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??? Grabbe (deceased)

[Peter]Nickoulis Fredrick Peter Grabbe (deceased)

Adolfine Ottilie Grabbe (von Rehren) (deceased)

Adolphine Ottilie Grabbe (von Rehren) (deceased)

Agathe Rosalie Grabbe (1906 - 1928)

Agneta Grabbe (Reussner) (deceased)

Alexander Grabbe (1699 - d.)

Alexander Hermann Grabbe (deceased)

Alice Wilhelmine Grabbe (Ruhl) (1884 - 1933)

Alide Marie Grabbe (Kibiner) (1895 - d.)

Aliide Hermine Grabbe (1894 - d.)

Aline Grabbe (Wurmann) (1879 - 1949)

Anders Gudmundsson Grabbe ? (deceased)

Andreas Grabbe (deceased)

Andreas Christoph (Andrej Petrovich) Grabbe (1812 - d.)

Ann Grabbe (c.1792 - d.)

Ann Lisa Grabbe (Grabi) (1775 - d.)

Anna Elisabeth Wrage (deceased)

Anna Grabbe (von Damme) (deceased)

Anna Eylandt (Grabbe) (deceased)

Saaga EAA.30.1.3774:14?50,801,1098,553,0 Saaga EAA.30.1.3774:47?19,1340,1970,431,0

Anna Elisabeth Grabbe (1647 - d.)

Anna Sabina Grabbe (b. - 1743)

Anna (Анна Дмитриевна) Grabbe (Граббе) (1909 - d.)

Anna Elisabeth Grabbe (Wrage) (deceased)

Anna Elisabeth Grabbe (1703 - d.)

Anna Judith Grabbe (deceased)

Anna Sophia Grabbe (b. - 1752)

Anneke Kock (deceased)

Athena Grabbe (Nelson) (deceased)

Bartelt Grabbe (b. - 1647)

Barthold Grabbe (deceased)

Barthold Grabbe (deceased)

Beata Nilsdotter till Grabbacka (Grabbe) (1520 - d.)

Ref 26567 Beata Nilsdotter Grabbe Familj med Erik Arvidsson Stålarm d 1569 Barn: Hebbla Eriksdotter Stålarm 1530-1623 Axel Eriksson Stålarm 1550-1616 Beata Eriksdotte...

Beata Grabbe (deceased)

Berend Johan Grabbe (c.1750 - d.)

Betty Bornman (Grabbe) (deceased)

Brijta Grabbe (deceased)

Brita Maria Grabbe (deceased)

Carl Grabbe (deceased)

Carl Gustaf Grabbe (1697 - d.)

Caroline Louise Wöerheide (Grabbe) (deceased)

Caroline Louise Woerheide (Grabbe) (deceased)

Catharina von Staden (Grabbe) (c.1646 - c.1738)

Catharina Grabbe (deceased)

Catharina Elisabeth Grabbe (deceased)

Charlotte Hanne Christine Klingenberg (Grabbe) (1842 - 1918)

Christian Grabbe (deceased)

Christian Grabbe (b. - c.1844)

Christina Grabbe (Bennet) (c.1668 - d.)

Christina Elisabeth Eberhard (Grabbe) (deceased)

Christine Schwaning (deceased)

Christine Puls (Grabbe) (deceased)

Christoph Val. Grabbe (deceased)

Отец Павла Христофоровича в ...

Clarence (b. - 1943)

Clarence was a very gentle and hard working farmer and a very patient teacher of the workings of a farm to me. During the summer months I was another son to him.Summer days on the farm are long and har...

Daniel Grabbe (b. - 1650)

Daniel Grabbe (b. - 1669)

Dethelf Grabbe (deceased)

Dmitriy (Дмитрий Михайлович) Grabbe (Граббе) (1874 - 1927)

Donald Grabbe (1929 - 1971)

From 1936 thru 1945 I spent summers on the Grabbe farm in Crystal Lake.My cousin Don was just a few months younger then me, so we had much in common. Don and I had several chores we to do everyday. The...

Dorothea Grabbe (deceased)

Dorothea Elisabeth Grabbe (b. - 1749)

Dorothea von Gavel (Grabbe) (1825 - 1877)

Ekaterina Evstafievna Gfin. Grabbe (Roola) (b. - 1857)

Elena (Елена Дмитриевна) Grabbe (Граббе) (1906 - 1920)

Elin Nilsdotter Grabbe (1510 - d.)

Elisabet Grabbe (b. - c.1868)

Elisabet? Juliana Grabbe (deceased)

Elisabeth Grabbe (1892 - d.)

Ellen Walderbach (Grabbe) (1913 - 2010)

Ellen G Walderbach age 96 of Anamosa died Thursday March 4, 2010 at the Anamosa Care Center in Anamosa. Private family services will be held at a later date. Thoughts, memories and condolences may be...

Elviine Katarine Weisberg (Grabbe) (1890 - d.)

Elviine Katharina Veitsberg? (Grabbe) (1890 - d.)

Elwine Grabbe (deceased)

Emilde Miralda Kivistik (Grabbe) (1911 - 2001)

Emīlija Grabbe (1887 - 1915)

Emma Mežgaile (Grabbe) (deceased)

Emma Grabbe (Westphal) (deceased)

Enni Lina Christina Demme (Grabbe) (1905 - 1939)

Ernst Mårtensson Grabbe (1627 - d.)

Ernst Grabbe (b. - 1725)

Ernst Grabbe (b. - 1751)

Ernst Grabbe (1627 - 1663)

Ernst Ernstsson Grabbe (Mårtensson Grabbe) (b. - 1725)

Florence Grabbe (Colby) (1900 - 1967)

Florence was my Dad's older sister and her and husband leased a 160 acre farm in Crstal lake , Ill. Starting about age 9 I would spend the entire summer vacation on this farm. I would leave for the far...

Florentine Grabbe (deceased)

Gerhard Johann Grabbe (deceased)

Gotthard Johann Grabbe (1642 - 1710)

Gret Lena Grabbe (Grabi) (c.1779 - d.)

Greta Jonasdotter Grabbe (1776 - 1859)

Gunilla Grabbe (c.1530 - c.1587)

Sources: Kurtén, Love; Genos 49 (1978), Grabbe eller Bille?, s. 1-6

Gustaf Mikael Grabbe (1696 - d.)

Gustaf Grabbe-Holmström (1806 - d.)

Gustav Grabbe (c.1784 - 1846)

Hans Grabbe (1706 - 1745)

Hans Pehrsson Grabbe (1766 - 1838)

Hans Hansson Grabbe (deceased)

Hans Heinrich Grabbe (c.1713 - d.)

Hingeloendeis nimevorm Grabbe. EAA.1864.2.IV--2:187 Kaiu hingeloend 1782; EAA.1864.2.V-24:474 Kaiu hingeloend 1795. NB! Siin tekst "Beij der Oeconomie aufgenomen" (nagu ka Jürgen Gustavi pere) j...

Hans Hindrik Grabbe (1781 - 1849)

Harold L Grabbe (b. - 2009)

Heinrich Grabbe (deceased)

Helen Grabbe (Grabczynska) (deceased)