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Abigail Glover MP (1605 - d.)

Alice (Alisa) C. Glover MP (1766 - 1852)

Benjamin Glover MP (1766 - 1833)

Camilla Francine Glover (Jenkins) MP (deceased)

Chesley Glover MP (1761 - 1829)

Dorothy Glover MP (c.1690 - 1714)

I thought I should let you know that relation of Dorothy Glover and Davenport to Henry Baker, who appears in my line, is entirely unsubstantiated, and I have begun to believe that it is entirely false....

Dorothy Glover (Peck) MP (1671 - d.)

Dorothy Peck, dau. of John Peck and his 2nd wife Elizabeth, was born June 28, 1671; married Apr. 3, 1707 with EDWARD GLOVER. She is remembered in her father's will dated May 26, 1708.

Edward Glover MP (deceased)

Edward Glover married with DOROTHY PECK, dau. of John Peck and his 2nd wife Elizabeth. She was born June 28, 1671. They wed on Apr. 3, 1707.

Elizabeth Mary Glover MP (1515 - 1585)

She was possibly sister of Thomas Glover361

Elizabeth Dickerman (Glover) MP (1676 - 1742)

Hannah (Glover) Ashley MP (c.1646 - 1722)

Possibly Hannah Glover MP (b. - 1720)

Henry Glover MP (1603 - 1689)

Families of Ancient New Haven by Donald Lines Jacobus, pg. 660, 1137 Henry Glover came from Ipswich. England, in the ship "Elizabeth," and removed to New Haven, Conn., where he died 1689. = Shi...

Henry Glover MP (b. - 1714)

James Glover MP (c.1413 - 1456)

Dr. John Glover MP (c.1632 - 1668)

JOHN GLOVER, M.D., was probably born in America. He was certainly educated in Harvard college, New England, where he graduated bachelor of arts. As a doctor of medicine of Aberdeen, of May 15th (Idibus...

John Glover MP (1360 - d.)

John Glover MP (c.1439 - 1489)

John Glover MP (c.1334 - d.)

John Wilson Glover MP (1846 - 1882)

John Glover MP (c.1386 - 1485)

Rev. Joseph Glover MP (c.1600 - 1638)

Elizabeth Harris Glover established the first printing office in colonial America. Around the year 1630, Elizabeth Harris married Reverend Joseph (sometimes referred to as Jose or Josse) Glover in Engl...

Judith Glover (Bunker) MP (1769 - 1826)

Mary Glover (Guerrant) MP (1762 - 1849)

Mary Ann Davis (Burton) MP (1652 - 1696)

Children of WILLIAM GLOVER and MARY DAVIS are: i. THOMAS GLOVER, b. March 4, 1685, Varina Parish, Henrico, VA. ii. CHARLESWORTH GLOVER, b. April 23, 1688; d. December 28, 1732; m. SARAH SANDERS. ...

Mary Ann Glover MP (1840 - 1899)

Birth: March 12, 1840 Henry, IA, USA Death: April 19, 1899 (59) Hardin, IA, USA Daughter of Joseph Glover and Hannah Glover Wife of John Anderson Rash Mother of Arthur Thomas Rash, Albert V...

Mary Jane Glover (Wiley, Churchman) MP (c.1842 - d.)

Notes: Rufus Jackson Churchman and his brother, William Montgomery, married sisters, Rachel and Mary Jane Kinder. Rufus and Rachel Churchman named their first daughter after Rachel's sister, Mary Jane....

Mercy Mansfield (Glover) MP (c.1643 - 1664)

Families of Ancient New Haven by Donald Lines Jacobus, pg. 60, 346, 660, 1137--------------------name: Mary /Glover/ gender: female birth: 16 August 1643 New Haven, CT death: New Haven, CT marriag...

Nathaniel Glover MP (c.1631 - 1657)

Priscilla Appleton (Glover) MP (1647 - d.)

Priscilla Appleton (Glover) MP (c.1634 - 1697)

John Appleton married Priscilla Glover, the youngest daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Glover. In his will, Joseph Glover had bequeathed £400 to each of his three daughters upon marriage or major...

Robert Glover MP (c.1502 - 1555)

Robert Glover Robert Glover (?-19 September 1555) was an English Protestant martyr who was burnt at Coventry in September 1555.[1] Glover was born at Mancetter, Warwickshire, and educated at Eton C...

