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? Gorges MP (deceased)

Conflicting information on the 1st wife of Ralph de Gorges (1225-1271) from : Ellen married Sir Ralph DE GORGES of Litton & Wraxall, son of Sir Thomas DE GORGES of Poorstock and Unknown. (Sir Ralph...

Agnes Gorges (de Beauchamp) MP (1370 - 1419)

Notes from NORTON, Thomas (d.c.1435), of Bristol. "Som. Feet of Fines (Som. Rec. Soc. xxii), 174-5. It was his son, Thomas Norton 'junior' or 'esquire' who m. by Nov. 1406, Agnes (d. 8 Oct. 141...

Edward Gorges, Esq. MP (1537 - 1567)

Edward Gorges b. abt 1536 and died 20 Aug 1567 in Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England. [1] parents: Edmund Gorges (1526-1558) and Ann Walsh. Married: Cecily Lygon, daughter of William Lygon, Esq. (...

Sir Edward Gorges of Wraxall MP (c.1481 - 1565)


Eleanor (Alianore) de Gorges MP (c.1268 - c.1314)

Her name is also spelled Alianor. She was the sister of Master Thomas de Gorges. parents: Ralph de GORGES , of Litton & Wraxall, Sir b: ABT 1225 in Litton, Clutton, Somerset, England &Ellen (Aliano...

Eleanor de Gorges, Heir of Wraxall & Knighton MP (c.1307 - c.1376)

parents: Ralph De GORGES (1° B. Gorges) & Eleanor Married: Theobald RUSSEL Children: Ralph RUSSELL William RUSSELL (died sp) Theobald GORGES (Sir) Notes His [Ralph 2n...

Eleanore de Gorges (Ferre), Heiress of Tothill MP (c.1280 - 1341)

Parentage unknown, but she was NOT a de Ferre. She is sometimes listed as daughter of John de Ferre or wife of Guy de Ferre, but Guy's wife was another Eleanor, and this fact also contributes to the mi...

Elizabeth Assheton (de Gorges), Heiress of Tothill MP (1305 - 1348)

Notes His [Ralph 2nd Baron de Gorges'] coheirs were his three sisters. .... (1) Elizabeth, wife of Sir Robert Ashton (sometime Justiciar and Chancellor of Ireland, Admiral, Lord Treasurer, etc.), r...

Elizabeth Gorges MP (b. - 1627)

Dame Elizabeth Gorges (?-1627). Parents: Tristam Gorges, Esq. of St. Bedeaux, Devonshire, Married: William Bligh. on 6 Dec 1627 in Ladock, Cornwall, to Ferdinando Gorges. _______________ ...

Elizabeth Gorges MP (c.1240 - d.)

Elizabeth Sherley (Gorges) MP (1494 - d.)

Elizabeth Gorges (dau of Marmaduke Gorges alias Russell of Horsington, South Cheriton and Hatherley in the parish of Maperton, Somerset Co). She died about 1573. The manor of West Grinstead, the crow...

Elizabeth Courtenay (Gorges) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Gorges, Lady Smyth MP (c.1578 - 1658)

Elizabeth Gorges, Lady Smyth, (Dame Elizabeth Gorges) was born on 18 Sep 1657. Her will was proved on 13 Jun 1659. She is buried in Long Ashton Church. Parents: Sir Thomas Gorges (1536-1610) and Hele...

Elizabeth Gorges MP (1421 - 1470)

GORGES2 Elizabeth GORGES Born: ABT 1426 Died: ABT 1470 Father: Theobald GORGES (Sir Knight) Mother: Jane HANKEFORD Married: Thomas GRENVILLE (Sir) (b. ABT 1435 - d. ABT 1484) (son of Willia...

Sir Ferdinando Gorges, MP MP (c.1566 - 1647)

Ferdinando Gorges Sir Ferdinando Gorges (1565–1647), the "Father of English Colonization in North America", was an early English colonial entrepreneur and founder of the Province of Maine in 1...

Joan de Gorges (Unknown) MP (1215 - 1266)

After 1236 Joan, widow of Sir Ralph, sued in Normandy for her dower rights, but it was determined by the court of Rouen that she was an heiress with lands of her own, and part of these were given to he...

