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Godfred den Store av Skåne Gormsson MP (781 - 810)

Harald I "Blåtand" Gormsson MP (c.910 - 986)

Harald Blåtand Harald Bluetooth The wireless technology for exchanging data over short distances known as "Bluetooth" is named after Harald. Harald united the various Danish tribes into one k...

Gormsson (918 - 987)

Gunhild Olafsdottir (Olafsdatter) MP (923 - 1002)

Herbastus de Crepon Arque Herbastus was born in year 0911 in Arque, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy, France.1 Herbastus' father was Herfast de Crepon Arque. His paternal grandparents were Harold Parcus an...

Guthrom Gormsson Gormsson (c.916 - d.)

Gyrithe Olavsdotter, Dronning af Danmark MP (c.920 - c.965)

Gyrid Olafsdotter, wife of Harald. In some sources (Adam of Bremen) Harald's wife is called Gunhild. It is possible that they are two different people, but since no sources give any hint of where she...

Gyrithe Blatand Gormsson (Olafsdotter) (deceased)

Halfdan Gormsson (deceased)

Harald Blatand Gormsson (900 - 986)

Harald "The Blue Tooth" GORMSSON KING OF DENMARK (deceased)

Harald Gormsson (910 - 987)

Harald Gormsson (910 - 987)

Harold Gormsson (910 - 987)

Herbastus I "the Dane" de Crépon MP (c.920 - c.987)

A fictitious person. See Todd A. Farmerie, Robert de Torigny and the family of Gunnor, Duchess of Normandy (Dec. 1996). Herbastus (Herfast) "the Dane" Parents: Ranulf and his wife Wife: (Joscelin...

King Harold VII (Gormsson) (910 - 986)

Mrs. Gyrethe Gormsson (c.980 - d.)

Saum Mrs Aesa (Gormsson), Concubine Of Denmark (deceased)

Thora Gormsson (Unknown) (deceased)

Thorgils Gormsson (deceased)

Þorgils Gormsson (c.790 - d.)

Þorgils (c.770 - d.)