Robert Glover MP (1915 - 1990)

Roy Cecil Glover MP (1893 - d.)

Sarah Glover (Owfield) MP (c.1598 - 1628)

Children Elizabeth Glover - Bef 1649 Sarah Glover - Bef 1678 Roger Glover Abt 1623 - Bef 1652 Sources New England Marriages Prior to 1700 By Clarence Almon Torrey, Elizabeth Petty Bentl...

Sarah Adams (Glover) MP (1620 - 1697)

Stella Louise Glover (Spiceland) MP (1916 - 1999)

The [Clarksville, TN] Leaf-Chronicle, Wednesday, November 24, 1999, p B2 STELLA GLOVER Stella L. Glover, 82, Dover, died Monday, Nov. 22, 1999, at Manor House of Dover. The funeral will be 2 p.m....

Thomas Glover MP (c.1462 - 1511)

SOMETHING VERY WRONG WITH THIS PROFILE. This person should not be the father of Richard Tilden, because he is not according to historical records and because his last name doesn't even come close to ...

Thomas Glover MP (c.1489 - c.1589)

Valerie Arthur Tempest (Glover) MP (deceased)

Virginia Sophia Glover (Chaplin) MP (1842 - 1867)

William Cranfield (Glover), Sr. MP (c.1483 - c.1536)

William was originally William Glover of Kempston Parish, Bedfordshire, England. At his marriage he "adopted for life" the surname Cranfield because his wife, Katherine Cranfield, was a rich heiress. T...

Glover (deceased)

Glover (deceased)

Bell-Dunseth (deceased)

Glover (deceased)

Glover (deceased)

(of Indian descent) Glover (deceased)

(SERJEANT) Jacob GLOVER, U.E. (c.1763 - 1813)

Serjeant Jacob GLOVER Land Petitions 17 Apr 1796 (G2/10) Forty Mile Pond- formerly of Sussex County, New Jersey; entered His Majesty's Service nearly about the middle of the late War; served under ...

--- GLOVER (1788 - d.)

.. Glover (deceased)

? Glover (deceased)

? Baldock (Glover) (deceased)

? Glover (deceased)

? Glover (Townley) (deceased)

? Turner (Glover) (deceased)

? Glover (c.1768 - d.)

? Glover (deceased)

? Glover (deceased)

? Glover (deceased)

? Argles (Glover) (deceased)

? Piper (Glover) (deceased)

? Glover (deceased)

? Glover (deceased)

? Glover (deceased)

? Glover (1777 - d.)

[-?-] Glover (deceased)

A Glover (1829 - 1860)

A. I. Glover (deceased)

More research needs to be done on this branch of the family. It is unclear when Jasper and Rulana Glover moved from Harrison County, Virginia (which later became Doddridge County, West Virginia) to Cha...

Abagail Glover (deceased)

Abby Glover (Bill) (deceased)

Abby Glover (1813 - 1857)

Abigail Burre (Glover) (deceased)

Abigail Carrier (Glover) (deceased)

Abigail Clapp (Glover) (1775 - 1838)

Abigail Glover (Burnham) (deceased)

Abigail Burr (Glover) (1652 - 1720)

Abigail Glover (Stetson) (1818 - 1910)

Abigail Ells (Glover) (1677 - c.1784)

Abigail Burr (Glover) (deceased)

Abigail Lincoln (Glover) (deceased)

Abigail Glover (1652 - d.)

Abigail Glover (Randal) (deceased)

Abigail Davis Glover (b. - 1839)

Abigail Glover (1745 - 1807)

Abigail Glover (1651 - 1651)

Abigal Ells (Glover) (deceased)

Abigale Glover (1774 - d.)

Abner Glover (1870 - d.)

Abner? Chesley ? Glover (c.1805 - d.)

Abram Glover (deceased)

Ada Glover (Potter) (1883 - 1969)

Ada Minnie Glover (1887 - 1951)

Ada Matilda Glover (Greenfield) (c.1868 - d.)

Ada Allen (Glover) (deceased)

Ada Jane GLOVER (1867 - 1953)

Ada GLOVER (PHILMORE) (1865 - d.)

Ada Matilda Glover (Greenfield) (1868 - d.)

Adaline Bennett (Glover) (deceased)

notes from BC Glover: Mary Haney Glover lived in Addie's hous in Smith Co. Tenn from about 1860 until the time of her death in about 1884, age 103.

Adaline Glover (deceased)