Joan de Cheyny (de Gorges) MP (c.1309 - d.)

Mary (Margaret) de Gorges (Beauchamp) MP (1340 - d.)

parents: Thomas DE BEAUCHAMP (1308-) Married Mary married Sir Theobald GORGES of Wraxall, son of Sir Theobald RUSSEL of Kingston and Eleanor DE GORGES Heiress of Wraxall & Knighton. (Sir Theoba...

Mary Gorges (Darrell) MP (1590 - 1631)

Sir Ralph de Gorges, of Litton & Wraxall MP (1225 - 1271)

(see "De Georges from Gaurges in the Cotentin, Normandy, 1065", p. 17) From: Sir Ralph de Gorges Knt., of Litton and Wraxall was of Litton and Wraxall at England.1 He was governor of the castle...

Ralph de Gorges of Poorstock MP (c.1165 - d.)


Sir Ralph de Gorges, of Wraxhall MP (1254 - 1293)

Notes Sir Ralph de Gorges, of Wraxall (Somerset), Bradpool (Dorset), Braunton (Devon), Knighton (Isle of Wight), etc. was son and heir of Sir Ralph de Gorges, of the same, presumably by Maud, his w...

Sir Ralph de Gorges, 1st Baron Gorges of Wraxall MP (c.1276 - c.1323)

Was made Baron by the Westminster Parliament on March 4, 1309. He was a great soldier and close companion of the King. His role as one of the foremost Chieftains who in 1300 assisted in the assault tha...

Sir Robert Gorges, Kt., of Wraxall and Charlton MP (1598 - 1636)

Sir Radulph de Gorges de Meurville MP (c.1030 - c.1082)

   Sir Radulph de Gorges de Meurville flourished in the latter part of the 11th century. "The name of Ralph de Gorges name appears on nearly all the lists of those who fought at th...

Sir Theobald de Gorges of Wraxall MP (c.1329 - 1380)

(b) She [Eleanor de Gorges] had also a son, Theobald , who assumed the name of Gorges , and from him descend the Gorges of Wraxall, the Lords Gorges of Dundalk, Gorges of Kilbrew, co. Meath, etc. In co...

Sir Theobald Gorges MP (1401 - 1470)

GORGES (Sir Knight)1 Theobald GORGES (Sir Knight) Born: 29 Nov 1401, Wraxall, Somersetshire, England Died: 4 Jul 1470, Wraxall, Somersetshire, England Buried: Wraxall Church, Somersetshire, Eng...

Thomas Gorges, of Wraxall MP (c.1364 - 1404)

GORGES of Wraxall1 Thomas GORGES of Wraxall Died: ABT 1404 Notes: succeeded to the estates of his father following the death of his brother Bartholomew in 1396. His inheritance was challenged by ...

Sir Thomas de Gorges of Powerstock MP (c.1195 - 1236)

First proven ancestor of the House of Gorges in England. His lands in Normandy confiscated due to "treason" by supporting King John of England, Duke of Normandy, as liege man of Philip Augustus. His ca...

Sir Thomas Gorges, MP, of Longford MP (1536 - 1610)

'Family and Education b. 1536, 5th s. of Sir Edward Gorges of Wraxall, Som. and bro. of Nicholas. m. c.1580, Helena, da. of Ulf Henrikson von Snakenborg of East Gothland, Sweden, wid. of William Parr, ...

Gorges (deceased)

Gorges (deceased)

Gorges (deceased)

de Gorges (deceased)

de Gorges (deceased)

Gorges (Poole) (deceased)

Gorges (deceased)

Gorges (deceased)

(Mina) Eva Vilhelmina Görges (1804 - 1898)

Agatha Gorges (deceased)

Agnes Barbara Gorges (1906 - d.)

Agnes Gorges (Trestral) (1551 - d.)

Alexander Gorges (1660 - d.)

Alexander Gorges (deceased)

Alfred Frederick Gorges (1896 - d.)

