1998)

Issie Ginzberg (deceased)

Itsik Ginzberg (deceased)

Izak Ginzberg (deceased)

Jacob Ginzberg (deceased)

Joachim Ginzberg (c.1897 - c.1988)

Joe Ginzberg (1905 - 1989)

Joseph Ginzberg (deceased)

Khaya Sarah Joffe (Ginzberg) (deceased)

Laia GINZBERG (1832 - 1832)

Laja FRYSZ (GINZBERG) (1827 - d.)

Leah Ginzberg (deceased)