Amelia Gorges (deceased)

Andrew Gorges (deceased)

Angela Gorges (c.1730 - 1802)

Angela Brill (Gorges) (1677 - 1745)

Ann Gorges (Bell) (c.1565 - 1620)

Ann Bell (est 1560 -26 Aug 1620) in England. Parents: Edward Bell, Esq. of Writtle, Essextmire. Married: on 24 Feb 1589 in St. Margaret's Church, Westminster, England, to Ferdinando Gorges (c. ...

Anna Franzen (Gorges) (1889 - d.)

Anna Lizzie Gorges (1862 - d.)

Anna Magdalena Gorges (Schmidt) (1677 - d.)

Anna Depner (deceased)

Anna Elisabeth Gorges (Krämer) (deceased)

Anna Maria Felten (Gorges) (deceased)

Anne Tynte (Gorges) (b. - 1666)

Anne Gorges (deceased)

Anne Gorges (Howard) (b. - 1786)

Anne Gorges (Pole) (deceased)

Anna Howard (c.1446 - 1474)

Anne Gorges (Gage) (deceased)

Anne Gorges (Walshe) (1515 - 1574)


Anne Marie Knackmohsen (Gorges) (1731 - d.)

Anton GORGES (1770 - d.)

Anton Gorges (deceased)

Antonija Nanut (Görges) (1899 - 1979)

Antônio GORGES (deceased)

Armin Gorges (1864 - 1935)

Gorges Hermann 72 Year(s) 07/21/1935 07/23/1935 ZENTRALFRIEDHOF IV. TOR 12 23 26 Gorges Katicza 63 Year(s) 11/04/1928 ZENTRALFRIEDHOF IV. TOR 12 23 26

Arthur Gorges (1840 - 1866)

Arthur Gorges (deceased)

August Gorges (deceased)

Augustina (Frisch) Schoberl (Görges) (deceased)

Aurora Mathilda Mathilda Görges (1816 - 1877)

Barbara Coningsby (Gorges) (1657 - 1715)

Bridget Gorges (Kingsmill) (deceased)

Bridget Parr Phelips (Gorges) (c.1584 - c.1634)

Brigetta (Bridget) Phillips (Gorges) (1593 - 1612)

Carew Gorges (deceased)

Carl Fredrik Görges (1778 - 1843)

Apotekare. Efter att ha utbildat sig i apotekaryrket dels hos sin far på Apoteket Svanen och dels på apotek i Köpenhamn avlada han apotekarexamen i Sverige 1801 och köpte ...

Carolina Fredrika Görges (1800 - d.)

Carolina Fredrika Görges (1812 - 1841)


Catarina Gorges (deceased)

Catharina Gorthens (Gorges) (deceased)

Catherina Gorges (Steinebach) (b. - 1825)

Cecilia Gorges (deceased)

Charles Gorges (deceased)

Charles Gorges (deceased)

Christina Gorges (Arenz) (1786 - 1858)

Clemens Görges (deceased)

Thomas Gorges, MP, Colonial Governor of Maine (c.1618 - 1670)

Family and Education b. c.1618, 1st s. of Henry Gorges of Batcombe by Barbara, da. of Thomas Baynard of Colerne, Wilts.; bro. of John Gorges. educ. L. Inn 1638, called 1647. m. (1) Mary, da. of Martin ...

Dieter Görges (deceased)

Dora Gorges (Faure) (1873 - d.)

Source: Genealogy of old South African Families (GOSAF) b1Abraham *17 Aug 1717, †1792, m.29 Aug 1756 Anna Maria Wium, †Stellenb. 1811 c1 Anthony Alexander *5 Apr 1758, landdros van Swel...

Dorothea Gorges (deceased)

Dorothy Gorges (Shatterden) (deceased)

Dorothy Carey (Gorges) (c.1584 - 1622)

Dorothy Gorges (Speke) (deceased)

Edmund Howard Lacum Gorges (deceased)

Source: Genealogy of old South African Families (GOSAF) b1Abraham *17 Aug 1717, †1792, m.29 Aug 1756 Anna Maria Wium, †Stellenb. 1811 c1 Anthony Alexander *5 Apr 1758, landdros van Swel...

Edmund Gorges, Esq. (c.1512 - 1558)


Sir Edward Gorges (1564 - 1624)